Treecycling in Philadelphia

Bartlett is proud to work with neighborhood groups as part of the Treecycling effort in Philadelphia. The idea is to keep discarded Christmas trees out of the trash and out of landfills, and to recycle them into mulch, wood chips, and other useful products. The Treecycling program has grown over the past four or five years, and there are now 17 neighborhood groups and associations participating in Philadelphia. Bartlett has been volunteering time and resources to this effort to chip Christmas trees over the past four years. The neighborhood groups involved request a small donation, and the atmosphere is a true neighborhood gathering: there is food, people come out, and everyone absolutely loves it. Over 1,000 trees are recycled in this process, trees that would otherwise be thrown in the garbage and filling landfills. The trees that are recycled into woodchips are used in reclaiming abandoned lots, creating city dog runs, and in community gardens around Philadelphia. This year’s weather really brought the people out, but even last year, when the weather was 10 degrees, people were still out to thank us for all our support. It’s always nice to be able to help the local neighborhoods and to be able to give back.

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