There are many issues that a homeowner might face with the trees and shrubs on a property. Get the answers to some of the most common questions.

Tree Issues FAQs (176)

  1. How close should I build to a tree?
  2. I'm looking to grow a privacy hedge 62' wide and 10' tall. The contenders seem to be Canadian Hemlock vs. Emerald Arborvitae, unless you have a better suggestion. Could you give me a recommendation for which tree/shrub I should use?
  3. I have a large Silver Leaf Maple and it has a fungus. It has had it for a year and the bark looks like it has been chewed and is split open and dark inside. This goes up several branches of the tree. The leaves have not come out on those branches and some have dropped off. Some of the tree looks and seems healthy, but a lot is diseased. The tree is 30-35 feet tall. Do you think it can be treated?
  4. We recently moved into a new home that has a Southern Magnolia. Now that spring is here, the leaves on the Magnolia seem to look yellowish & dried out. No new buds are emerging. The tree is about 20 years old and about 20 - 25 feet high. Does it sound like it's dying?
  5. We live in San Antonio, Texas and have a magnolia tree that was planted in 1952, which is now approximately 12" in diameter and 40' tall. The last three drought years have damaged the tree such that only a few lower branches have leaves. Can this tree be saved or is it more cost effective to remove it?
  6. I planted a Georgia peach tree about three years ago and the leaves look like they are blistered.
  7. We have been in our home for 24 years and for the first time, we are getting sap all over our backyard, deck, cars, etc.. The deck is turning black. We have a Maple tree in the front yard and four Oak trees in the back yard. Is it really sap? How do we treat?
  8. I have a 15-year-old flowering cherry tree in front of my house whose leaves are curling and turning brown. We have had sufficient rainfall. My next-door neighbor has the exact same tree and it is dark green and healthy. What do you think the problem is and what can I do to save my tree?
  9. Ants have excavated a huge cavity in my 30-year-old maple tree. What can I do about it?
  10. There is a web-type coating on the limbs of one of our Valley Oak trees. It looks like a sleeve of webbing, thin and solid, starting at the trunk and going up several limbs. We have four trees spread out, and only one has this issue. It has been there for about two weeks and is starting to get less. What might it be, and is it bad for the tree?
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