Tree Seedlings Distributed for Earth Day and Arbor Day

Spring is a favorite time of year to enjoy the weather, work in the garden and just be outside in nature. The season also brings the holidays of Earth Day and Arbor Day. Celebrating these holidays means finding ways to protect the earth and give back to our environment. It’s no surprise that here at Bartlett that means trees — caring for trees, planting them and helping others in our communities embrace and acknowledge their benefits. To help do our part, Bartlett gave away over 30,000 trees this past April!

Our efforts support tree care and planting in local communities with Bartlett offices distributing tree seedlings in schools, at events, and for reforestation efforts. We hand out many of these trees during Earth Day and Arbor Day events and activities.

tree seedlings being distributed for Arbor Day
Bartlett Arborist Representatives hand out tree seedlings to elementary school children for Arbor Day.

Native Tree Species are a Great Choice

Planting native tree species benefits the local ecosystem. These trees provide food and shelter for insects and wildlife. They are also well-adapted to the climate and growing conditions of their native region. Therefore, they are better able to survive and require less overall maintenance than non-native plants. With this in mind, most of the tree seedlings we distribute are native species. This varies depending on the location but includes many favorite trees like white oak, redbud and dogwood. 

Growing a Community

Trees connect people. Outdoor spaces are a place to socialize and create a sense of community. In fact, research has shown that there is a positive relationship between the number of trees in an area and the amount of social connection. It’s no surprise that we love talking about trees! As such, we feel lucky to have the chance to get out into the communities where we live and work to share our passion. There is nothing like seeing someone smile when they are gifted a tree!

The Future of our Planet

One of the best ways to ensure a bright, healthy future for our planet is to get children excited about nature. Kids are curious about the world around them. Interacting with children in schools and at community events provides a chance to motivate and educate. By teaching kids more about trees today, we are protecting the trees of tomorrow. We may even be inspiring the future arborists and foresters who will someday care for our world’s trees!

Latest News

Being a leader in the tree care industry means continually focusing on learning and innovation. Bartlett’s Tree Topics blog follows in that tradition by offering a place to receive advice on trees, tree pests, tree preservation, and more.

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