Bartlett provides expert tree service in Wake Forest, NC and this is what our Wake Forest customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a Wake Forest tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Cabling and Bracing, Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Plant Analysis and Diagnostics, Storm Damage, and Tree Management Plans.

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What Our Wake Forest, NC Customers Are Saying

We feel we can depend on you.
Wesley S.

Robert is very responsive and knowledgeable.
Wesley S.

The whole team was very pleasant and professional. I enjoyed meeting everyone. I had questions and they answered all. I must say everyone seemed happy, engaging which I felt I could trust them to trim, prune the old Japanese Maple Trees. They did an exceptional job and the trees look healthy and wonderful. Thank you very much.
Christine C.

Had a detailed list of what was to be done. Respected all the perennials in the area.
Peggy P.

Robert was great to work with. He has a lot of knowledge and gave us great information.
David J.

I could not be happier. Bartlett did an amazing job. Will definitely use for future tree care needs. Everyone involved were great.
Darlene R.

We are very satisfied with their work. Mr. Hatfield is a pleasure to work with.
Paul L.

Appreciate prompt response to my questions and concerns. Very appreciative of the emphasis on safety when pruning or when removing trees. Crew has always done an excellent job of cleaning job site.
Jill W.

Absolutely nothing. It was an extremely professional, diligent crew, who were polite and very helpful. The arborist was great to work with in terms of the immediate issue of tree trimming and ongoing care of the trees with sustainable solutions. He informed his crew, he made sure to confirm the scope of work with me before work commenced. I look forward to working with him.
Hillary F.

The crew really seemed to enjoy their work, climbing our old Oak tree. We had ornamental bushes trimmed and shaped up, our various tree species trimmed, and all the work was perfect. They crew made sure all was done to our liking before wrapping up. We have been working with Bartlett for more than a decade and they have our complete trust and confidence for a job well done every time.
Clare B.

Robert was knowledgeable and personable. A pleasure to work with.
Clark V.

Very good communication and nice people to work with.
Dan S.

Bartlett is the best, the work performed is excellent as well as the customer service.
Shirley S.

Everyone who did work at our house was pleasant, efficient, and left things neat and clean. We are very pleased with the work that was done.
Robert D.

Robert is always so responsive to questions. I really appreciate his personal touch and attention to detail.
Phil D.

My experience with Bartlett was great, would highly recommend them to anyone and will be using their services again. The whole process was fast and seamless and everyone I worked with Bartlett Arborist Representative, crew, and admin was super friendly and professional. My pup loved the Crew too. My trees and yard look beautiful, thank you so much.
Renee B.

Always very, very courteous and professional.
Kathy A.

A great and thorough Arborist representative, staff, and crew. kudos.
Joe B.

My experience with Bartlett was great, would highly recommend them to anyone and will be using their services again. The whole process was fast, seamless, and everyone I worked with Bartlett Arborist Representative, Crew, and Admin was super friendly and professional. My pup loved the Crew too. My trees and yard look beautiful, thank you so much.
Renee K.

I would recommend Bartlett to anyone. Our arborist is prompt in responding, always helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. Crew and work completed are top notch.
Joanna H.

Skye was the technician who arrived and performed the deep root fertilization. She did a very thorough job, making sure she treated every ornamental bush and tree on our property. Skye was very friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable when I asked her questions. She did a great job.
James F.

Very professional and knowledgeable service leader. The crew was terrific to work with.
Andre P.

Everyone was extremely professional and very knowledgeable. The team made the process very easy.
Chris J.

All the crews, along with Christian, have taken time to thoughtfully answer our general questions and listen to our yard experiences while they do the given tasks. So positive.
Kiki F.

Everyone could not have been more knowledgeable, courteous, and efficient. Robert has a home away from home anytime. Many thanks, looking forward to seeing some reinvigorated life return to these trees.
Paul B.

We are very pleased with the service and especially with Robert Hatfield's excellent knowledge and professional behavior. He is great to work with.
Paul N.

Robert is very competent with regard to tree and shrub expertise. He listens very intently to the customer and recommends the best solution. Joanna is professional and competent as well with administrative tasks. She performs excellent follow up with the customer. The crew members are friendly and competent. I will contact Bartlett Tree Experts for future tree and shrub projects.
Richard M.

