Nothing is more critical to keeping your trees healthy than good soil.  In the forest, autumn brings soil and moisture conditions that promote the root growth needed to sustain trees. But in your landscape, soil lacks the critical nutrients traditionally provided to trees by decomposing forest material.  That makes life hard for your trees.  It’s difficult for them to grow and withstand stressors like the unpredictable weather of winter.

Fertilization in the fall provides trees the essential nutrients they need to accommodate root growth.  In fact, fertilization is the single most important proactive measure you can take in caring for trees this season. 

Understanding the soil in which trees grow provides details of exactly what is needed to help them thrive through winter and into the next growing season.  A soil analysis collected from the base of the tree can be analyzed for nutrient content and pH.  Based on the results of the analysis, fertilization can be customized to the needs of the tree to address nutrient deficiencies.  Recommendations can also be made to improve soil content and character including the addition of compost and biochar or soil amendments to adjust pH level.

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