Bartlett provides expert tree service in Southlake, TX and this is what our Southlake customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a Southlake tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Cabling and Bracing, Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Pruning, Tree Removal, and Tree Risk Assessments.

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What Our Southlake, TX Customers Are Saying

Thanks for always taking great care of us.
Mary S.

Special thanks to Jeremy Patterson, our arborist, who has been helping us keep our property maintained and beautiful for over fifteen years Thanks, Jeremy. We are looking forward to continuing our relationship with Bartlett.
Perry N.

Excellent job.
K. Karjalainen

We have always had success with Alpine and now Bartlett. Jeremy Patterson is a pleasure to work with. He knows what he is doing and keeps our trees looking strong and healthy. His crew pays attention to detail and makes sure the canopies look great. Kudos.
Greg and Diane F.

Crew was excellent, attentive to needs, and very courteous.
Karen O.

Everybody is great.
Glenn and Amy H.

Always fantastic. Thank you.
Tom M.

Jeremy and the crew are very professional and experience at what they do. Absolutely a great experience and a job well done.
Don R.

Jeremy is always very responsive, and professional, thank you.
Chuck J.

Your team has been A+. Jeremy was excellent, and the crew that performed the labor was top notch. Good value. Your website is great, all around fantastic. Really great working with you guys. Thank you.
Matthew C.

Keep sending Michael Smith to all your customers. He is awesome. Excellent work. Very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. Been working with Michael Smith before the merger and service is still exceptional.
Asim G.

Great Job.
John R.

Great service, very responsive, very professional, Wish all contractors were this professional.
Gary H.

Jeremy is the best and has been working with us for over a dozen years. He knows our property better than we do and we appreciate his knowledge and advice and recommendations.
Perry N.

Crew was very diligent to make sure all of the dead limbs were trimmed and removed. Removed a dead limb from neighbors' tree which was hanging over my driveway. Did an excellent job of clean up. Let me know if they saw any issues or recommendations. Have selected your team for the past twenty plus years. Continues to be a great business to work with.
Kurt S.

Very professional, friendly, and helpful.
Martha R.

Jeremy is always very responsive, thank you.
Chuck J.

It was an excellent customer experience. This team never disappoints. Jeremy is outstanding, treating the job as if he was working at his own house. I always trust his recommendations.
Gary S.

you are a pleasure to work with.
Mark M.

The crew members were outstanding. They got my approval before each step of the job was done. The yard was left in great condition. Good advice was given on delaying some actions. I would recommend Bartlett to anyone who asked me.
Dan G.

A pleasure to work with. Jeremy is very thorough, Martin and the crew were excellent and so conscientious they even skimmed the small amount of leaves from the pool.
Hilary P.

As always, Jeremy is great to work with and the crew did the job very well.
Debbie L.

Tree removal, and tree pruning were well done on time, and professionally executed. Cleanup was thorough.
Norman H.

Not enough good things to say about these guys. They exceeded expectations.
Allen C

Jeremy is the best. He came out a year ago to look at a tree with freeze damage. He could have pushed for a sale a year ago but advised to wait a year. I realize we had a small job but I really appreciate the service and partnership.
Mat Allen

Overall the service was exceptional. Great advice on where to remove trees and well-executed. There was just a delay in following up on the stump grinding, but when they did, the crew was quick and thorough.
Bret K.

Good experience. Would recommend to neighbors and friends.
Angela K.

Everyone is very friendly and professional. My first choice anytime I need tree care and maintenance.
Greg R.

First class team.
David S.

Every interaction I have had with a Bartlett has been fabulous. I literally do not have one bit of negative feedback. Super happy with all our services performed.
Dusti K.

Jeremy and the Bartlett crew do great work. They are on time, do what they say they are going to do, and handle everything with the highest standards of care, safety and professionalism. I highly recommend the Bartlett team for any of your needs related to trees and plants.
Rob M.

Great job.
David and Karen P.

Tech arrived on time, professional and friendly. Compliments to all the staff from admin, tech, and Jeremy. Appreciate honest up-front pricing, plus trees look better.
Gary H.

I love this crew. Jeremy is always great at helping me decide what to do with my trees and the crew that comes is so upbeat and they do an excellent job not only trimming the trees, but also cleaning up. You can not tell they have been there in a good way.
Marissa E.

I love this crew. Jeremy is always great at helping me decide what to do with my trees and the crew that comes is so upbeat, nice, and they do an excellent job not only trimming the trees, but also cleaning up. You can not tell they have been there in a good way.
Marissa E.

