Bartlett provides expert tree service in Manlius, NY and this is what our Manlius customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a Manlius tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Pruning, Storm Damage, Tick Management, and Tree Inspections.

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What Our Manlius, NY Customers Are Saying

I appreciate Kasey's initiative, expertise, and that my project received prompt scheduling. My trees and lilacs look happy.
Mary F.

The Arborist Representative knew her stuff and made a couple of suggestions I had not considered. The crew did their work without interfering with my WFH job. I did come out and check out the progress a couple of times and did ask that they trim a little more on the Maple, which they did. Generally, I was really pleased with the work and the interactions with the Arborist and the crew. I would and will call Bartlett in the future should I need any other related services.
Walt A.

Kasey is great. She promptly responds when I have concerns about my trees and shrubs. She explains everything very well.
Joanna B.

Always friendly, polite, professional, and reliable.
Darlene F.

Always wonderfully responsive and committed to great service.
Joanne A.

Kasey is always quick to respond and very knowledgeable. She is great to work with. The crew is very cheerful, friendly, and efficient. I need to communicate to the office that when they are treating my Pine trees on the North side of the house, I would like a little more notice if possible so that I can tell my neighbor to close her windows and cover their pool. They have children and try not to use pesticides and our tall trees are near their pool. Thank you.
Joanna B.

Very neat, clean, and professional.
Andy B.

One of our neighbors, in the past, has expressed a concern about our spraying. When I am home, I make a point of this, and explain the situation to your service people. As always your service people are totally understanding and bend over backward to minimize any over spray to the neighbors property. I thank you for having truly professional service representatives.
Michael S.

Kasey was great, informative, and answered all our questions.
Nancy T.

Crew members worked together efficiently and with purpose. They were also careful around our porch and structures.
Angelo F.

Our Crabapple is now beautiful thanks to the treatments.
Carol S.

Kasey is excellent.
Irwin G.

Bartlett care is always professional and friendly.
Darlene F.

The work crew was very professional, careful, courteous, and tidy. They did an excellent job.
Doris S.

Kasey came out and did an initial inspection of the trees we needed trimming and took a look at the property. She diligently recorded all of our goals as well as our concern for protecting the property from any accidents during the major pruning. The fellows that came out and trimmed our trees did a fantastic job. They took out numerous large branches and limbs and carefully lowered each to the ground very carefully. The project was managed very well. Even though several giant mature trees received significant trims they looked great, not hacked up, after the crew left. Really tremendous job. Outstanding experience from beginning to end. Highly recommend Bartlett to anyone needing high-quality tree care and service.
Amanda K.

The arborist was fantastic and knowledgeable. I did not meet the crew that did the initial work as I was out of town that day. Cheers.
Mike K.

In my experience, Bartlett employees are always professional and courteous.
Darlene F.

All thoughtful, helpful, and considerate.
Joby S.

Kasey is the best, very easy to work with and your crews are very professional and friendly.
Keith S.

Kasey is very knowledgeable, professional, and responds quickly to questions and concerns.
Dan B.

Kasey Gabrielsen is always responsive, professional, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable. I believe that she is a genuine asset to the Bartlett team.
Andrew H.

Everyone is very competent and professional, a rarity these days.
Nathalie K.

Crew was hard working and did not slack off working with only a lunch break. Work was scheduled as promised and crew knew exactly what to do with only a brief walk through before starting. Crew arrived on time as scheduled. Job order description was thoroughly prepared and sufficiently detailed for crew to follow with little question. Have used Bartlett several times over the forty years we have had this property and each experience has been positive with work being done without problem.
David F.

Grateful for your personalized professional advice and your always courteous and professional partnership in preserving and caring for our trees.
Suzi H.

Everyone is pleasant and professional.
Andy B.

Adam was very knowledgeable, and I appreciated having someone with twenty five years of experience treating my trees. I hope he provides the service in the future.
David L.

good service, modest prices, and cleanup is complete when the job is done. entertaining to watch high wire acrobats perform without a net no extra charge.
Philip K.

We are 100% satisfied with your service. Bartlett's strength is its staff, courteous, knowledgeable, and skillful. We plan to continue to use Bartlett in the future.
Jeou K.

Great crew. Came out on a very wet and snowy day and did a terrific job.
Stephen W.

Kasey, Julian, and his team members are fantastic to work with. This is my first time working with Bartlett and I was very impressed with the great quality of the people and the service. Please continue your awesome customer service.
Danielle S.

Kasey gave me a much-needed and much wanted education about ways to improve the health of our trees and shrubs. Her approach did not feel like a sales pitch or pushy in any way. She did not make me feel bad for doing things differently prior to our meeting as some previous vendors had. We have entrusted Kasey and her team with the entire property less lawn maintenance and even with just the first visits in the year-long rejuvenation plan our bushes and trees look amazing. Julian and his trimming team took care to prune things by hand thoughtfully and properly. No electric weed wacker just cutting across a bush willy nilly. Can not wait to see the nine apple trees pruned. They will love the proper attention too. The investment in professional and proper landscape care is worth the fair price. Thank you. I appreciate that although Bartlett is a national company My Bartlett is locally managed. I got bids from local landscape teams and at first was hesitant about considering a chain. However, upon more research, I learned that Kasey is well known and well respected by other local landscape companies in our area, they would mention her by name. I will recommend Bartlett to my friends and neighbors.
Susan K.

