Bartlett provides expert tree service in Grapevine, TX and this is what our Grapevine customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a Grapevine tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Cabling and Bracing, Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Pruning, Tree Removal, and Tree Risk Assessments.

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What Our Grapevine, TX Customers Are Saying

Knowledgeable, friendly, and accommodating.
Lisa R.

Everyone, from the office staff, to the tree trimming crew, to Micheal who came out to assess our trees, have been so professional and courteous. Micheal answered all our questions, valid and silly, and we will not go to anyone else.
JoeAnn S.

Michael Smith is excellent and always has been. The crew was courteous, did a great job, including cleanup.
Bill B.

Excellent service. Professional.
Joseph H.

Your arborists are always helpful. Thank them for their expertise.
Katherine R.

The crew, including Michael were rock stars.
Danny M.

Michael is very knowledgeable and great to work with.
Susan S.

Outstanding service and cleanup. Professional, friendly, and knowledgeable. We will continue to use Bartlett for all our tree service needs.
Annette and Dave J.

All were very friendly and hard working. We have had excellent service for many years now. Do not know of anyone better.
Dan M.

Showed up on time. Cleaned up after themselves. Even raked up most of the acorns. Can not get them all, I find them everywhere. Friendly. Took time to answer all my questions.
Sandra W.

Bartlett’s professional courtesy sets this group apart. Truly a great and kind experience on all fronts. I highly recommend Michael Smith. Exceedingly knowledgeable, but what sets him above the rest is his noble courtesy. Professional, kind, personal, and strong. Highly recommend. Thank you Bartlett. Your team removed the threat of our dead tree potentially falling on our neighbor’s house and you did it with exceptional quality.
Jennifer R.

We are always happy to see and speak with Javier. He takes great pride in his work.
Sandy H.

Bartlett is simply the best. The workers were friendly, polite, and did an excellent job. We are very pleased with a job well done. Michael is always knowledgeable, friendly, and we appreciate his knowledge and helpful hints he passes onto us. The one and only call we make for our 120 year plus trees is to Bartlett. You get what you pay for quality service.
Pat S.

Mike and the crew did a great job. Thank you.
Keith R.

Have used them for years. One time they came out right after a storm and advised us on whether we could salvage a live Oak that had lost a big branch. Michael Smith was watching my 10-year-old son clear some of the more manageable pieces and spent time with him showing him the right way to cut and use his saw. Genuinely good and honest people. Fair prices, not cheap. And experts at making sure trees are healthy for a long time. Do not use anyone who just swings by and offers their services. Tree trimming is a science, so call on real pros.
Mike L.

Appreciate the availability of your arborist, Michael. He is smart, courteous, and professional.
Gloria C.

We always get courteous service. After the job is done, the cleanup is so good you can not tell it was done.
Bruce and Melanie S.

Grateful for you guys.
Earl and Michelle G.

You were all wonderful.
Marge M.

Everyone I dealt with was responsive and knowledgeable. The crew made sure everything was taken care of to my satisfaction prior to leaving.
Richard P.

The tress look great.
Joe P.

Everything was great. Efficient and respectful.
Heidi H.

Everyone involved did a great job. Michael explained everything very well to me regarding the need to cable one of my trees. Very pleased with Bartlett.
Barbara N.

Everyone was extremely courteous, answered all our questions. This is our second time to use Bartlett and will continue as well to refer your company.
Grace N.

I noticed that all your staff was professional. Also they were happy with the work and with each other.
Mary Ann K.

Everyone I talked with, Michael, Jen in the office, and the super competent dude with the chain saw were all very nice, very accommodating. When they had finished the trimming I asked them to do some more in the tree over the pool and they did not hesitate. It was extra work for them and not one limb went in the pool. Very happy. Trees look better than ever.
Lisa N.

Very nice and accommodating. Listened to my input all along the way.
Janet B.

Michael Smith was great to work with.
Zachary W.

I always feel listened to and safe with the crew members.
Sharon P.