There is not anything the crew or Robert could have done better. The service Robert and your crews provide is top notch. I am consistently happy with their work.
Laura W.

We look forward to having the Bartlett crew come. Each member is knowledgeable and kind which makes me feel happy to have them here and confident about their work. We like that they take pride in their work, and work so well together as a team. This visit, the newest of the crew, Mike installed a cable climbing way up in our Sycamore way past the bucket, while the crew leader Steve coached him from high up in the bucket apparatus since this was Mike's first actual installation of this type of cable. Crew member Justin, snapped a photo from the ground to memorialize the day. They mostly did important pruning and trimming our many trees, including one very large one with limbs over the house, but it was nice to see them come together for this big moment. I liked how the team walked around with Steve making a plan before they started. I appreciated seeing Steve again, he has been her a couple times, and meeting the son of our first arborist, Jeff several years ago. The stability of Bartlett's staff is a real plus. Robert, the arborist rep, came twice to see us and offered such good advice about our very old trees plus other incidental information and he kept in touch by phone and email well. You can see we were very satisfied with Bartlett.
Charles S.

Both staff members I communicated with were friendly and professional. A pleasure to meet and do business with. The work performed was detailed and I could see a lot of effort was put into doing the job right. Great work.
William B.

All the members of the team were great, thank you.
Erik N.

Mr Robert Hartfield was friendly, quite knowledgeable, and thorough. He answered all the questions I had and provided information I needed. Advance notices were sent before each treatment date. And he always checked to see if I were satisfied after each treatment. Crew members made me aware that they were from Bartlett and had come to do the treatments.
Nellie E.

Everyone is very pleasant. The crew was professional. You can tell they know what they are doing and follow the book on safety from the moment they arrive and put up cones around the truck. It instills a lot of confidence for us that the job will be done correctly and safely.
Mike F.

Robert cares as much about the health of our trees as we do. He is incredibly knowledgeable and professional. In the last storm our neighbors had trees break with a resulting mess and huge clean up. Because of Robert's help, we had zero damage.
Lara W.

Robert cares as much about the health of our trees as we do. He is incredibly knowledgeable and professional. In the last storm our neighbors had trees break with a resulting mess and huge clean up. Because of Robert’s help, we had zero damage.
Lara W.

Robert has proven to be an excellent representative of Bartlett Tree Experts. We are working to save my Red Maple and recently removed an overgrown Cypress. Robert and his crew did excellent, professional work in both instances.
William H.

Robert listened to my concerns and provided a detailed evaluation to address our over grown ornamental trees. I could not be happier to work with Steve and his crew who worked to make our landscape healthy and lovely.
Margaret H.

Robert is kind, knowledgeable, and very patient with all my questions. I look forward to working with him in the future.
Lara W.

The team is very competent and professional at all times. Our Maples and Palms have been treated by Bartlett for three years now and have never looked so good. Each year we increase the services provided by Bartlett. We are extremely pleased with the company and their team. We have utilized the services of various tree experts through the years, but none compare to the expertise of Bartlett. We highly recommend this company.
Rick M.

Many years as a Bartlett customer, used to live in North Hills area and Jeff was my contact person in the beginning. After moving to Wake Forest area, I knew when I needed landscape assistance to reach out to Bartlett and recommended to my neighbor as well. Robert is excellent and I immediately felt the same level of confidence in explaining my landscape concerns. The crew was great and his co-worker left everything neat and clean. Great company.
Belinda H.

Everything went smoothly and the job was professionally handled.
Jim K.

Robert was very helpful on several occasions. He had been out to my house a few times to give me advice on the trees in my yard over the years. When it came time to take a few trees down, I did not even consider another company, because of these services he provided. The crew that came out was very professional and courteous. They were obviously very safety conscious, did not waste any time, and did a great cleaned up job. I had asked for them to leave some of the wood, so I could cut it up for my fire pit. They gave me advice on which wood would be best so I could make an informed decision. When it came time to pay, I was able to do so over the phone. The billing representative was kind, sweet, and helpful.
Beth H.

Our local arborists alway knocks on the door, introduce themselves and ask if I have any questions. I notice they take their time and do not rush.
Felicia N.

Robert Hatfield is knowledgeable and responsive when we need him to answer a question.
Richard S.

Staff was courteous and prompt.
Nancy F.