It was an excellent customer experience. I highly recommend Jeremy and the Bartlett team.
Gary S.

Jeremy came and gave us a bid for service, did everything promised and cleaned up all debris before leaving our home, we were very pleased.
Don B.

Everyone from the company were friendly, hard workers, professional, and came when they said they were coming. Love this company.
Larry and Paula M.

Could not be happier with your team and your customer service.
Jan E.

You did a great job.
Dale S.

Well done, Friendly, and happy customer.
Barry and Barbara J.

Everything was well done. Knowledgeable and friendly. Will use again.
Robert C.

Crew was great and worked hard nonstop. Always a pleasure working with Jeremy. Office staff was very responsive. Bartlett and Alpine is my go to organization when it comes to my trees.
Don S.

I have been a loyal customer for years and will continue to be. All staff is very knowledgeable, friendly, and professional. All recommended service and care of my trees by Jeremy has been spot on and only made my trees more healthy and beautiful.
Gretta O.

Easy to work with, knowledgeable staff. Great experience.
Tony H.

Exceptional service. Kyle Ables rep and crew who came exceeded all expectations in all areas.
Jay A.

Bartlett Tree did a wonderful job. Very large project. The property site lines are greatly improved. Highly recommend them to any and everyone.

The work was done as promised and on time. Great job on the cleanup. Very well done.
Skip R.

There might have been a misunderstanding on stump grinding. The Tree Cutters did a magnificent job of cutting down the Cedar trees and the other trees and turning them into sawdust. I believe they thought the Cedar tree stumps would be grown down. Believing that they left a little mess around the area where all the Cedar trees were located. Jeremy came over and we agreed to have the stumps grown down I agreed to the additional cost which I believe will clean up that area nicely. As of today I am very happy with Alpine-Bartlett Tree Experts. Jeremy Patterson is a Keeper. He is responsive to all my calls and questions. Great Guy.
Gene H.

Very conscientious and caring about making property look good. Another year of good work.
Debbie L

Best arborists and crews around.
Tammi G.

Your staff was exceptional. Very pleased with all of the work and will recommend you to everyone possible. When we need your help we will certainly contact you again. Thank you for an exceptional job.
C.A .W.

Jeremy does a great job in the walk around to explain the services got what I asked for and paid for.
Barry and Barbara J.

Wesley did an outstanding job, I told my husband how professional the whole experience was. The crew was also excellent. I will definitely be using your company from here on. It is nice to see a company that offers such excellent service. Thank you.
Scott and Kathy Q.

I have recommended Wesley Rivers and your crew to my many neighbors and friends. He is easy to work with and I love that he takes time to educate me on what needs to be done for my trees and why.
Michelle F.

Jeremy Patterson is fantastic. His knowledge is second to none and he always takes time to fully explain his recommendations for the work he suggests we do. He is a great asset for your company.
Rob M.

Wesley Rivers was great. Knowledgeable, helpful, and communicative. Very happy with the service.
Vin O.

Always professional and nice.
Helen D.

Pleased, as always, with everyone we worked with to get a rogue broken branch down.
Rebecca P.

Wes is always very professional and helpful with suggestions. Enjoy speaking to him. The Trimming crew were very diligent and friendly. They always checked to see if the trimming was what I expected. Did a great job cleaning up afterwards. Have enjoyed hiring Bartlett crews over the years.
Kurt S.

The tech who came for the first application and treatment described to me what he was going to do and was open to my questions and desire to watch him as he worked. A very pleasant experience for me. This was a first step in treating our tree. I am optimistic that the treatment scheme will restore the health of it.
Don K.

Wesley Rivers is absolutely amazing. His congeniality is combined with an unfailing expertise that I know I can rely on to take the best possible care of my precious trees. Without exception your company has provided the best people to the best job possible, both administratively and in the field. I have actually asked some of your people how their company manages to find such great employees.
Patty D.

The crews did an outstanding job of removing the huge Oak tree. The stump grinding crew was also impressive. The tree trimmers did a great job. Hopefully the fertilization will help the trees this year. All the crews were respectful of the property and did a great clean up after their work. I appreciate your recommendations and follow through on the job. We will definitely use Bartlett in the future.
Neal A.

Had tree trimming today, so my comments are for both the soil sampling and tree trimming. Wes was fantastic, and incredibly knowledgeable. The crew was very professional and everything looks great. I checked no for the recommend box only because I already recommended them to my son in law who is having tree service tomorrow. Plan to have you back in a couple years.
Ralph S.

