Tree Topics - Winter

Poison hemlock has been found in nearly every U.S. state and across much of Canada. This plant is highly toxic. In fact, ingesting even small amounts of the plant tissue

Boxwoods are a staple in many landscapes.  These ornamental, evergreen favorites make excellent hedges or edging, but can also serve as foundation plants. However, this popular plant is not without

Mulching in Winter

Baby it’s getting cold outside! You’re heading in to cozy up by the fire, but your trees are not! In most managed landscapes, those trees won’t even have the benefit

It’s the time of year for conifers to shine! Most trees have lost their leaves by now so there’s nothing like a conifer for landscape color in late autumn and

We often think of spring and summer as prime time for insects — and it is. But, you know Mother Nature. She never follows the rules completely. With that, there

Tree Root Collar Disorders

A tree’s root collar is the transition area from the roots to the trunk. It is usually noticeable because of the prominent flare leading to the major buttress roots. Trees

Many geographies had an extremely dry summer. How does drought impact trees? The lack of water adversely affects nearly all plant processes.  Plants are unable to to produce food, which

Bartlett Tree Experts was fortunate to participate in the 8th Annual Saluting Branches Day of Service on September 28. Over 80 Bartlett employees joined. On this day, tree care companies,

Autumn color is a favorite part of the season. The changing and falling of leaves is also very important to tree survival. The same processes that lead to fall color

Lightning strikes millions of trees each year. Though not many trees die immediately, strikes often cause serious structural weakness. This damage increases the risk of branches falling and predisposes the

Biocontrol, or biological control, might sounds like scary science fiction, but quite the opposite is true. It’s not science fiction, it’s just good science! Biocontrol relies on the use of

The USDA recently confirmed the presence of emerald ash borer in Oregon. EAB for short, this invasive wood-boring beetle infests and kills ash trees. The beetles lay eggs in the

We often promote shrub pruning in winter during the dormant season when its easier to see the branching structure. Indeed, winter is a great time to undertake this task. However,

For a varied and interesting landscape design, fruit bearing trees and shrubs are a good choice. It’s one way to add color and keep it longer. As always, think carefully

Spring is a favorite time of year to enjoy the weather, work in the garden and just be outside in nature. The season also brings the holidays of Earth Day