Your landscape does not need to be a stark scene in the winter. Many trees and shrubs have unique characteristics that stand out during the colder months of the year.

Evergreen trees are definitely the stars of winter. Despite their name, they actually come in many hues. There are bluish options like juniper, cedar and Colorado blue spruce as well as others such as the yellow of ‘Chief Joseph’ lodgepole pine.

Shrubs are another great source of year-round color.  Those with berries like holly, winterberry and chokeberry provide an extra pop.

Unusual and interesting texture is highlighted in the bark of many trees during winter.  The shedding bark of the sycamore is one example. White birch and red osier dogwood are striking in winter when color is a priority to the property owner.

There are considerations other than color as well.  The shape of the tree and its branches can add an almost architectural aspect to a landscape.  Weeping beech and crape myrtle are two great examples.

It’s an excellent idea to consider the year-round appearance of the landscape when selecting trees and shrubs.  There are so many unique details that are best seen and appreciated only in winter.


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