Tree Advice

When you see tree bark covered in crusty green stuff you may wonder, does lichen impact trees? Don’t panic! It’s unlikely that the ‘green stuff’ is harming the tree. Lichens

Unusual is one of the best way to describe tree galls. You can find these abnormal plant growths on leaves, twigs, and branches. They come in a range of different

Tree topping is a method often used to reduce the size or height of a tree. With this method, the top of some or all of the branches from a

Frost cracks are vertical cracks in a tree that are caused by temperature changes. They occur during winter when the daytime sun warms the bark causing tissue expansion. Later, when

We all know the tradition of kissing under the mistletoe, but if you see this plant in your trees and shrubs beware. Mistletoes are parasites. These organisms live on trees

Tree fertilization and soil care in autumn dramatically improve growing conditions for your trees and shrubs.  In fact, you might be surprised to learn that soil conditions in urban and

Why is the collaboration between a landscape architect and a Certified Arborist essential? The collaboration between a landscape architect and a Bartlett arborist brings together complementary skills and knowledge, resulting

A girdling root is a root that circles around at least one side of the main trunk.  You’ll usually see them at or slightly below the soil surface.  These roots

Plant the right tree in the right place is a common mantra in the tree care industry.  However, how does a homeowner actually go about tree selection and why is

Winter is a good time to prune trees. With the leaves gone, a tree’s structure is clearly visible. This provides a direct sightline to the tree’s interior growth habits. As

Mulching in Winter

Baby it’s getting cold outside! You’re heading in to cozy up by the fire, but your trees are not! In most managed landscapes, those trees won’t even have the benefit

It’s the time of year for conifers to shine! Most trees have lost their leaves by now so there’s nothing like a conifer for landscape color in late autumn and

Tree Root Collar Disorders

A tree’s root collar is the transition area from the roots to the trunk. It is usually noticeable because of the prominent flare leading to the major buttress roots. Trees

Many geographies had an extremely dry summer. How does drought impact trees? The lack of water adversely affects nearly all plant processes.  Plants are unable to to produce food, which

Lightning strikes millions of trees each year. Though not many trees die immediately, strikes often cause serious structural weakness. This damage increases the risk of branches falling and predisposes the