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Caring for Roses

Roses are one of the most popular garden plants in the world. In caring for roses, it’s important to understand the best conditions for growing them. A working knowledge of the pests and diseases that commonly impact these plants will also help in maintaining healthy, beautiful roses. Growing Conditions Roses grow best in full, all-day …

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beech leaf disease

Beech Leaf Disease – Tree Disease Update & Symptoms

Beech leaf disease (BLD) is an emerging disease caused by a nematode, or microscopic worm. We often don’t think of our trees as getting “sick.” However, just as people can contract diseases, trees can too. Some of these diseases have been present for centuries. Some are relatively new, or sometimes just new to a geographic …

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Tree Seedlings for A Greener Tomorrow

Every tree we plant makes a difference.  That’s why we established the Bartlett Legacy Tree Program in 2014.  Through this program, Bartlett Tree Experts arborists distribute seedlings in schools, at events, and for reforestation efforts.  The busiest time of year for the program is April, when we celebrate both Earth Day and Arbor Day. 20,000+ …

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