Securing planning permission can be complicated, and trees are just one of the many things that have to be considered. For both commercial and residential projects, it is critical to have an expert that can help facilitate your individual journey through the planning approval process and assure local planning authorities that an environmentally sensitive approach is being taken. 

All consulting reports should be in accordance with BS: 5837:2012 ‘Trees in relation to design, demolition & construction.’  Our team does this work in two phases. The first is an arboricultural Impact Assessment that confirms which trees will be affected by the new building proposal using criteria set out in the British Standard. The assessment classifies the species, dimensions, longevity and amenity values of the trees and their root protection areas. This enables us to identify trees for retention or removal and also outline new tree planting opportunities that may enhance the potential of the scheme for approval. The second phase is using that data to create a robust Tree Protection Plan as well as Method Statements to satisfy the tree-related planning conditions for site development.

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