Michael, our arborist, is the best.
Marianne R.

Kyle was excellent.
John and Susan C.

Michael and crew saved the day after a small tornado hit our street. I am not sure what my neighbors or I would have done without their immediate help.
Tara M.

Could not have been better. Very happy with the staff and crew.
Barbara O.

All has been very good. Our arborist Michael, to the crew members, to the office staff, Bartlett is very nice to work with for our tree needs. Bartlett always does a great job. We have been using their services for many years.
Robbie F.

Michael Smith is kind, prompt, and clear in his communications. Very professional.
Lisa G.

Michael is wonderful to work with again. I really appreciate the way you all do business.
Jolie M.

All service was great. I have used you all for years.
Mike T.

All positive.
George L.

I have used this company for several years and they absolutely rock. A special shout out to Michael Smith. The team that actually does the work is also absolutely amazing. Thank you all.
Lock C.

Matt M.

All was fine. Always courteous, and thankful for using Bartlett Services.
Larry F.

When I visit with Missy at the office, she is always helpful, cheerful, and ready to answer my questions. I do not ever dread making a call. Our new arborist, Michael, is quick to respond to questions and patient with my questions when he is on site. His crew for tree trimming and fertilizing are great. They are careful in the felling of large branches, they were very careful of a big tree swing, a favorite of my grandchildren. They let us know when they arrive and when they are leaving. The whole Bartlett team is so professional and courteous.
Jeff M.

You guys came and did a ton of work on several trees in my front and back yard. I was so impressed with not only the work itself, but the fact that the property was totally cleaned up before your crew left. They even cleaned out all of the leaves and branches that fell into my pool.
Tara M.

I can not think of anything that needs changing or improving. Very courteous, timely, and professional. The Arborist is very knowledgeable.
Gerald W.

Emilio, Ernesto, and Oscar were excellent. Very professional, efficient, and left the job site spotless. I will request them by name next time.
Scott S.

Wesley has been my go-to arborist for both our personal home and our rental properties for five or six years. He is knowledgeable, courteous, and generous with his time even as busy as he is. He loves trees and tries to put their needs first but always listens to and works with owners and their needs and concerns as well. Most recently I accepted a proposal he sent but my husband wanted to modify it. Wesley came back out and was able to explain to him the reason for the proposal as offered and still move in his direction to his satisfaction. I was very grateful. I hope you pay him well. The crews are always careful, courteous, and helpful. And if the cuts they make do not meet my concerns they will cut again, always checking with Wesley if they think it might be too much. Again, I am grateful.
Suzanne A.

Wesley Rivers is great. He provides good information, makes recommendations, and always follows through.
Debbie E.

Wesley was very courteous and professional . Your crew chief was professional and friendly.
Bob S.

Wesley is superb.
Ken B.

Wesley was super helpful, knowledgeable, and kind. He took time to explain the needs of my trees and worked with me to break the job into two parts due to my budget concerns. Highly recommend.
Denise B.

Wesley was incredibly knowledgeable out my trees and took the time to explain the different tree types and what to look for. Would definitely recommend and use again.
Elizabeth H.

Thank you so much for a job well done by a crew that was top notch. We love the "haircut" our trees received, it looks so beautiful out there.
Matt and Lisa G.

Jeremy was great to deal with and the crew did an excellent job cleaning up our trees which were long overdue for some attention. Alpine/ Bartlett have done other work for us at other locations and have always done a great job.
Jim and Leann M.

Wesley, Emilio, Jose, and Joe were very knowledgeable and courteous. The trees look great, and they did not leave a trace of debris behind in the areas they worked in.
Matt and Lisa G.

Great Job.
Bob C.

Michael is consistently in delivering great service. His knowledge is amazing, his vision and execution is great to watch. As long as he can be my arborist I will always come back.
Matt M.

We have had Jeremy for years and would not use anyone else. He is excellent and we enjoy working with him.
Ed and Peggy S.

