Celebrating Arbor Day and Earth Day 2021

April is always a busy month at Bartlett Tree Experts. We’re in the heart of the spring season, our busiest time of year, but that’s not all. This month brings two holidays that celebrate the importance of the environment and trees in particular — Earth Day and Arbor Day. This is a special time for us. It presents an opportunity to share our passion for trees and tree care with people in our communities. On these holidays, it seems like everyone is as excited to be talking about trees as we are! Throughout the month, local Bartlett offices create and participate in all kinds of celebrations.

Local Arborists Celebrate in their Communities

One of our favorite ways to commemorate these holidays is by visiting children in school settings to teach them about the importance of trees. Preschoolers sit wide-eyed when we explain that part of our job is climbing trees. Elementary students have equal enthusiasm when hearing about the science of trees and their many amazing adaptations. As part of our Bartlett Legacy Tree Program, we often give these students native tree seedlings to take home and plant.

children and trees
Sharing our love of trees with children is a favorite Arbor Day activity.

Young children aren’t the only ones who benefit from the Legacy Tree Program.  As part of this Program, we give away thousands of trees each year. On Earth Day and Arbor Day, Bartlett arborists can be found distributing seedlings in many locations, everywhere from local garden centers to parks and museums. During these events we share tips on planting and care to help the trees settle into their new homes.

seedling giveaway
A Bartlett Arborist Representative handing out dogwood seedlings for Earth Day.

These small trees play a big role in connecting with our communities, but celebrating Earth Day and Arbor Day is about more than just planting. The holidays also remind us to care for what we already have. With that in mind, volunteering also plays a role in our activities. Some Bartlett offices will assist in local cleanup efforts. Others will provide services like pruning to help places including parks, cemeteries and historical sites best maintain their trees.

pruning in Massachusetts
A Bartlett arborist participating in a volunteer day of service on Arbor Day.

Trees are everything to us here at Bartlett. Every day we celebrate their beauty and the value they provide, but especially on Earth Day and Arbor Day!

Take a look at some of our seedling giveaways and other Arbor Day and Earth Day events in which we participated.

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