Just an [extra]ordinary day

summer grass abelia

Nature never disappoints if our eyes and hearts are open to taking it in. It’s an unusually mild morning for us in the South considering the fact that it is near the end of August. The sun is shining beautifully, but there’s a most wonderful and welcome lack of humidity in the air at the moment. As I was headed to our research greenhouse, I was taken by the backdrop of the Carolina blue sky and the sunlight hitting the inflorescence of the ornamental grasses and abelia blossoms that lined my walk. A myriad of different pollinators were out and about doing their day’s work.It’s rather alarming to realize how easy it would be to walk right by and completely miss the beauty and exquisiteness of such a seemingly ordinary moment. It only takes a moment to stop. Freeze time. Be completely present. And enjoy what’s right in front of you. Nothing is lost in doing so and sometimes a world is gained.

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