Borers and bark beetles are common pests of pines and some even attack broadleaf trees. These pests are highly damaging because they feed under the tree bark. Pines that become stressed by drought or root damage are often rapidly killed by these pests. Pines at highest risk of these pests are those with root damage or bark injuries.

Infestations may not be discovered until advanced symptoms appear, which include yellowing of the needles, holes in the bark that exude sap or sawdust, and emergence holes of the borers through the bark. The following are guidelines that can help you keep these pests away.

- Plant healthy tree species that adapt best to your area.

- Avoid injuries to roots and trunks, damage and soil compaction during construction activities. 

- Water your trees! Irrigate when appropriate around the outer canopy, not near the trunk at least twice a month during drought periods.

- Properly prune your trees and dispose of dying trees so that these pests do not emerge and attack other nearby trees.

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