In places where pavement and man-made elements abound, soil becomes compacted, depriving plants of air and water. Also, unlike in forests, organic materials do not naturally fertilize the soil. These poor soil conditions leave plants vulnerable to extreme conditions, like heat spells.

To keep urban and residential landscapes healthy, Bartlett's new BOOST® Natural Fertilizer restores soil to ideal conditions for plant health, growth, and beauty. Developed by the scientists at the Bartlett Tree Research Laboratories, BOOST® Natural is composed solely of organic elements and contains no phosphates, so it’s safe to use near water sources. It is the only organic fertilizer to meet the American National Standards Institute’s criteria for an effective single application with long-lasting results.

BOOST® Natural is one of many environmentally friendly services Bartlett Tree Experts provides. To find out more about BOOST® Natural and other services, contact your local Bartlett Tree Experts Office today!

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