Robert our arborist was great, knowledgeable, and generous sharing his knowledge about many trees in our yard. The crew members were fantastic, courteous, and friendly. A great experience all around. And our large Holly trees look great, we could not have done this ourselves.
Patricia P.

I enjoyed working with Robert. He was very easy to talk to and ask questions. I am sorry I can not remember the name of the guy that came out and did the treatment but he was very knowledgeable and good to work with.
Judith K.

Every time we have contacted Robert Hatfield he has been very responsive and provided us the time and expertise to answer any questions and to resolve any issues we were having with any of our trees. I have recommended Bartlett to friends and on social media outlets when anyone is asking for a recommendation on a tree service company. I will be happy to continue to do so in the future.
Linda F.

Robert Hatfield is very professional and knowledgeable. He is a true asset to Bartlett. We appreciate everything he has done for our property. We could not have done it without him. We know the great reputation of Bartlett from up north but we never met anyone else as professional and knowledgeable as Robert Hatfield.
Michael S.

Another great experience with Bartlett.
Karen E.

Worker were great, shaped the tree just how I wanted it. Clean up was wonderful you did not know they had been there.
Susan H.

Robert was knowledgeable, courteous, and a pleasure to work with. His recommendation was spot on. He reviewed it with me and crew on site before work began so we would all be on the same page. The crew was a delight. They happily responded to suggestions, did a great job and cleaned up all debris.
Michael N.

Wonderful customer experience. Bartlett Tree Experts is now go to tree company.
David E.

Robert Hatfield was very professional and courteous during the entire process. The team of guys that came out to remove the large Pine trees in the front of our house did a great job and finished the job early.
Mike W.

Thank you for your excellent customer service by all levels of your staff, thank you. I am very happy with the tree trimming. I looks awesome.
Pam R.

Robert Hatfield's emails are always very informative, timely, and friendly. He coordinates Bartlett's services to my schedule and needs.
Shirley R.

Everyone we have met from Bartlett is excellent.
Karen E.

Robert Hatfield was friendly, professional, knowledgeable, informative, and courteous as well as prompt with deliverables. He was completely COVID-19 compliant. It was an enjoyable experience.
Frank C.

This is the second time I used your services, was again highly satisfied with your team effort. They were fast, efficient- and exceeded my expectations..
Joseph P.

Great guy. Very helpful. Did a great job.
Peter W.

Fast, efficient, and complete. Thank you for doing a fine job.
Pete K.

You guys rock. First Robert Hatfield came out to talk with me. He was extremely knowledgeable, and answered all questions I had. Work was scheduled promptly, the crew was awesome and friendly. We will always use Bartlett.
Tom S.

Robert came out to give us an estimate for pruning a Redbud tree. No one could have been more professional and congenial than Robert. He did a very thorough evaluation and explained every step that would be involved in the pruning process. Casey was the crew member who came out to perform the work on our Redbud. He was very personable, his work was very efficient and meticulous. Wonderful job performed by Bartlett. Would highly recommend the company.
Brenda A.

He was very polite, courteous, and professional.

Robert was great both times we engaged Bartlett.. He worked with us as to pricing.. Crew this past time was great.
Richard S.

Always knowledgeable and very courteous.
Sarah L.

The Bartlett Representative and work crew that performed our pruning work were very professional but easy to talk to and were sensitive to my observations and requirements. Great team to have on site. They did a great job for me.
Ed B.

Mr. Hatfield and the entire staff were wonderful. Excellent customer service during the entire process of treating and pruning our trees. Thank you.
Kim A.

Mr. Hatfield and the crew did a wonderful job with our trees. Everything looks beautiful again. Thank you.
Laurie S.

All crew members and representative Robert Hatfield excel.
Mary M.

Your rep was great, friendly ,and informative. Crew members were great. first class operation.
William R

From the initial consultation through to watching the trucks leave my yard, the service was impeccable. Everyone was courteous and on time. The crew working in my trees was safe, efficient, and always had what was best for the tree in mind. I was consulted three times during the day to be provided project updates and ask if I had any questions. They cleaned up everything as if they had never been in my yard. There is a huge difference between hiring someone to cut trees and hiring someone to provide advice and service for trees and bushes. Hiring Bartlett was yard changing for me.
Mark M.

