Bartlett provides expert tree service in York, PA and this is what our York customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a York tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Plant Analysis and Diagnostics, Pruning, and Tree Structure Evaluation.

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What Our York, PA Customers Are Saying

All staff, and representatives, have always been informative, helpful, courteous, and efficient.
Ibrook T.

Christian Fitzpatrick is awesome. As are everyone else I have dealt with at Bartlett. Thanks for helping our Pin Oak live longer.
Steve F.

Everyone was very professional and did a great job of explaining the whole process.
Lynn P.

Very knowledgable and professional.
Alesa J.

My experience with Bartlett has been a good one. My representative is Christian Fitzpatrick. He is very prompt in his responses and is very communicative.
Anthony A.

Very professional.
Mark H.

Both my representative and the gentleman that came out to do the spraying were very professional and knowledgeable. They were very easy to work with.
Jennifer R.

Everyone I spoke with was courteous, professional, knowledgeable, and respectful. Thank you.
Frank K.

Everyone has been great, respectful of our property, even helping us move our potted plants before treating our tree. The tree is looking healthy again, so it has been an effective treatment. Very happy with Bartlett.
Judith M.

Always courteous and professional.
Mark H.

I appreciate Christian, my arborist. He takes his time to carefully assess issues on my property and provide thoughtful and superior plans for maintaining my beautiful trees.
Nikki R.

Staff that completed the service were professional, courteous and efficient.
Fred S.

Happy to be with Bartlett over forty years.
Deborah H.

Everyone has been friendly and professional. Most importantly, our tree looks great again.
Judith M.

Mr. Fitzpatrick is always very responsive and knowledgeable in making recommendations. The crews are courteous and do a great job. I am always amazed at how good the trees look after being trimmed.
Duane A.

We were amazed at the level of training and knowledge of each of the two crews and your arborist. All of your personnel was pleasant and fielded our many questions with well thought answers. Your investment in training your employees is evident and the company reaps the benefits of that investment.
Bill T.

Christian is always wonderful and full of information for us. He has visited our property for the second time now and we are very pleased with all of the valuable knowledge we receive about our landscape. Christian's knowledge and friendly visits are the main reasons I will continue to use Bartlett.
Steven A.

Very pleased with all of the Bartlett workers. Very professional and easy to talk to. They answered all of our questions. I will use your services whenever I need any work done on my trees.
Donna B.

Both Bartlett staff members were a pleasure to work with.
Bob C.

We feel Bartlett is our go to tree and shrub maintenance service.
Jim S.

Christian has been fabulous. He looked at one of our bushes and told me what was wrong and how to correct it. I did not even realize it had a problem. Overall Bartlett has been great. Took care of trimming and feeding Oak trees that were looking like they were not going to last but a few more years. New leaves were coming out light green and dropping off early. So far this year all leaves are coming out the usual darker green..
George L.

I appreciate how friendly and genuine everyone is regarding customer service. Thank you.
Hazel Z.

Christian Fitzpatrick is a wonderful person to work with. He is knowledgeable, professional, and dedicated to helping us with our landscaping needs. We value his suggestions and insights into maintaining our home. Wes has been great to work with as well. We are confident in his ability to execute treatments and pruning plans with the upmost care. We thank you both for everything and have and will continue to recommend your services to others.
Anna H.

We have used Bartlett Tree Service for years and are consistently delighted with the quality of service, responsiveness, good value, and professionalism. Thank you so much for your excellent care of our trees.
Rebecca C.

We are very happy we chose Bartlett Tree Experts. Christian was very fast to respond to our initial inquiry. His knowledge was quickly evident. He has a great ability to relate to customers. We appreciated his willingness to share thoughts about the work we were considering. Brandon and the rest of the crews that were on site were great communicators. Work was done to the letter of the service agreement. The crews attention to safety was notable. Everything was clean and tidy after each day's work. The crews were conscientious in making sure we were not inconvenienced and could access our driveway and vehicles during work hours. The trees that remain look fantastic and the few that were removed were treated with respect.
Craig S.

Always professional, thorough, and personable the crew members are always willing to answer questions and discuss concerns.
Duane A.

