Saluting Branches: Volunteering to Honor Veterans

Bartlett Tree Experts was fortunate to participate in the 8th Annual Saluting Branches Day of Service on September 28. Over 80 Bartlett employees joined. On this day, tree care companies, arborists, and other industry professionals come together. They dedicate time, talent and equipment in honor of veterans who died in service. This year, our team showed their gratitude and support for this sacrifice by volunteering at Saluting Branches events at 15 different national and state veteran’s cemeteries and properties.

Bartlett vehicles prepare for a day of volunteer work for Saluting Branches at Golden Gate National Cemetery.
Bartlett vehicles prepare for a day of volunteer work for Saluting Branches at Golden Gate National Cemetery.

Most veteran cemeteries require professional arborists to care for their trees. Limited budgets often present a challenge to cemeteries in maintaining landscapes. Trees add such peace and beauty to these spaces. As such, it is so important to ensure they are kept safe and healthy.  By participating in Saluting Branches we can give back in a small way to those who gave so much for us.

Bartlett Arborists Share Saluting Branches Stories

Sean Davis, Local Manager of Bartlett’s San Jose, CA office volunteered with colleagues at Golden Gate National Cemetery, the final resting place of over 140,000 members of the armed forces.

saluting branches volunteer Sean Davis
Arborist Sean Davis during Saluting Branches.

“The gravestones stretched out in all directions, for as far as my eyes could see. Standing there drove home the notion that we should celebrate these heroes. We should praise them for their service to the greater whole and the ideals we all strive for as a nation and as human beings,” Davis said. “The day of work that we donated is just a small drop when you consider the ocean of people who give selflessly and sacrifice with the hope that we can make this world a little better. I am proud to recognize our soldiers. I am proud of my company’s commitment to service and proud of my country.”

Nearly across the country, Ryan Clark, an Arborist Representative in Bartlett’s Johnson City, TN office also participated.  Clark, who served in the U.S. Marine Corps for six years, spent the day with his team at the Mountain Home National Cemetery.  Their work included large tree pruning and inspections.

“This was an opportunity to show we care not only about trees but about veterans as well,” Clark said. “I just think about my brothers being buried here and making sure their families are in a safe environment with beautiful trees when they visit. It pays respect for the sacrifices they have made.”

Golden Gate National Cemetery – California

Tallahassee National Cemetery – Florida


Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery – Delaware

New Hampshire State Veterans Cemetery – New Hampshire

Willamette National Cemetery – Oregon

Grafton National Cemetery – West Virginia

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