Wes and his team did a great job trimming many trees at our house. Really amazed at how much they can get done in just a day. The whole team was very knowledgeable. We were concerned other companies might hack all the trees back, but Wes and team built the plan around what we wanted done and what the trees needed.
Drew S.

Michael Smith has been great to work with, knowledgeable, responsive, and easy to work with.
Brent R.

The guys were very professional and pleasant.
David C.

Jeremy was very nice to work with, professional, and knowledgeable. Great job. Very pleased. Thank you.
Gretchen M.

Wes is knowledgeable and does a great job overseeing the work. We highly recommend him and Bartlett.
Marilyn B.

I have recommended Wesley Rivers many times to friends and acquaintances as someone who is very knowledgeable, but who can also communicate his knowledge in a way that I can understand and feel confident in our plan of action.
Michelle F.

Your crews are always polite and very efficient. They do not waste any time and they always clean up any debris.
Ed K.

Jeremy and his team always know how to make our trees look great and stay healthy. Thank you.
Greg and Diane F.

They were experts in handling large limbs, carefully bringing them to the ground without damage to the tree or my house. They made clean cuts on the tree, leaving it looking better than it has in years. They did the work safely. They would put a group of cowboys or sailors to shame with their expert use of ropes. I will hire them again for any other tree services I need.
David C.

Have used Bartlett and predecessor for years and Jeremy has always done a great job making sure our yard gets great care.
Debbie L.

All went well, happy with the job, thanks.
Tony D.

Jeremy, thank you so much for trimming our trees. They look great and the guys were so professional.
Michelle C.

All personnel were courteous and prompt. Arborist, W. Rivers, was knowledgeable and very helpful in explaining issues and what corrective action he recommended.
Sherman P.

Very knowledgeable. Crew very hard working and efficient. I definitely felt I got my money’s worth and will be a repeat customer.
Dan E.

Wes was awesome. Extremely knowledgeable specifically about our neighborhood. His guidance was very much appreciated plus we received a quote in a very timely manner, within three days. We and the service person for the growth regulator were both on time, very professional and courteous, excellent customer service. Thanks.
John and Fay K.

Team did a nice job from quote to tree work done. Nice job.
Richard S.

We have worked with Wesley for years. His knowledge and work ethic has been instrumental in helping us keep our trees happy and healthy which has not been an easy job. We appreciate and value him very much.
Heather A.

I was a little worried when I saw Bartlett bought Alpine Tree Service. In my experience Alpine was the top tree service in DFW. I am happy to say the quality seems to have remained high. While I use Bartlett for the care the arborist gives my trees, the after job clean up is outstanding and a major reason I am a repeat customer.
Chuck L.

Great job by everyone. I highly recommend Bartlett.
Dale S.

Jeremy was very helpful and friendly.
Julia W.

Service was professional. Will not know success of treatment for some time.
Tay L.

Wesley Rivers is a pleasure to work with. He is prompt, professional, knowledgeable, and creative. An asset to your firm. Your work crews are well-trained, properly equipped, safety-minded, efficient, and extremely courteous and cheerful. It is clear Bartlett takes good care of its people.
Bryan H.

We had the pleasure of working with Wesley Rivers. Wesley inspected our property, thoroughly reviewed the findings and remedies and scheduled all of the work professionally and timely. He is extremely knowledgeable and a very positive extension of Bartlett.
Jack R.

Friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous. Perfect. Need slightly better communication through email with perhaps automatic responses letting us know you received an email. Apparently your spam filters are a little too aggressive, as I wound up in junk when I replied to a message from you.
Ron B.

Wesley is very knowledgeable and he has done so much to improve the health of the trees on our property (including saving an ailing Post Oak). This time he found scale on our Crape Myrtle and spider mites on our Pond Cypress.These trees mean a lot to us and Wesley knows that. I highly recommend him and his work.
Tammi G.

Very knowledgeable.
Ahmed E.

Wesley was very knowledgeable and thorough when diagnosing our landscape issues. We look forward to seeing healthier trees in the future and are hopeful we can have them thriving soon.
Julie W.

The person who came out to grind my stump was excellent, very professional and did a great job.
Pippa L.

Jeremy was very helpful in deciding what to trim back and what to leave. Great experience.
Paul H.

Jeremy was fantastic. He was very knowledgeable about our trees and the best way to care for them.
Deonne S.

Excellent planning, trimming, and removal. Professional workers and supervision. Highly recommend.
Jim D.

Very professional and courteous. Always had an answer for my multitude of questions regarding my large Ash trees. Great service.
Lyle W.

