Seeing the Value in Tree Care

The ultimate deciding factor when most people choose a tree care service is the cost for doing the work. Everyone wants the best deal, and usually will get several quotes before deciding on the cheapest price. It’s very important to understand the value behind different levels of prices.

Some of us have different levels of value for the coffee we drink, cars we drive, or shoes we run in. I enjoy the experience, customer service, and taste of a coffee from Starbucks. Volkswagen’s are well-made affordable German cars that give you a great driving experience. Asics gel Kayano running shoes have great cushion and are made to handle lots of miles. Each one of these examples has an alternative cheaper product I could purchase, however, I see more value in each one of these products in how it benefits me. When deciding on a tree care company, it’s important to understand the value behind the price to be sure you have the right fit.

Customer service will often show up as a big driver for why a customer may be willing to pay a little more for tree care services. Communicating clearly when the work will be done and the ease of communication are huge benefits the customer may value very highly. Responding to inquiries within a timely manner are also very important. I know I seek to capture a positive experience from every customer.

Scientific recommendations for tree and shrub care on a property is another value-added component that will affect price. Companies that specialize in becoming tree and shrub species experts will have better results with managing plants in the landscape. Once we know the cultural requirements for the plants we can better manage them for aesthetics, safety, and health issues. For a tree care service, the education, training, and certifications among employees are transferred to the trees and shrubs on client landscapes.

Safety and proper training among field employees is another big component for deciding who a customer may want on their property. No one wants to come home to find their nice Volkswagen Jetta damaged by a branch that dropped from the tree being pruned. If that were my car I would need to contact my insurance, call the dealership, and possibly have to find alternative transportation. What a hassle! It takes good training to have a tree climber prune a tree without causing damage to the surrounding area. Tree care companies, such as Bartlett, invest a lot in the training and development of their employees which translates into a very low likelihood of an accident happening on the property. A lower tree care price may mean the customer is willing to accept a higher level of risk to their surrounding property.

It’s important to understand the differences in value among tree care companies. Just because a company offers the lowest or highest price doesn’t necessarily make them a great company. When you receive a price from a tree care company, try unpeeling the onion to reveal layers of value behind the price.

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