Worry less and enjoy your landscape more

The infectious diseases that ticks carry transfer quickly to reservoir hosts such as humans and pets. This makes tick borne diseases a major concern both for families and for public health. Managing ticks for disease control and prevention requires much more than just tick removal, tick repellent, or flea and tick spray.

Often an integrated approach is far better than insect repellent alone for the prevention of vector-borne diseases like Lyme disease. Such an approach includes landscape alterations such as pruning and removing weedy vegetation to reduce tick habitats. Rather than only killing ticks, this approach reduces infestation over the long term. Treatments can be targeted to areas of the landscape specifically where ticks reside: in wooded areas and at property borders.

Through yearly inspections, Bartlett can determine what tick species are present and estimate tick populations. This process enables your Arborist to develop a Tick Management program specifically designed to reduce infestations on your property.

If you want to worry less and enjoy your landscape more, contact Bartlett to discuss the latest tick management techniques.

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