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Common Walnut

“A Low-Maintenance and Frost-Hardy Tree” The walnut is a deciduous tree with bark that changes from green-brown when young to pale and fissured when mature. It was introduced by the ancient Romans, who believed the edible nuts were the food

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Coast Redwood

“An Iconic California Tree” An iconic tree of coastal California, redwoods are native to a thin coastal band from Oregon south through the Big Sur region of California, but are planted widely beyond that range also. Coast redwoods are the

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Texas Post Oak

“The Most Common Texas Oak” The post oak (Quercus stellata) is one of the most common oaks in Texas, and occurs from Texas and Oklahoma east throughout the southeast and mid-Atlantic states. The latin ‘stellata’ means ‘star’ and refers to

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Aleppo Pine

“An Ideal Ornamental for Hot Climates” Aleppo pine is native to the Mediterranean region, and is often grown there for timber and other wood products. In North America, it is widely planted in parks and landscapes as an ornamental in

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Japanese Evergreen Oak

“A Hardy, Slow-Growing Evergreen” Japanese evergreen oak is native to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and parts of China. It was introduced in the United States in 1878. This species, Quercus acuta, is often confused in commerce with other evergreen oak

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