I have been a Bartlett customer for several years. They have always responded to service requests promptly. Their office staff is courteous and helpful, and the field crews are knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommended, especially certified arborist Robert Hatfield.
Mark M.

Robert Hatfield is great and a very nice young man.
Dan H.

Whole experience was awesome. I used their services in the past and will definitely use again if the need arises.
Reginald C.

Excellent, courteous, and responsive staff, including Robert and all of the crew members who were on site. The personal thank you card was exceptional customer service and the responsiveness of the Arborist to the HOA requests was very prompt. I also received a follow-up call from the office to make sure I was satisfied with the service prior to sending the final invoice. Exceptional service. Will only use Bartlett Tree Service Moving Forward.
Preston W.

Mr Hatfield and his technician were very professional as always.
William F.

They did a good job, thanks.
Lenn P.

Mr. Hatfield was not only knowledgable, but courteous, and patient. We had lots of questions and he answered every one in terms we understood. Your technician was also prompt and friendly. So basically everyone we had contact with, from your office person to your field technicians was professional and easy to work with.
Floyd T.

I have pretty big standards for yard and home work. I hire when I need a pro. These guys were pros. From estimate to job completed. Professional and skilled. You would never know they were here. Thank you guys. I hate removing a tree but if you need pros, these are your guys.
Jeffery S.

This was a professional team that planned and executed solutions in a courteous and careful manner. They left the work area cleaner than they found it. The word expert on your company name is evident with this crew. I highly recommend them to others. It was reassuring, working with your company, that the job would be completed to our satisfaction. It actually exceeded that. Thank you for a job well done.
Joseph P.

Your company is one of the most responsive service providers I have dealt with. Robert responds quickly to any inquiry I have.
Carolyn L.

Certainly wish we had a property in Ireland. We would definitely want Bartlett to take care of our trees. But then, that is wishful thinking.
David C.

Robert Hatfield did a great job evaluating and explaining the condition of our trees as well as educating us on our shrubs. We moved forward with his recommendation and will consult with him as things develop.
Gilbert C.

All were very knowledgeable, helpful, and professional. I was extremely impressed.
Narley C.

Everyone was amazing and professional but personable at the same time. All great men with amazing skills at the site. Meredith at the office was a tremendous joy to work with as well. I would absolutely recommend your services again.
Katrinka J.

Robert was very professional, kind, and helpful.
Liza O.

Robert does a great job.
Sheri C.

Robert has always been courteous. I appreciate his knowledge of pruning, diseases, and critters that contribute to unhealthy trees and bushes. When I have been home to interact with crew members they have been very friendly and go right to work. When the crew cleans up you actually cannot tell they were here. Most importantly the applications used on my trees really work. Bartlett is a great company. I trust them and highly recommend this company to anyone.
Donna H.

Robert really made sure before pruning our Japanese Maple that he knew what look I was going for, then made it happen.
Mary W.

Robert has been very helpful. He always calls to follow up on what he finds when doing his surveys. Have not had a chance to meet the crewmembers.
Jeff F.

I found Robert to be knowledgeable, professional, and upfront with everything. This is the second time that I used Barlett for my two Maple trees. I have the up most confidence in them.
Tyrone F.

Bartlett has been our "go to" company for years and remains so because of their expertise, reliability and professionalism. The arborists care about our trees, we trust their advice and the crews are responsible and careful in what can be dangerous work. Cristie D., Wake Forest, NC
Cristie D.

Robert is very professional, polite, he communicates well, and he listens to your concerns.
Marilyn T.

The Bartlett staff members that interfaced with me were very professional and demonstrated a true desire to understand and meet my requirements. The crew did a great job of cleaning up before they departed. Kudos to the crew's professionalism.
Ed B.

Robert Hatfield takes his time to answer questions and does a great job.
Val G.

Allen comes out to the house any time, if I have questions or need an opinion. I trust him and always look forward to our visits. I could not ask for anyone more knowledgeable and pleasant than him. He is truly an asset to your company.
Lydia M.

Allen is very professional and his knowledge is wonderful.
Lydia M.

We were very impressed by Allen’s knowledge of trees and their diseases. We felt confident in his suggestions for our trees. When the crew members came to do the work, they were professional and answered all of our questions. We can not wait until Spring to see our trees and yard all leafed out.
Lisa W.

