Spring is a critical time for practices that will help maintain the health of your landscape.  Here’s a helpful checklist:

  1. Cut back herbaceous plants. Any remaining winter interest perennials can be cut back now.
  2. Remove dead plant material, dead leaves and dead branches.
  3. Edge planting beds in preparation for new mulch. Create a shallow edge to avoid damaging existing plant roots and do not place soil against the stem of woody plants. 
  4. Top-dress beds with a thin layer of new mulch, from just off the trunk to the outer dripline whenever possible. Wood chips make great mulch.
  5. Apply dormant horticultural oil sprays just before new growth begins. 
  6. Fertilise plants and adjust soil pH as needed. 
  7. Monitor for early spring insects.
  8. Prune plant material that blooms on new wood.
  9. Plant trees and shrubs. If you live in an area experiencing a drought, delay planting until the fall.

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