Very professional in all respects. Cleanup, was exceptional. Thanks for all the great work.
Edward C.

Bartlett always does a great job with trimming and treating the trees at our house. Our representative Wesley Rivers always explains things clearly so we understand the recommendations for making a decision about the work to be done.
Robbie F.

The staff , crew members, and arborist gave excellent customer service. Well satisfied.
Toni W.

Wesley Rivers did a great job on my tree removal. He took time to explain how these trees grew where none were actually planted. Hackberry.
Steven T.

Your staff is professional in all they do, Wesley is very helpful and knowledgeable, thanks for such a wonderful service.
Mike and Cather T.

Wesley was wonderful to work with, he was very responsive and honest with what needed to be done with my trees, he did not try to upscale and in fact, told me that I did not need to cut down a tree that I thought might be damaged. The front office staff are so accommodating and nice. I highly recommend Bartlett.
Karen H.

Excellent service I have always been 100% satisfied.
Ken B.

Wesley was very knowledgeable as to the type of trimming which needed to be done and the implementation of it by the crew was spot on.
Angel S.

Everyone I dealt with was professional and went the Extra Mile to take care of my needs.
Sharon R.

I appreciated how nicely the crew cleaned up the yard after trimming my two Cotton Wood trees. Thanks Wesley for your expert advice for taking care of my trees.
Karen H.

Wesley is so knowledgeable and explains everything very thoroughly. The office staff is always very helpful and friendly.
Robbie F.

Everyone was very polite and they did a very nice job.
Candace L.

Michael Smith was the best. I have used other tree services in the past, and now that will end. I will be using you for all my properties and refer anyone who asks to Bartlett. Michael was so knowledgeable on all plants on my property and helpful even after the crazy freeze we had about what to look out for. I was truly blown away by his level of customer service and knowledge, I can not stress that enough.
Matt M.

Wesley has been so attentive and informative with what our trees needed. The lady who called to schedule the treatment was pleasant and professional. James who applies the treatments is always on time and responsive. We have recommended your services to two other friends in the area.
Gloria C.

Wes is always helpful and does not mind answering my many questions. Tree trimmers were courteous and cleaned up as best they could considering it started raining pretty hard.
Linda G.

Wesley went above and beyond in calling Oncor on our behalf and helping us get through to management to get a trim scheduled with them. When we finally got that done, his crew was here immediately to do the work, and they got rid of all the mess that Oncor left behind too.
Kristen M.

I chose Bartlett due to my experience with Gareth Harrier while a member of the Cross Timbers Urban Forestry Council. I found him to be very knowledgeable, honest, devoted to a high standard of performance and giving back to his community. I will continue to recommend Bartlett to anyone I feel could use their services. A professional organization.
Pat F.

Wes and his three-man crew did another awesome job at my home. Bartlett is fortunate to have these former Alpine Tree Service people. They are so well-coordinated that I love to watch them work. I even took movies when they took down my giant Oak tree in the back yard. My daughter also depends on Wes to take care of her many trees in Hidden Lake subdivision.
Virginia L.

Wes was reliable and responsive. The crew did a great job with cleanup.
D'Ray M.

Michael is always terrific. We have had him on our property multiple times. We trust his advice completely. We know he will help our trees live their best life.
Sarah R.

This was my first experience with Bartlett Tree Experts and I am so pleased I found them. Upon their arrival, I was introduced to Tree Experts, Emilio, Joe and Jose. These people have been well trained and they knew how to prune my trees with precision and discernment. My trees look gorgeous and I know they will regenerate with healthy balance and shape. Early on, Emilio offered me the option to move my car from the garage to the street in case I needed it since debris would block my driveway as they worked. The communication with these people was excellent and they were always very courteous. Upon completion, my yard was tidier than when they first arrived. Jeff arrived to grind tree stumps for a couple of trees I had removed. It was late in the day and I know he must have been tired. He never showed it, though. Instead, he made the task look easy, competed it masterfully and was pleasant with me the entire time. It is apparent that Jeff appreciates his work with Bartlett. Wesley Rivers is responsible for selling Bartlett Tree Services to me and, for the first time, I understand proper tree care and pruning. He is extremely knowledgeable and answered my every question and concern. I have Bartlett Tree Services scheduled this coming spring to eliminate pests that have been damaging some of my trees. I look so forward to seeing how beautiful it all looks next summer. I would encourage any homeowner to invite Bartlett Tree Services for a visit and free estimate. It will be well worth your time and money if you choose to have them serve you.
Vicki H.

