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What is Soil Compaction?


Soil compaction is a common issue in home landscapes and on commercial properties. When the soil is compacted, porous spaces are reduced. Since tree roots need those porous spaces for growth and absorption of water and nutrients, a tree living in compacted soil will struggle. There will be less root growth and low soil oxygen levels.

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A Sticky Situation…Magnolia Scale Isn’t Pretty

Lots of scale insects are active during the heat of summer, but some of these tiny pests are just now beginning to hatch and will continue causing tree and shrub damage in late summer and autumn. From August thru October, magnolia scale (Neolecanium cornuparvum) will be in the crawler stage when the pests are actively moving to locate a permanent residence on the twigs of magnolia trees. This scale insect is found on magnolia trees throughout the eastern U.S. Non-native magnolia species tend to be more susceptible. 

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Finding Your Tree Soulmate


tree soulmate e1599840620120 - Finding Your Tree SoulmateChoosing the right tree for your property, your budget, and your taste isn’t easy. Here are some helpful questions to help you narrow down your selection and find a lifelong match:

    • Why am I adding a tree to my landscape?
    • What is the main purpose of the tree — shade or privacy, for example?
    • Is the tree just an addition to improve the property, or is it being planted to block other unsightly features?
    • How much time and money do I want to invest in maintenance?
    • Do I want a fruit-bearing or flowering tree?
    • What type of tree would best complement my current landscape?
    • How quickly will this tree grow and how large will it become over time?
    • How close is the tree going to be to my home, other trees, utility lines, septic systems, etc?
    • Are there any pests or diseases common to my area threatening tree health?
    • Do I prefer a tree that keeps its leaves year-round, or one that loses its leaves in the fall?

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Landscaping Tips for Fire Safety 

Nothing can completely guarantee safety from fires.  However, some simple strategies in the landscape can help protect homes and leave them more defensible against encroaching fires.

Thinking ‘lean, clean, and green’ improves defensible spaces.

Plan landscapes to minimize flammable vegetation like some conifers or eucalyptus species. Avoid accumulation of dead vegetation, brown grass, or woodpiles. Keep plants healthy and green. Taking these steps significantly improves fire safety. Immediate removal of dead trees is also critical.

Image 1 e1598625435955 - Landscaping Tips for Fire Safety 
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What Happens When a Storm Hits

Storms can wreak havoc in a community and while utility companies work to clear trees from power lines, there is another group actively assisting in storm cleanup of trees that have been damaged on (or caused damage to) residential and commercial properties – local arborists and tree service companies. During storm situations, it is important to be aware of opportunistic individuals and contractors who seem to come out of the woodwork looking to capitalize on the damage caused by a storm. These individuals often further complicate an already dangerous situation.

emergency storm work - What Happens When a Storm Hits

We mobilize crews and equipment to undertake emergency storm work safely and quickly.

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