Caring for an Historic American Sycamore

The Lansdowne American Sycamore, estimated to have germinated in the mid-1600s, stands as a living link to pre-European development in America. Long celebrated for its age, size, and unique shape, the tree stands as the centerpiece of Sycamore Park in Lansdowne, PA.

In the 1980’s, two supporting props were installed on a 80′ long, 24″ diameter low limb, but during a recent storm the massive limb collapsed onto the sidewalk. John Studdy, Arborist Representative from Bartlett’s Bala Cynwyd office, and his crew: Rubio Rosales, Michael Sanchez, Damean Snyder, Chip Brumbaugh, and Daniel Dyer, proudly stepped in to improve the health of the beautiful tree.

Bartlett Tree Experts replaced the supporting props, pruned, fertilized, and spread woodchip mulch to help improve the overall health of the sycamore tree. Bartlett Tree Experts with the help of Erica Sollberger and the Borough of Lansdowne, will continue to monitor and maintain this historical tree.

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