Bartlett Tree Experts to Present at Minnesota State Fair

The Minnetonka office of Bartlett Tree Experts, with an assist from the Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories, will present at the Minnesota State Fair. Their talk and demonstration, “The Greenest Tree is a Mature Tree – Helping Your Trees Thrive,” will be on the Sustainability Stage in the Eco Experience exhibition, Progress Center, on Sunday, August 27, at 10 am and again at 4 pm. 

“Trees that provide the most environmental and cost-saving benefits are large, mature ones,” said Erik Paulsen, a certified arborist and local manager of the Minnetonka office, which serves the Twin Cities. “We’ll demonstrate what you can do when planting and caring for your trees to help them live long and prosper, while your kids enjoy tree activities and giveaways. Then, leave with your own tree seedling.”

Paulsen explains that decisions homeowners make before planting, like which tree to plant where, are key. So is how they care for their trees after planting them. But how they prepare the tree for planting is crucial to whether it will thrive long-term.

Many gardeners know that when planting container plants, especially those that are pot-bound, they need to break up the root ball to enable the roots to grow out into the soil. Most people don’t realize that a similar action needs to happen with trees – on a much larger scale. See how to prepare a container or balled-and-burlapped a tree for planting. Hint: it involves using an ax to cut deeply into the tree roots.

At a special kids corner, youngsters will be able to create take-home leaf rubbings and receive “Tree Hero” capes. Parents can take home free tree seedlings after the talk.

Admission to the talk is free with admission to the State Fair.

The Eco Experience is a project of the Minnesota State Fair and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. It is part of the agency’s dedication to achieving three important goals:

  • Encouraging Minnesotans to buy more green products and services,
  • Providing support for Minnesota businesses to produce green products or provide green services by eliminating the use of environmentally harmful substances
  • Helping Minnesotans attain and act on environmental knowledge to support healthy ecosystems.

Bartlett Tree Experts is proud to help advance that mission.

For more information, contact:

Christine Esposito

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