Quick Tips for Checking the Health of Your Trees

tree inspection with a certified arborist

It’s always good to take a walk around your property and notice what’s happening with your trees and shrubs. You may spot something not quite right that could signify an underlying issue with the health of your landscape plants. If you do, it’s important to contact a Certified Arborist to determine what’s causing the problem.

Early color – If you saw early or uneven leaf color during autumn this may indicate problems.

Early defoliation – Loss of leaves too early is another red flag indicating a potential tree health issue.

Insects and disease damage – Feeding activity on the foliage, loss of leaves or withered foliage, exit holes in the trunk or branches and sawdust like debris are some signs of infestation.

Mushroom growth – Mushrooms on the tree or growing near the base may mean root or stem decay.

Soil Deficiencies – Visual symptoms combined with a soil analysis can identify if critical macronutrients or micronutrients are missing from the soil beneath your trees and shrubs. Contact a Certified Arborist for a soil test.

Proper Mulching – Mulch should not be piled against the trunk. A thin layer from just off the trunk to the outer dripline will best improve the root environment.

Dead or Broken Branches – Prune hanging, broken or dead branches for safety and tree health.

Proper Irrigation – Water trees deeply, particularly during drought conditions and especially with new transplants. This is even true during winter months.

Protection – For salt spray on shrubs or small trees protect foliage with burlap or similar material. Use deer repellant to discourage browsing deer.

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