Your trees and shrubs will soon be working hard to establish spring growth, but they may have a difficult time. In developed landscapes, the soil that trees rely on often does not contain the necessary nutrients. The result is poor growth and lackluster foliage, and ultimately a tree that is more susceptible to insects and disease.

At Bartlett, we analyze over 10,000 soil samples from clients’ properties each year. The Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories generates a Soil Rx Analysis Report on all soil samplings. This report is vital in helping our Bartlett Technicians provide the necessary fertilization or organic product to help maintain the health of your trees. You should be aware of the level of nutrients in your plants and whether they are deficient.

With advancing soil sampling technology and our increased ability to deliver a better service, we now try to deliver and correct deficiencies of nutrients. This should increase the health of the plant allowing them to live longer and be more attractive in the landscape.


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