Honey fungus, caused by the soil borne disease Armillaria mellea attacks many species of fruiting, ornamental and forest trees planted in UK and Ireland landscapes. Infected trees experience a slow, steady decline before dying.

While this can be a devastating disease, treatment is available to protect trees. A unique system developed by Bartlett Tree Experts provides an effective means of managing honey fungus. Following is an overview of the process:

Stage 1: An arborist uses an air-spade to blow soil away from around the base of the root system, killing any honey fungus at the tree base where infection occurs.

Stage 2: A powerful soil bio-control agent is used to prevent re-infection by honey fungus.

Stage 3: Soil is replaced with a perlite/sand mix, in which roots can grow, but is too dry for honey fungus to survive.

Bartlett has been using this technique with great success in controlling honey fungus.

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