Caring for Young Trees

The proper care of young trees can prevent many future problems. Browse our resources to learn more about how to best care for seedlings and young trees.


Ten steps to planting success PDF

Successful establishment of new plantings is dependent on correctly matching species to site and creating a soil environment that will allow new transplants to rapidly regenerate a root system. The following 10 steps will help ensure planting success.

Tree planting discussion with Bartlett Tree Experts arborist. Inspecting for proper planting techniques helps to ensure that a tree’s root collar is located above grade.

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Deadly Boxwood Infection: How to Prevent Boxwood Blight

Boxwood blight is caused by the non-native fungus Calonectria pseudonaviculata. American and English boxwood (Buxus sempervirens) are most susceptible to this disease whereas many Asian species of boxwood, and hybrids with Asian parents, are generally more resistant, but can still become infected. The disease causes black spots to form on leaves, along with elongated black lesions on twigs and stems. Rapid defoliation (in a matter of weeks) soon follows the initial symptoms of infection.

Circular leaf spots and twig lesions are early indicators of boxwood blight infection.

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Arbor Day and Earth Day 2019

This year marked the fifth anniversary of the Bartlett Legacy Tree Program, an initiative promoting tree planting and stewardship in local communities through the distribution of seedlings in schools, at events and to reforestation efforts. As part of that program, Bartlett Tree Experts celebrated Arbor Day and Earth Day 2019 by distributing over 21,000 trees! The tree seedlings were given away at a range of events in the U.S. and abroad. Many preschool, elementary age, and even college students had the chance to hear from Bartlett Arborists about the importance of trees and then to take their own trees home to plant. Visitors to many community events were also greeted by Bartlett Arborists handing out trees. We love handing out trees as it’s a great chance to meet new people and promote the importance of tree planting. Especially on Arbor Day and Earth Day, it is an amazing way to bring trees and people together!

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Common Walnut

“A Low-Maintenance and Frost-Hardy Tree”

The walnut is a deciduous tree with bark that changes from green-brown when young to pale and fissured when mature. It was introduced by the ancient Romans, who believed the edible nuts were the food of their god Jupiter. Walnut wood is prized for woodworking and gun stocks. The wood at the base of the tree is especially valued for its beautiful swirling grain patterns. The leaves and mature fruit yield a dark brown dye.

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Coast Redwood

“An Iconic California Tree”

An iconic tree of coastal California, redwoods are native to a thin coastal band from Oregon south through the Big Sur region of California, but are planted widely beyond that range also. Coast redwoods are the tallest trees in North America. The lumber is highly valued for its beauty, is light weight and resistant to decay. Its lack of resin makes it resistant to fire, so it is used extensively as building material. During the great fire in San Francisco in 1906, the use of redwood lumber in framing rendered some buildings fire resistant. In the past, railroad ties and trestles were made of redwood. While there remain pockets of old-growth trees, ancient coast redwoods are rarely found near urban areas.

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