Each tree species has special requirements for care. Knowing the history, culture, concerns, and management practices is Bartlett's business. With our extensive research lab, we make it our business to learn everything there is to know to keep your trees healthy. Explore information on the common tree species in your area.


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Abiotic Disorders

Landscape plants are exposed to many stresses caused by (non-living) agents including environmental, cultural, and site disorders. The impact of these disorders on plant health is influenced by many factors including the type, severity, and duration of the stress, species susceptibility to the specific disorder and age and initial condition of the plant. Often decline results from several abiotic agents that work in concert. Stress created by abiotic pathogens frequently predisposes landscape plants to secondary biotic pests such as borers, bark beetles, canker, and root disease fungi that contributes to decline and death.

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Common Tree Species in Your Region

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