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A Bug’s Life: Surviving the Winter

insects in winter

When the weather turns cold, we don’t think much about insects. What exactly happens to them during winter? The term overwintering is used to describe how insects navigate the challenges of the winter months and successfully come out on the other side. Insects typically have two different approaches to overwintering. Some utilize the “get out of Dodge” tactic and relocate to a more hospitable environment. The other group, those that don’t migrate, must figure out a way to handle the freezing temperatures where they live.

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Holly Plant: A Holiday Favorite that Shines in Winter

american holly

Holly is commonly seen during the holiday season. Even carols tell us to ‘Deck the halls with boughs of holly.’ The plant’s green leaves and red berries (though some cultivars do have berries with other colors) are a festive pop of color in interior décor. In the outdoor landscape, they are a bright and welcome sight on cold and gray winter days.

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Watch Out for Winter Tree & Shrub Problems

snowy branches

Imagine staying outside all of the time, even during winter. Exposed to severe weather, you’d face many problems. Even though trees live and grow outside, that doesn’t mean that the challenges of winter aren’t stressful for them too! Low temperatures, heavy snow, ice storms and other extremes cause a variety of winter injuries on landscape plants. It’s important to know what type of problems to look for during winter.

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Fight Fire Blight with Pruning & Treatments

fire blight symptoms

While tree diseases often thrive in spring, it is important to remember that proper care year-round can make a big difference in managing these issues. Some simple practices now can help combat disease. One good example is autumn and winter care to help control fire blight. Caused by the bacterium Erwinia amylovora, fireblight commonly infects pear, apple, hawthorn and quince.

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Why Fall is a Smart Time to Prune Trees

autumn pruning

There are a number of reasons for tree pruning; some are safety related, some are to lessen interference with buildings, and some protect the health of the tree. The need for pruning will depend on your own landscape goals as well as the trees themselves and surrounding property. Autumn is one of the best times to identify problem areas in a tree that could benefit from pruning.

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