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Delayed Bud Break

It’s easy to overlook problems with your trees and shrubs. Sometimes, it’s nearly impossible to identify issues without the help of an arborist. But, there are certain things you should look for that can indicate a serious problem may exist.

This time of year, it’s important to take notice of new growth on your trees. Trees initiate growth in spring depending on species, weather conditions and the health status of the individual plant. If a plant seemed later than usual breaking bud this could indicate a root or vascular disorder. You should also monitor growth throughout the season so see if it appears sparser than normal as this could also indicate a problem. When symptoms like these are identified early, appropriate treatment can help get your trees back on track.

Keep in mind that newly planted trees will grow differently than mature trees on your property. Delayed bud break and a sparse crown are typical for a tree you have recently planted.

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