Summer Storm DamageThere's a lot to worry about during storm season, including falling trees and limbs. The high winds and saturated soil conditions typically associated with summer storms can cause tree roots to fail and branches to weaken. Limbs may be torn free during storms or an entire tree may fall, causing power outages, property damage and even personal injury.

While it is impossible to totally protect your trees and property from hurricane force winds, there are some basic procedures that can help reduce the risk of damage. Have a certified arborist check your property for:

  • Dead, dying, and weakly attached branches and dead trees
  • Decayed or split stems and branches
  • Root disease or disturbances
  • Exceptionally dense canopies
  • Trees with poor architecture
  • Species with weak wood

Additionally, your arborist should not use climbing spikes when performing maintenance procedures as they create wounds in stems that can lead to insect and disease infestations. A good arborist will be aware of these and their industry standards so don't hesitate to ask questions, request proof of insurance and ask for references. Arborists care for a valuable landscape asset and one that is reputable will do whatever is possible to maintain the beauty and safety of the trees on your property.

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