Urban Tree Care

Bartlett Tree Experts is honored to be responsible for the health of the trees planted at the 9/11 Memorial plaza. Over the past five years Bartlett helped to select and

Spring Storms

You would expect to see a Hiroshima-type scene if you read headlines like “Nine Tornadoes Reported in Dallas-Fort Worth,” but that’s not always the case. Anyone who’s lived in north

  Spring can be really hectic for an arborist, especially this spring. Winter seemed so long, and spring seemed suspended within the weather patterns of March and April. Where did

Scientists from Bartlett Tree Experts and The Morton Arboretum are researching the effects of biochar on the health of urban trees. The project has received assistance from the Chicago Bureau

We are pleased to announce that Bartlett Tree Experts offers professional tree service and shrub care in Toronto, Ontario, Canada from our Scarborough office. Specializing in fertilization and soil management,

Increasing research shows what trees in the urban landscape can deliver. This conference, sponsored by Bartlett Tree Experts, is not just about theory – it’s about making a real difference