The staff were very pleasant and hardworking. They answered any and all questions that I had. A job well done .
Kathy P.

Carl was great, I really appreciated him taking the time to review things with me and tell me what he planned on doing and then reviewing the work when he was done. I would welcome Carl back anytime. He is an asset to your company. I was also thrilled with how clean everything was when they were done. Based on the volume of work they did, I was expecting a huge mess at the end and I was very pleased and surprised.
David S.

From start to finish, everyone involved was professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous. The price was satisfactory for the amount of work that was done. The job was completed in a timely manner from the first appointment to the completion of the job. Thank you for a great experience. We will recommend you to others if they so need your service. I followed up with Hively who recommended your company to us about the job being well done. I suggested they continue to recommend your company to their clients.
Michael B.

Did a great cleanup after trimming.
George L.

Bartlett's Crew Members are always friendly and courteous. Their efforts revived my old fruit tress. This summer my three Cherry trees produced so much fruit that I took gallons to the local farm market for sale, with the proceeds going to the library building fund. Both Sugar plum and German Prune plum tree production was prolific, with the crops shared between the deer and the squirrels, (They did not leave me a single one. I am looking forward to the Apple harvest. The Jonathan tree is covered with beautiful fruit, and though the deer have eaten most of the lower ones, they left me all those in the upper branches The Stayman-Winesap look to be a nice harvest also.
Michael S.

Good work, expert advice.
Tom G.

Wes is exceptional in his broad knowledge base, his friendly demeanor, and his genuine concern for his customers, and the challenge at hand. Christian has excellent follow up, is accessible, professional, and approachable. Nothing but top notch, responsible service from all points of view. Premier service.,Excellent company.
Sue B.

We needed emergency service and Chris responded quickly. He arrived early the next morning to assess the job. He also met with us on Saturday morning to discuss more tree removals. The crew did an excellent job removing the many huge Oaks without damaging the existing landscape plants. Great job by all.
Bob G.

Christian Fitzpatrick has always responded if I call. He is dependable and efficient.
Mary Ann W.

The crewmembers that completed the job on my property were extremely polite and very helpful. Christian even stopped by to make sure everything was going well and gave recommendations for additional trees in the yard. I will recommend Bartlett to anyone that needs work done. I was impressed with the level of professionalism compared to other companies that had given me quotes or never even responded at all to my initial inquiry. I will be going with Bartlett for any additional services needed in the future. Thanks again.
Jenifer W.

Everyone with Bartlett was very helpful and always got back with me when I had any questions. It had been a while since the old Sycamore in our front yard had been cared for. It would have been easy just to go in and start chopping limbs away. The knowledgeable staff knew exactly what to do to give the tree the best chance to thrive and come back better than ever.
Hardy K.

Always extremely professional, from the arborist who provides the recommendations, education, and estimates, to the office staff who arrange for the appointments, to the crews who are always friendly, conversational, knowledgeable, and extremely neat with their work.
Dwayne A.

The York office is always willing and able to thoroughly answer my tree questions. Last year, Mr. Fitzpatrick recommended cabling the branches of the main Holly tree in my front yard. Did not know how necessary, but I have come to rely on the expertise of the Bartlett staff. After the gusty and blustery weather we have had in the past months, I am more than happy that I had that work done in January.
Deborah H.

Workers were very polite and efficient. Clean up was excellent. Very pleased with the work done.
Linda T.

Mr. Fitzpatrick was very knowledgeable and helpful. He knows his business. The crew was very professional and courteous. The office lady that emailed me and I spoke with on the phone was also very nice and efficient. Highly recommended.
Steve F.

Professional, friendly, and eager to explain. Enjoyed speaking with them. Work was done efficiently. Clean up was satisfactory. Would not hesitate to call Bartlett again.
Sue B.

Thank you so much for the difficult and dangerous work you completed yesterday. Your staff was great to work with.
Sue B.

The group did a nice job, courteous, timely, and clean job site.
Jim C.

Your crew is just finishing up. The tree looks good. The guys were very pleasant, professional, and hardworking.
Sally K.

Great crew.
Chet L.

We were very appreciative of Matt, Christian, and Jennifer’s services.
Jim S.

Great experience, thank you.
Catherine B.