Very courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. We are always very pleased with the planning and end results. We would not use any other service.
Sharon M.

Kasey is awesome. Office staff always efficient and professional.
Kathleen B.

Kasey the rep is first rate Awesome. Her team has shown up twice for me and the are one-time, clean, professional, and courteous. Just a great experience for tree pruning and removal. I wish other businesses treated my family and me like this. If you need the best for any tree work call Bartlett.
Jeremy S.

I found Kasey Gabrielsen very knowledge and personable to work with. I will use Bartlett again.
Ann F.

Job is always done to the customer’s satisfaction. I appreciate the follow up call. Very professional and excellent service.
Judy S.

Both the representative and three crew members were courteous and efficient. The trees were very large and dead, which could be very dangerous and they took them down very safely. I will also arrange for Bartlett to return for a fourth time to grind the stumps. I have been very happy with every step of the way. Thank you.
Howard B.

Kasey was knowledgeable and responsive. Crew was very professional yet friendly.
Neil R.

Professional, knowledgeable group. The service was outstanding.
Karen S.

Kasey, you and Julian and his team are great to work with. I look forward to having Bartlett provide additional services in the near future.
Danielle S.

Kasey and Julian and his team are great to work with. I look forward to having Bartlett provide additional services in the near future. Thank you.
Danielle S.

The crew were professional and friendly. I was impressed with the overall quality and efficiency of the work.
Michael C.

Kasey was very knowledgeable and approachable. I also appreciated how accessible she was. With two little ones, sometimes its much easier to coordinate through text and she was open to that. We were out of town while the work was completed, and Kasey thoughtfully texted us pictures of the finished results. The photos gave us peace of mind and we were very appreciative. We would definitely recommend Kasey and Bartlett in the future.
Kara Y.

Kasey is very professional, helpful, and accommodating. She did a great job and followed up with us to be sure we were satisfied. The crew was also courteous and did a great job.
Lisa H.

Kasey is absolutely wonderful, professional, and very knowledgeable. It was real nice to get to deal with someone like her.
Hugh R.

Courteous and complete. Good people who obviously love their jobs.
James T.

Kasey is absolutely wonderful, professional, and very knowledgeable. It was real nice to get to deal with someone like her.
Hugh R.

Bartlett's staff members either on the phone or at my property have always been friendly and professional.
Darlene F.

I appreciate the speedy follow up on My spider mites.
Howard P.

As always, work was done efficiently and professionally. Have posted same comments on your Facebook page. I highly recommend you.
Suzi H.

All have been very professional and friendly. Our next door neighbor was concerned with our tree spraying. Our trees border their property. Your staff did an excellent job in assuring that the spray was contained to our property. Thanks again.
Michael S.

Your crew exhibited a range of qualities. Expert, trees look great, athletic, like watching an international circus, neat, the yard looks better than before they started. One member saw me moving logs to the woodpile, jumped off his tractor, picked up the chain saw and removed the branch in the way of making this hunk into useful firewood. They are well rehearsed, always in visual communication when they can not be heard, so they stay safe doing dangerous work. Whole process was a pleasure as were the results.
Philip K.

They were professional, very friendly, and easy to deal with. Kasey offered varied solutions to my tree trimming needs and answered any questions I had.
Michael S.

Kasey was prompt, empathetic, and knowledgeable. The three men with her were safety-conscious, quick, and quiet. The man in the bucket was adept at handling the chainsaw. I had concerns about anyone working so close to the power line but it was never a problem. I can not believe how long I put off calling to have the large branch on my roof removed. Kasey came over within days of my phone call, respected my property, daycare children napping, and gave me an estimate on the spot. When I texted that I was losing sleep over the damage that could happen every windy night she texted right back and scheduled my job for as soon as she was back in my area. The whole job was done in less than two hours. I would heartily recommend this crew for any tree related work.
Jan S.

Kasey and her crews did a wonderful job, I could not be happier. Very prompt and professional, easy to work with, punctual emails to confirm details. I am very appreciative.
Heidi V.

Everyone at Bartlett has been helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. I am always pleased with the results.
Darleen F.

Kasey was wonderful and knowledgeable. She was excellent and so were the workers that did the job. I always tell people about Bartlett.
Marie D.

Kasey and all the staff have been very professional and respond quickly to all questions and requests. The crew members do a great job and I am always confident in their work. In addition, they appear to follow all safety procedures, which is very important to us.
Craig M.

We have used Bartlett for many years. Tom Mullarney has been extremely helpful in maintaining our trees and plants. Your crews are always well trained and leave the yard clean when they have finished the job. We have recommended your firm to others.
Susan C.

Tom is always professional and honest. My trees look great and adds to the curb appeal.
Chuck D.

The unmatched professionalism, experience, and education is invaluable to me and maintaining my property. Those who service my property are the best in the field.
Joanna J.

We love Tom for his expertise, good nature, and endless patience to address our questions. We are also favorably impressed with the crew who always let us know when they arrive, answer any questions we pose, and leave the property looking as though they were never here, except that the property looks greatly improved.
Pat D.

All staff, especially Tom Mullarney, have been terrific.
David S.

We love Tom for his expertise, good nature, and seemingly endless patience to address our seemingly endless questions about trees. We are also favorably impressed with the staff and crew who always let us know when they arrive, answer any questions we pose, and leave the property looking as though they were never here, except that the property looks greatly improved. Great job pruning the European birch.
Patrick D.

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