Each tree species has special requirements for care. Knowing the history, culture, concerns, and management practices is Bartlett's business. With our extensive research lab, we make it our business to learn everything there is to know to keep your trees healthy. Explore information on the common tree species in your area.


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Powdery Mildew Technical Report

Powdery mildew is a foliage disease, which occurs on virtually all species of ornamental plants. Rose, oak, hawthorn, lilac, sycamore, laurel, and crabapple are commonly affected. Heavy infection can cause premature defoliation, growth reduction and render the host aesthetically unpleasing. Powdery mildew may occur at any time during the growing season; however, it is usually most severe in the late summer months. Unlike most foliage diseases, powdery mildew is inhibited by extremely wet weather.

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Common Tree Species in Your Region

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