Everyone took great care of our property. We would not call anyone else to take care of our trees.
Rebecca P.

Wes Rivers is always knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. Always impressed and grateful for his help.
Deanna D.

We use Bartlett because of Jeremy. We have been using him for years and will continue.
Vanessa H.

Jeremy and his crew have always handled our business in a professional and safe manner.
Shane and Kathy A.

Wesley Rivers is awesome. He is so knowledgeable, pleasant to talk to, easy to reach, services are delivered in a timely manner.
Jonni F.

Very responsive and helped me understand what pruning made sense given my objectives and the need to ensure health of the trees.
Craig R.

Everything was very professional and the crew did a great job.
Joanne I.

Jeremy and all three crew members did an amazing job. Love doing business with Bartlett and Jeremy. They are the best.
Mark and Julie L.

Excellent work by the whole Alpine Bartlett team.
Mike H.

I have had experience with Arborists previously in owning fourteen homes and several commercial buildings. Mr Rivers exceeds all others I have know in knowledge, courtesy, and communication. Since our first contact we have recommended Bartlett and Wes Rivers. We know our son and our friend were very pleased with his service.
Frank Allen

Wes Rivers represents your company extremely well.
Mark Theilken

Jeremy and his crew keep our trees healthy and looking good. Thank you.
Greg and Diane Feldkamp

Wesley Rivers is one of the nicest and most professional person we have ever met. He is always upbeat, has a can do attitude, polite, and always ready to research and solve any problem we may be having. Additionally, the young man named James who comes out to spray is also very helpful, polite, and energetic. Oh, and the guys that do the pruning, they are very detailed and leave the property cleaner than they found it. General Comments: We will stick with Bartlett/Alpine!
Robert and Cindy Hughes

Jeremy and his crew are excellent. I can always trust Jeremy for an honest opinion on which trees need to be trimmed, removed, and to what degree. The crew members are polite, clean up after themselves, efficient, and are quite skilled. Everyone I have met on the team was friendly and has a great attitude.
Marissa E.

Wesley has always been very helpful. James was extremely courteous and knowledgeable. I appreciate your service.
Ann B.

Wes, James, and the crew are great. Wes is the reason we use Bartlett. He truly cares.
David B.

Excellent service.
Tom S.

Jeremy has been my go-to-guy when I have tree questions. He always delivers and his crews are the best, hands down.
Bill R.

Wes is a very cordial teacher, who strives to be very informative without being didactic. We are fortunate that as an expert in his field he does not hide behind the technical side of his practice, rather he helps us to understand it. The fellow that did the application was also cordial and very accommodating and thorough.
Frank A.

Very satisfied. Always courteous and always leave a clean job site.
Scott C.

I have been working with Alpine since I moved to Southlake. They have always provided the service requested and the crews have also been the most courteous. I am glad to see with the transition to Bartlett, this has not changed. I have a great respect for Wes and his knowledge.
Kurt S.

Jeremy has done our yard for years. We trust his advice and judgement. What he recommends, the team executes very well and cleans up after the job. We try to have them check annually just to keep the trees healthy and looking good.
Debbie L.

I appreciate Wesley's prompt and knowledgeable service. I would recommend him to anyone who needs help with their trees.
Michelle F.

Comments about Arborist Representative: Wesley was very knowledgeable!! I have recommended him to someone I work with already.
Louis Corna

I trust Wesley and appreciate his periodic inspections of my trees so that he can stay on top of any services they may need.
Michael C.

Recent tree trimming was done very professionally. Price was reasonable and the experience was outstanding.
Kathy M.

Jeremy is the best. He understands how and when to trim trees. He ensures the trees are healthy and look good. His crew is responsive and pays attention to detail.
Diane F.

Just wanted to let you know you and your guys did a great job trimming the trees prior to all the storms. While we had a couple of green limbs fall from the top of the Elm that had already lost some limbs, near the drive way. We did not have any large dead limbs fall. Your guys got them all. The yard and the trees weathered the storms well with only small branches to pickup. Thanks for the great work.
John R.

All have been professional and courteous.
Doris N.

Jeremy has always been very helpful and has been quick to respond to my requests. He has been thorough in explaining information about our trees and why he has suggested specific tree services for our yard. The crew that came out and removed trees and ground the stumps have been very professional and friendly.
Martha R.

Your staff was awesome. Great service and you would never have known they were here. Fantastic clean up. A big thank you to Jeremy and your company.
David and Renee H.

We appreciate the professionalism of all we have come in contact with, including Wesley and the crew.
Jim B.

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