Everyone that I had contact with was very helpful and friendly.
Doris D.

Everyone was very helpful.
Terry L.

Always professional and answers my questions thoroughly. Fitzpatrick keeps me informed about the latest needs, like the spotted lantern fly. Office staff equally easy to work with. Trees look great. The Crabapple, which looked like a lost case a few years ago, is full of fruit for birds and squirrels to enjoy.
Deborah H.

Great service from Christian, Wes, and Jennifer.
Grogan J.

Wes was very engaging and informative. We also had trees removed and some tree pruning. The tree removal crew was very friendly and answered all of my questions. We love Bartlett.
John F.

Prompt and thorough answers to my concerns and questions. Staff keeps up on issues that could affect my trees. Wes, the crewmember who sprayed my Crabapple and applied treatment for spotted lanternfly this week, is an asset to your staff. The rest of the world in York County is just beginning to communicate the seriousness of this pest. Have been working with Bartlett since the early 1980s. Christian's efforts to keep my annual spraying on track gives me reason to believe that this tree partnership will continue for years to come.
Deborah H.

I have only been using Bartlett a short time, but Christian, the arborist, is knowledgeable, personable, and responsive. I appreciate the fact that there is a sense of being proactive to try to prevent diseases and reduce the risk of losing plantings. The crew did a very nice job trimming our trees several months ago. I feel confident in the abilities of the arborist and the work crews.
Duane A.

Friendly, courteous, and concentrated on doing a through job. My wife was impressed with the nice job they did and gave each a nice tip.
Robert L.

Watching your men work was spellbinding. The first day they were here I got little else done other than standing and watching them manipulate those huge trees and the equipment it took to do so. I had an opportunity to talk with your men and also the crane operator. They were very interesting to meet and seemed very dedicated to their work and doing a good job which they seemed to enjoy. The crane operator’s skill is apparently partly genetic. His father operated big equipment as well when it took considerable muscle in addition to skill. The joystick they use now is a far cry from the mechanical levers, gears, clutches, and wheels, required before computerized equipment. Of interest in that regard, my cousin was married to a man who also operated big equipment and their son continues in the same field, both with excellent reputations. When your crew arrived, Jeremy came to the door to let us know they were starting. All of the men were considerate, willing to put up with my many questions and comments, and at the same time did the job. Although the condition of the yard was not the same as when they arrived, you had forewarned me and it could have been considerably worse. The men ran their caterpillar tread machine back and forth over the worst divots and ruts to minimize what I will have to do in spring. Although we did not discuss prices beyond the estimate before we contracted to have you do the work, you may be interested to know that your exact estimate including the separate payment for the crane was about $3000 below others. We hope not to need you again soon, but you have some new fans if and when the time comes. Thanks for a job well done at a price that was significantly better than that of one of your competitors. Should the occasion arise, we will spread the word.
Ronald R.

I never met you personally but my wife tells me that you are a knowledgeable and personable young man. Thanks for the great work your crew did trimming our trees. I look forward to working with you in the future. Hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas.
Duane A.

I will certainly use Bartlett services in the future.
Harry F.

The guys who came to my home to perform the services were all amazing, friendly, and competent.
Patricia K.

Everyone from the receptionist to the crew who came out to access the trees were friendly, knowledgeable, and very helpful.
Monica C.

Everyone has been very friendly and informative.
Mike S.

Christian was able and happy to answer my questions. Trees look good, birds and are happy.
Deborah H.

Everyone was very pleasant and appeared to be competent. Christian was very patient and thorough answering all my many questions. I have employed several tree services in the past and was not happy with them. The entire experience with Bartlett was superior to "those other guys" and I will definitely recommend Bartlett if anyone asks who takes care of my trees. Some positives, thorough inspection of trees, explanation of what was needed, prompt scheduling, completion of work notification via doorknob hanger of specific procedures done when I was absent, instead of moving heavy equipment onto my lawn staff members climbed the trees in order to perform their work, staff members had safety equipment on them or nearby, my lawn was left without a trace of debris, and the entire crew was personable and spoke to me. All of the above were not the case with other tree services. Just much more professional dealing with Bartlett.
Diane R.

