Reducing Vulnerability to Wildfires

Severe, prolonged drought in the California Bay area has given rise to many problems for homeowners – including wildfires that have overtaken thousands of acres. With drought conditions to aid them, these blazes have been springing up quickly and spreading fast. A long season of fires is predicted. Given the conditions, outdoor residential burning has even been suspended in many areas to help reduce the risk of additional fires. These fires present a serious risk to homes and people so the best thing to do is be prepared. For homeowners, Cal Fire has recommended the removal of dead or dying vegetation and use of a mower or weed wacker to trim grass. Removing lower limbs of trees is also advised to minimize the chance of a fire jumping from the ground to a tree. However, these are only a few of the things that can be done to improve fire prevention on a property.

Fire-safe landscaping has become more critical than ever in California.
Keep in mind that a fire-safe landscape does not mean your landscape is barren of vegetation. Fire-safe landscaping practices help reduce vulnerability to wildfire on a property. A property can still look beautiful with a selection of trees, shrubs and other plants, but with advanced thought given to balancing the design of that landscape with the risks involved. While creating and maintaining a fire-safe landscape is particularly important to homes and properties near natural areas, following some basic guidelines makes good sense for all property owners.
Fire-Safe Landscaping Guidelines

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Learn more about our basic fire-safety landscaping guidelines especially for properties adjacent to natural areas by accessing our resource library.

At Bartlett Tree Experts we are well versed in fire prevention best practices, as well as the local and state ordinances of the communities we serve. You can rely on our team to provide the highest quality service in both the planning and implementation phases.

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