The crew did a good job. The trees look great. The boys cleaned up well. I am glad we used your company.
Joe D.

I am very impressed with Allen Jones and would have no one else take care of my trees.
Lydia M.

Allen Jones did an excellent job planning the pruning on both my property and my Mother's. The crew was great and did a meticulous job.
Bill F.

Allen Jones is a great resource of information.
Chris R.

Allen has always been quick to respond. He's very knowledgeable and shows a high level of caring about any inquiry. I appreciate his professionalism and feel very comfortable with his company taking care of our tree needs.
Penny G.

Bartlett staff are very professional, polite, and respectful. It has been a pleasure working with them especially Allen Jones. Mr. Jones has followed up on every email or question that I asked him.
Elizabeth H.

I have been very impressed with Bartlett and with Arborist Allen Jones. I had a number of Cypress trees I thought I was going to lose - but I only lost two and Allen knew immediately what the problem was. Treatment was given on the trees the very next day and within a week the dying trees were removed. I like Bartlett's concentration on the customer.
Ed H.

Always responsive and addresses all our questions and concerns. A great staff to work with. Thanks!
Bob M.

The best move I made was to contract Bartlett to do our tree pruning, fertilizing, and pest management. We've been living in North Carolina for seven years and I only wish I called Bartlett sooner. We are 100 percent satisfied with Bartlett. Allen Jones took his time to explain everything to me and answered all my questions. He was thorough and courteous. Craig who did the pruning work was excellent. I would be happy to have do all the work at my home. I will definitely recommend Bartlett to our friends.
Eileen K.

Pretty amazing service!
Tom H.

Working with Allen Jones has been a pleasure -- very easy to communicate with and reliable. And your crew also has been prompt and courteous and has done a great job of cleaning up.
Debbie L.

Allen is always courteous and knowledgeable.
Barbara B.

Allen and Mike have both been very knowledgeable and professional in their work. I appreciate their having taken time to fully explain the treatment they would apply to a diseased (gloomy scale) tree, and how I could monitor its effectiveness over the coming months.
Dan D.

Allen and Mike have both been very knowledgeable and professional in their work. I appreciate their having taken time to fully explain the treatment they would apply to a diseased (gloomy scale) tree, and how I could monitor its effectiveness over the coming months.
Dan D.

Questions I have regarding shrubs or trees are always answered promptly and with courtesy by the arborist. I appreciate the professionalism of the staff I have met to date. So glad I chose Bartlett Tree Service.
Nancy B.

Always there for me. If a problem is not known they will search out the culprit. Enjoy the inspections and use of different products for specific problems. Conscious of the environment at all times and show respect for my garden.
Fran S.

Always there for me. If a problem is not known they will search out the culprit. Enjoy the inspections and use of different products for specific problems. Conscious of the environment at all times and show respect for my garden.
Fran S.

The crew did a very good job. The property is much improved aesthetically, and otherwise. Above all, and very much appreciated, the crew was professional in their interaction with me and each other, courteous, hard-working, and efficient. They took great care in their work and were proud that they represented Bartlett. Upon leaving, the only evidence the crew had been on the property was the beautiful scene they left behind.
Tom P.

I think the entire Bartlett team from our first contact with Allen to the guys who did the work in our yard have done a fantastic job. We are glad to have the trees out of our yard, but we are even more happy to see how good a job they really did. They did a great job of cleaning as they went and not so much as a leaf or small pile of sawdust was left behind. Great work!
Aaron W.

I enjoyed working with Allen and Everette. They were very knowledgeable and were generous in answering all of my questions.
Eileen G.

Your staff, crew members, and Arborist are of the highest caliber. They are knowledgeable, neat, and couldn’t have been more polite or helpful to us with tips and explanations. We are extremely pleased that we chose your firm. It was a pleasure to deal with professionals.
Sunny G.

Thank you so much for a big job very well done. A special thanks to Allen Jones for all his help. The "guys" that came to my home are to be admired for their expertise and efficiency.
Jackie L.

We are very pleased with all the Bartlett employees we have dealt with. From your prompt response to our request for services to your man swinging through our big elm tree, it's been a pleasure. Thank you!
Shirley R.

We are very pleased with all the Bartlett employees we have dealt with. From your prompt response to our request for services to your man swinging through our big elm tree, it's been a pleasure. Thank you!
Shirley R.

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