Our tree and shrub planting programs are available from the following offices:

If you live near any of these area, or require other tree or shrub care services, please call 1-877-BARTLETT (1-877-227-8538) or schedule an appointment online.

Tree and Shrub Planting

We provide a full tree and shrub planting service from whip size through to semi mature with the selection of bare root through to large container plants. Our suppliers grow the trees that we require and we select the best species for the site, soil, and location. Our planting can often involve large and complex machinery – such as cranes working in very tight and constricted environments – when we are installing semi mature stock.

Our shrub planting service concentrates on container material and we can supply and plant shrubs of all sizes from one-quart pots to instant hedges up to ten feet tall. We also supply a full after care service to ensure that all the plants are cared for in their first year and beyond.

Tree and Shrub Transplanting

We will undertake this service for clients using hand dig techniques. We will evaluate the suitability of plants for this process and advise accordingly.

This service is not available in your current region.

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