Wesley is very responsive to our requests. His recommendations have improved our trees. The crew has always shown up when they said they would. Clean up was good.
Gloria C.

Amazing, dependable, knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. Have been doing my yards for over a decade. The best around. Would not put my trees in any other hands.
Trisha A.

Wesley was very easy to work with. The crew members who did the actual work worked hard while they were here and did a great job. It was our third time to use Alpine/Bartlett, and we plan to use them again when the need arises.
Eric and Nancy P.

Wes has been our rep for many seasons and is always professional and courteous and has resolved any questions or concerns we have had. We highly recommend him.
Richard Y.

Wesley was great. The crew was friendly and professional.
Cooper P.

Wesley is excellent as usual.
Bill B.

Everyone who came that day were very courteous and helpful. Your company handled my tree removal in a very professional manor thank you.
Alexandra E.

Wesley was the consummate professional.
Chris M.

Wesley Rivers is to be commended on his focus to customer satisfaction. We will definitely be in contact with him for future needs. I have his card and will gladly refer prospects to him. The work crew did an excellent job removing and cutting the tree. The individual that removed the stump was just as great. I hated having to let go of that beautiful Oak, but for the safety and health of our other trees it had to be removed.
Margie L.

We always appreciate Wes's knowledge and advice about our trees. I was really impressed by how clean our yard was after our recent tree trimming service. There was not one single leaf left laying in our yard. Thank you for upholding a high standard of quality from your crew.
Eric T.

All knowledgeable and professional. Crew listened to what we wanted, then carefully did what we requested. Will use Bartlett again.
Peggy M.

Great Job.
John H.

Wesley is Great.
Carl U.

Great service.
Edna G.

Everyone I have dealt with has been so nice and professional. James, who treats our trees, is great, willing to take his time to explain what he is doing and what to expect. Great company to work with. Our first interaction with Bartlett was with Wesley Rivers. He is great, really knows his stuff. And we appreciated his recommendations.
Jeannie B.

Michael Smith, our arborist and his tree trimming crew were wonderful to work with. Michael is knowledgeable and an excellent communicator. He took the time to explain why they trim trees in certain ways for the health of the tree and safety of everyone involved. He worked with us to lift the canopy on a very large Oak tree in the front yard and trim up a neighbors tree in the backyard, that was hanging over our fence and pool. The men doing the actual tree work were on time, used proper equipment and safety ropes. They removed all the trimmed tree branches and cleaned up the yard and driveway nicely. The work was top notch and we appreciate it.
Kathy S.

Wesley was very knowledgeable about the needs of our trees. The guys who trimmed the trees left the premises neater the it was when they started. Our back lot looks fantastic now.
Mike and Terry C.

Wes is great. He has helped us on previous projects as well. The two men who came to do the trimming work were very courteous. They did a great job.
Debbie Edgren

Michael is wonderful and knowledgeable. Prices are higher with Alpine/Bartlett, but we trust them completely with our property and know they will always do a great job.
Sarah R.

Michael and the gentleman that did my fertilizer for the trees did a great job.
Elliot and Karla S.

Bartlett Tree Experts is a very professional and trustworthy company. We have used them in the past and will definitely use them again in the future.Michael was very informative and was here the day of the tree trimming to consult with his team.
Frank B.

