Why Landscape Architects Should Collaborate with Arborists

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Why is the collaboration between a landscape architect and a Certified Arborist essential?

The collaboration between a landscape architect and a Bartlett arborist brings together complementary skills and knowledge, resulting in a well-balanced, pleasing, and sustainable outdoor environment. This ensures that trees are not only a beautiful part of the landscape but also healthy, safe, and integrated into the overall vision. In short, Bartlett brings the science of arboriculture that informs the design and details of residential and commercial projects.

Why hire an arborist?

When it comes to landscape projects, no matter how small, large, or complex, having an experienced arborist on your team increases the long-term success of your design. Experienced arborists can provide vital tree-related information from beginning to post-project. This might include determining how a design will affect a tree and whether or not that tree should be kept. An experienced arborist can also provide valuable information on how to care for a tree before, during, and after construction. Bartlett’s arborists have unmatched qualifications, education and experience to assist with projects.

What are some important factors to consider when looking for an arborist to work with?

First, make sure you select a company with a long history and proven track record. This will help ensure that they have seen every problem that can arise. They understand not only what is visible but also how the science behind any issue can come into play with trees. Further, they can provide testing and scientific data to back up their solutions. Additionally, it is important to understand the safety record and safety training offered to the employees of your arborist partner. This helps protect you and your clients. Finally, look for a partner that understands landscape architecture and can provide you with a consultant approach that will make your projects perform better.

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