Tree diseases can cause superficial and deadly damage to your landscape plants. Get answers to common questions about tree diseases in this section.

Tree Diseases FAQs (85)

  1. There is a twin trunk which has been pruned properly over the years but recently has started to lean towards the house. I took out a dead twin two years ago, some 60 plus feet tall. How do I gauge it's health? The roots were severely damaged years ago.
  2. How badly can trees be damaged by a lawn mower?
  3. What's the best way to control aphids on my lime tree?
  4. Over the past few years my apple tree has stopped producing a good crop of apples. The few apples that are produced go brown and rotten on the trees.
  5. The leaves on my magnolia are starting to go yellow yet the surrounding trees look fine. What could cause this?
  6. Are Hawthorn berries poisonous?
  7. I planted six young trees in early March. Despite watering them regularly they have all started to wilt and the leaves are starting to turn yellow.
  8. When is the best time to plant trees?
  9. I grow my own fruit and vegetables and am concerned about food contamination from fertilizing my trees and shrubs. Should I be worried?
  10. I am looking for information on transplanting fir trees as it relates to zone 5 (North-Central Mass.) I recently transplanted 25 fir trees, all six to seven ft. tall. The project started early September and ended mid-October. The temperature was in the 60's when I started but now is in the 50's and drops down to the 20's at night. What can I do to protect these trees, to keep them from freezing and to keep them alive through the winter? Should they be mulched and with what? Should they be fertilized? I built a well around each tree to hold a small reservoir of water and I watered them twice a week. The trees all look very well. They are not wilting, have not yellowed or lost needles. The soil I removed from the holes was not very good, consisting of loam, silt, clay and some shale. I removed all of the debris and treated the soil with tree and shrub pottingmix, peatmoss and organic compost from cow manure. I planted them in holes measuring 36"x36"x12". The balls measured approx. 30'x30"x8'. Any advice you can give me will be very much appreciated. Thank you for your consideration in this regard.
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