I am delighted with my trees this spring. Please tell Jeff and his crew how happy I am with the work they did last November. I know Jeff lives in the area. Please invite him to come by and take a look.
Elizabeth W.

Your team did an amazingly professional job at my home. I was very impressed.
Bob D.

Well pleased with Bartlett staff. I have had them do my work for many years and will continue.
Stuart M.

All were very knowledgeable and helpful in answering our questions, service was prompt. We felt our elm tree was in good hands with your service. Thank you.
Doris D.

Everyone is great. I was particularly pleased with the fast service.
Sylvia H.

The arborist, crew, and staff were all friendly and professional. The crew showed up early, worked efficiently, cleaned up thoroughly, and were very considerate of our property. It was clear that everyone involved had communicated well about the work plan and understood what was supposed to happen at our property. It was refreshing to have service done by such a professional company.
Jennifer D.

Extremely friendly and courteous.
Adrian S.

Bartlett did excellent work, I watched as they did it.
Bob W.

Mr. Johnson spoke at Gardenwise, and he presented a lot of information about trees and planting that helped me understand much more. Because of his knowledge, experience, and professionalism, we decided to engage Bartlett to prune our trees. Mr. Johnson asked us what we wanted to accomplish, then explained how it might be done. He presented ideas we had never considered, and it sounded good. When he brought the crew, he explained to them exactly what we wanted done, and which branches to cut. The crew did a wonderful job cutting, cleaning up, and explaining what they did. Happily, we actually have some sunlight in needed areas now. We have told people about our great experience with Mr. Johnson and Bartlett, and will be calling on them in the future.
Barbara F.

The crew that came out to prune the trees were really awesome.
Donna G.

Erik and the crew did a fantastic job! My Pin Oak looked exactly as I wanted it to. I would certainly recommend you to anyone. I'm a very satisfied customer.
Lee H.

Erik and his crew did a fantastic job at my property. My trees and bushes look great.
Rachel C.

Professional in all respects.
Frederick S.

Staff is always courteous and have answered any questions that I have ever asked them.
Leslie B.

Very professional and a pleasure to work with.
Bill K.

Sitting on my deck this evening, I am enjoying the much improved view of our trees out front. Your crew did a very nice job.
Albert B.

Your knowledgeable staff is appreciated. Thank you.
Linda F.

Very professional and courteous. We could barely tell they were there when job was finished because of the way the cleaned up work area. Erik is a pleasure to deal with. We will definitely use your service again and recommend to our neighbors.
Lisa B.

All three representatives were thorough and courteous. Erik, the Arborist, was especially responsive and kept me informed. Finally, I really appreciate Erik's suggested solution to the project, i.e, his design and specs were superior to my original design and specs.
Sharon T.

I would like to thank Erik Johnson for an outstanding job they did in my yard with cutting down my two trees. Erik was very professional from the very beginning and he was very knowledgeable showing me other things that I needed to do to care for my other trees. I'd never go with another company after dealing with Erik. Outstanding Customer Service! Thanks again Bartlett, glad to see you are hiring professionals to work for your company! Keep up that great work Erik!
Shawn E.

He is wonderful,professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. Helped with all issues. As long as Erik is handling things, all my future tree needs will be done by Bartlett Tree Experts.
Doris K.

Erik Johnson is a competent, courteous young man and is a good representative for Bartlett Tree Experts. I’ve always been well satisfied with the services I have received from Bartlett.
Joyce H.

Just a short note to praise the efforts of your York PA team. Eric Johnson is professional, knows his field of work, and makes it his goal to leave the homeowner satisfied. It shows that he enjoys his work. His co-worker Carl will take time to answer my numerous questions while he is trimming, spraying, and feeding my trees. And the same courteous professionalism extends to the office staff as well. Thank you, Bartlett!
Deborah H.

We're very thankful you took care of our trees after the storm. Thank you so much for taking care of our trees since we weren't an established customer you could have easily said go to the bottom of the list!
Sydney O.

Trees were trimmed of dead wood and work done around the tree collars. They did a very good job and cleaned up very nicely. [Our arborist] was very good at explaining what was needed and the entire process. Would definitely use Bartlett again.
Debbie P.

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