Everybody was really great. The job was to remove a tree on top of a flagstone retaining wall. I wish somebody including myself had thought to put a bag of mulch or something on the top of the wall where the tree trunk would hit to avoid chipping the wall. Just an idea for future use.
Barbara N.

I have been happy working with Jeremy for at least fifteen years. The crew is friendly, efficient, and knowledgeable. They have taken care of all of my property. I would not trust my trees to anyone else.
Trisha A.

Wes is very responsive and helpful. And I have spoken several times over the phone with Missy, she is also very customer focused and friendly. Good service, I can always count on you guys. Keep doing it.
Wade Hiney

Comments about Arborist Representative: I respect Wesley Rivers’ assessments and suggestions
Greg Hidalgo

Very professional. Attentive to the homeowner's needs and requests. As of now, the job is still not complete, as we are still waiting on the stump grinding. Wes is keeping us informed as to when we might expect completion.
George C.

I respect Wesley Rivers. His assessments and suggestions are great.
Greg H.

Very good communication and service at our house through the years.
Robbie F.

I have worked with Wes before, he definitely knows what he is talking about. He is very knowledgeable, good service, very reliable, I trust them for all my tree service needs.
Wade H.

Wes is Fantastic. He came out to survey our needs. Showed up at my house with the crew. Reviewed everything with me and the crew. Returned later that morning to insure all was going well. The crew took extra care to prevent damage to my Japanese Maples. Cleaned up everything, even the pile of trash we did not get bagged before they arrived. Went above and beyond. Great service.
Joe and Debbie C.

It is always a great experience with Mike and his team. His workmanship is always top notch. You guys raise the bar with each service.
Donna V.

Highest praise for Wes, Emilio, Abel, and Jose for their professionalism and skill.
Virginia L.

Everyone has been very helpful and knowledgeable about the pruning and treatments that have been recommended for our trees. We are confident that our trees are getting the very best care.
Robbie F.

Wesley Rivers was very informative about my tree problems. He made suggestions to correct the problem with the Crepe Myrtles and Live Oaks. He is extremely knowledgeable. I appreciate all his input. I have recommended him and your service to friends.
Sandy N.

We switched to Alpine/Bartlett from a competitor based primarily on the knowledge, expertise, and professionalism of our arborist, Wes Rivers. He is professional, friendly, very detailed in his approach, and exhibits a sense of urgency in responding to the needs of his customers. He also explains why he suggests the work that needs to be done. Missy was friendly and helpful and quick to set up appointment times. James has been outstanding at applying needed treatments and very communicative through the process. The crew that pruned our trees did a nice job and were thorough in their work and left no trace that they had been here. We are pleased we made the change and look forward to working with Alpine/Bartlett for many years to come.
Mike D.

Wesley and the crew were all nice and professional.
Dan M.

Always a pleasure to work with from start to finish.
CB and Pam K.

Wesley Rivers and James are both terrific. They educated us on prevention of future problems, and thoroughly resolved whatever our current issues were. We highly commend each of them.
Lee S.

The time schedule for the service was longer than desired but the actual personnel were very professional and nice.
James and Alexis B.

The whole process beginning with providing the estimate through the finished job was done professionally and within the timeframe agreed upon. I generally need my trees trimmed every two years and have always been pleased with every job.
Tom and Sherry G.

We have been doing business with Jeremy for years and have always been very satisfied with him and his crew, that is why we keep coming back.
Ed and Peggy S.

Great service from Wesley.
Andy C.

I have many trees and been a Bartlett customer for fifteen years. People and work have always been excellent.
Craig H.

Everyone is always wonderful.
Tom and Twyla O'K.

Excellent service.
Liz P.

Wesley Rivers provided excellent information and service. The crew who came to my property were great to work with. I have used Alpine several times and now Bartlett. Each time the service has been excellent. I recommend your company all the time.
Denise E.

The damaged tree was extending into the street so I needed to have it removed quickly. Wesley came to inspect the tree and provided an estimate and was able to get a crew here in just a couple of days. they did a great job and were very professional.
Stephen V.

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