Extreme weather conditions or severe or persistent infestation by pests or disease can wear down a tree’s natural defense systems. Under this continued stress, trees will begin to decline. Application of potassium phosphite can increase the plant’s ability to resist insects and disease while also improving ability to tolerate environmental stress.

Applied as a foliar spray, a soil injection for root uptake or as a bark spray, potassium phosphite helps boost natural defense mechanisms. This includes increased phytoalexin (antibody) production, improved production of plant defense hormones and enhancement of plant processes related to programmed cell death.  

Given its unique ability to promote plant vitality in this way, potassium phosphite is recommended:

  • when soil-borne diseases are present;
  • as a direct treatment for bleeding cankers on tree trunks;
  • when certain environmental conditions – such as drought or water-logged soils – exist
  • in any situation where additional resistance against pests and disease is needed.

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