There are many issues that a homeowner might face with the trees and shrubs on a property. Get the answers to some of the most common questions.

Tree Issues FAQs (162)

  1. Is my white pine tree infected with bugs? It is leaking and seems to have numerous little holes in it. Last year, we treated it but, it seems as if it is leaking again?
  2. Our mountain ash tree has white spots on it and the leaves are falling off. Can you help?
  3. My redbud tree's bark is falling off the tree in big slabs. Should I be concerned?
  4. I have a weeping cherry tree that is about 13 years old. The leaves are sparse, sap is running from the trunk, and the trunk is split. What can I do to help it recover?
  5. My snowball tree is being eaten badly by something. The leaves look like spider webs, I am thinking caterpillars but I don't see any. It's looking dreadful and I am wondering if its worth saving?
  6. I have a very large oak tree in my yard that has very few leaves this year with some dead wood. There is also some bark coming off. We are in Brazoria county, Texas. The tree has been fertilized and sprayed for pests. The tree is estimated to be 75 years old. We also have a tree in the back that is much older and also much healthier.
  7. We have two Silver Maple trees in our front yard. Last week when the tide was extremely high, we had salt water covering much of the base of the trees. After several days, we found most of the leaves from one tree on the ground and many from the other. Could the salt water during the high spring tide have impacted the trees?
  8. We have been in our home for 24 years and for the first time, we are getting sap all over our backyard, deck, cars, etc.. The deck is turning black. We have a Maple tree in the front yard and four Oak trees in the back yard. Is it really sap? How do we treat?
  9. I have a 15-year-old flowering cherry tree in front of my house whose leaves are curling and turning brown. We have had sufficient rainfall. My next-door neighbor has the exact same tree and it is dark green and healthy. What do you think the problem is and what can I do to save my tree?
  10. Ants have excavated a huge cavity in my 30-year-old maple tree. What can I do about it?
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