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Beech Leaf Disease – New Illnesses Impact Trees Too

18409 225x300 - Beech Leaf Disease - New Illnesses Impact Trees Too

Striping on leaves characteristic of beech leaf disease.

We often don’t think of our trees as getting “sick,” but just as people can contract diseases, trees can too. Some of these diseases have been present for centuries and some are relatively new, or sometimes new to a geographic region. Just as new illnesses are discovered that impact people, new tree diseases also occur and only through study and research do we learn more about the origins of the disease, its impact on plants and potential treatments.

One such recent example is beech leaf disease (BLD). This is an emerging disease of American and European beech that was first observed in Lake County, Ohio (Cleveland area) in 2012. Since it was detected, the disease has been observed in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Ontario, Canada.

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Ginkgo – Grand and Golden

Ginkgo biloba, commonly known as ginkgo or maidenhair tree is often called a ‘living fossil.’ It’s the only survivor of an ancient group of extinct trees in the division Ginkgophyta that are older than the dinosaurs. The proof is found in fossils that date back 270 million years.

132526613 l 300x200 - Ginkgo - Grand and Golden

The ginkgo tree in all its autumn splendor.

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Ticks Like the Same Places You Do

Everyone is outside these days, taking long walks in the park or on hiking trails and creating new spaces in their own backyards. It’s amazing to see people embracing the outdoors! When participating in outdoor activities, even in and around your home, it is important to be aware of ticks and the preventative measures you can take to help minimize the risk of exposure to tick-associated illnesses including Lyme disease.

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Why is my Evergreen Turning Brown?

You may think that the name says it all, but evergreen needles don’t actually stay green forever. Each species of evergreen tends to keep its needles for a defined length of time. That means it is normal even for evergreen trees to lose some needles in autumn.  The needles will turn yellow or brown before falling. Older, inner needles discolor and drop off after one or more years, depending on the species.

Why is my evergreen 300x225 - Why is my Evergreen Turning Brown?
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Autumn Tree Care To-Do List

Autumn Tree Care 300x227 - Autumn Tree Care To-Do List

Fall is a great time to prepare your trees for winter and the following spring. Preventative and remedial treatments in the fall can help boost trees’ stamina in winter and create a positive growing environment for spring. Here’s a helpful checklist for healthy trees and shrubs.

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