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Tips for Newly Planted Trees

When trees are first planted, there is an establishment period lasting at least two years when intensive maintenance is required. During this period, the tree is working hard to regenerate roots lost during transplanting and failure is common.

Irrigation is a critical factor in the survival of newly planted trees. Water must be applied to the root ball and surrounding soil when there is insufficient rainfall. However, excessive irrigation can kill new plantings so soil moisture must be monitored closely.

Maintaining adequate soil fertility is also important. Fertilization and soil amendments should be based on soil testing. Adding a layer of organic mulch will improve the soil environment for root growth.

The root flare of the tree should be visible on all new plantings. If it is covered, soil excavation is required to ensure healthy growth.

New transplants are also less capable of tolerating insects and diseases and should be inspected regularly to prevent injury. 

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