Historic 126-foot pine tree in Carpinteria needs care after branch loss

Bartlett Tree Experts to provide pruning and other services

The Wardholme Torrey pine, the world’s largest Torrey pine (Pinus torreyana), is scheduled to be pruned by arborists from Bartlett Tree Experts in Santa Barbara, CA on Thursday, November 10.

This rare and historic tree located at 5160 Carpinteria Ave., recently suffered a large branch failure. In order to reduce the risk of further branch failures and protect the massive tree’s overall health, arborists will conduct selective trimming of branches and inspect cable riggings that help stabilize the tree.

International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) Board-Certified Master Arborist Dave Holien of Bartlett Tree Experts will oversee the pruning, which will require special care because of the tree’s size and age.

"Considering its unique history and large size, we need to be particularly careful working on the Wardholme Torrey pine,” said Holien. “At 126 feet in height, the tree is too tall to trim from a bucket truck, which might also damage the roots if parked too near the tree. With this in mind, we’ll have a specially-trained crew climbing in the tree to perform the work. It should be quite a sight!"

Torrey pines are one of the rarest pine species in the United States. This particular tree is of special interest as it was planted in 1888 by Judge W. Thomas Ward. Local legend recounts a competition by city residents to see who could grow the most unusual plants and Judge Ward proudly planted this specimen in front of his home. Now, over 120 years later, the tree is a well-known area landmark at an amazing 126 feet tall and 20.5 inch circumference.

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