Lichen and Trees

So the trunk of your tree or shrub is covered in crusty green stuff – don’t panic! It’s unlikely that this ‘green stuff’ is harming the tree. What you are observing is the growth of lichen on the bark.

Lichens are non-parasitic organisms that consist of a partnership between a fungus and a green alga or cyanobacterium. The fungus collects water and minerals from the air and substrate and the alga/bacterium contributes photosynthates and other nutrients. The lichen itself grows on the surface of the organism or object (trees, rocks, dead wood, grave stones, etc.) without causing any harm or negative impact to its host.

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Look Out for Leaf Curl and Leaf Blister

Leaf curl and leaf blister are a group of diseases caused by the fungus Taphrina. Taphrina caerulescens is the causal agent of oak leaf blister, and Taphrina deformans is the causal agent of peach leaf curl.

These diseases are common in spring as the pathogens infect newly growing leaves, flower parts and fruits. Only undifferentiated (still growing) tissues are susceptible. Therefore, most infections occur during or just after bud break. The disease is often more severe when weather is cool and wet. Once the plant tissue has matured, fungal spores that may be present throughout the growing season are not able to infect the host.

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Arbor Day and Earth Day 2018

Arbor Day and Earth Day are holidays filled with meaning for a tree company. Arbor Day is dedicated to planting trees and celebrates all the benefits those trees bring to our lives while Earth Day commemorates the many ways we can protect and preserve our environment. Here at Bartlett Tree Experts, those ideals are part of our everyday lives. We work hard to be stewards for our urban forests, caring for trees at homes, businesses and in our communities. We are also committed to using environmentally sustainable products and equipment to reduce our carbon footprint.

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Bartlett Women in Arboriculture

This year, Bartlett brought female employees from across the Company together for three days of networking and skills training — and to strategize about how we can help more women thrive in the highly rewarding careers available in arboriculture. Held at our Research Lab in Charlotte, North Carolina, Women in Arboriculture: Maximizing Talent, was the first event of its kind in the tree care industry.

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California Oakworm

The coast live oak is an important part of both the wild and urban landscape through most of coastal California. When these beloved trees are defoliated by our native oakworm it can be a dramatic sight for the home owners.  A healthy oak can withstand defoliation, but unhealthy trees can lose limbs or become susceptible to other more serious issues under the added stress from this caterpillar attack. It’s important to speak with your Arborist to determine the health of your trees, especially if they are near structures or commonly used outdoor areas like picnic tables or play sets.

The frequency of infestation is highly irregular, but we often find that after a heavy outbreak the tree will be free of caterpillars for several years. It’s important to remember that the oakworm is a native pest and plays a role in the local ecosystem by feeding a host of birds and insects. The role of oakworm in our environment should be considered before treatment is performed on any individual trees. Sometime we can treat important trees over patio and outdoor recreation areas and leave more remote trees to follow the normal pattern of defoliation and regrowth. This helps the homewner enjoy their outdoor spaces without significant impact on the local ecosystem.

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