Now that we are venturing back into the garden, a check should be carried out on all trees to ensure stability and remove broken branches. Some branches may have snapped under the heavy snowfall while others may be hanging in the canopy of the tree waiting to be dislodged by some passing wind.

Trees that have had root plate movement caused by the combination of snow and wind can be re-staked to bring some stability. Light pruning to the crown of the tree may also be recommended to reduce some of the canopy and wind sail effect. This should not change the overall look and natural silhouette of the tree.

Individual branches that have snapped should be pruned back to the branch collar. If the terminal leader is damaged then we will select a new terminal leader and train it to take on the dominant role. While this can take a few years to recover, we will attempt to restore the natural crown appearance as quickly as possible.

If the root plate and crown of any tree are beyond repair, we can also assist in sourcing an appropriate replacement tree for your consideration.

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