Field Days at Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories

Bartlett Tree Research LaboratoriesEvery year, the Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories hosts many universities and colleges at the lab to participate in what are known as Field Days. What is a Field Day? It’s an interactive event tailored specifically to each college group based on the arboriculture and horticulture classes that they are taking.

Students arrive early in the morning (many times looking sleepy-eyed and like they’d much prefer to still be in bed) and they are greeted by lab staff at the Conference Center where they receive an orientation and introduction to Bartlett Tree Experts. While many students coming here may have heard of us, most do not realize the scope of our business or the wide variety of opportunities within Bartlett Tree Experts for a career in arboriculture. We have representatives from many branches of the company available for the students at these fields days so that they may freely ask questions about career opportunities throughout the day.

The guts of the field day is showing the students (and their professors) cutting edge techniques and advancements in the field of arboriculture that are utilized in our company every day. The students are often provided opportunities to use an Air-Spade, climb a properly rigged tree, see insects and disease under magnification – bottom line, they get their hands dirty and get involved in interactive discussions with professionals in the field while seeing behind the scenes of the Research Lab itself.

It’s a wonderful opportunity for the students not only to learn about Bartlett Tree Experts but also to meet and speak with highly regarded professionals in the field of arboriculture.

Some of the schools Bartlett regularly hosts for these Field Days are: Clemson University, University of Georgia, Virginia Tech, Spartanburg Technical College, and Central Piedmont Community College.

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