Arbor Day and Earth Day 2019

This year marked the fifth anniversary of the Bartlett Legacy Tree Program, an initiative promoting tree planting and stewardship in local communities through the distribution of seedlings in schools, at events and to reforestation efforts. As part of that program, Bartlett Tree Experts celebrated Arbor Day and Earth Day 2019 by distributing over 21,000 trees! The tree seedlings were given away at a range of events in the U.S. and abroad. Many preschool, elementary age, and even college students had the chance to hear from Bartlett Arborists about the importance of trees and then to take their own trees home to plant. Visitors to many community events were also greeted by Bartlett Arborists handing out trees. We love handing out trees as it’s a great chance to meet new people and promote the importance of tree planting. Especially on Arbor Day and Earth Day, it is an amazing way to bring trees and people together!

Take a look at some of our seedling giveaways and other Arbor Day and Earth Day events in which we participated.

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