Bartlett provides expert tree service in West Hartford, CT and this is what our West Hartford customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a West Hartford tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Deer Management, Emergency Tree Service, Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Mosquito Sprays, and Tick Management.

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What Our West Hartford, CT Customers Are Saying

The job entailed a variety of tasks. The major ones were completed but two smaller items were not done but will be done tomorrow.
Albert F.

Joshua genuinely cares about our front yard tree. He is awesome to work with.
Peter M.

Thank you to you and all the Bartlett tree crew who worked at our property last week. Removal of the trees’ dead limbs, and overhanging house branches was a necessary task, as you and I had both previously agreed. The trees look great and are much safer now. And your Bartlett crew were skillfully efficient at completing this goal. In addition, all these team members were pleasant, patient with my questions and requests, dedicated to the task, and thorough in both pruning and cleaning up afterwards. My schedule has been crazy of late…traveling to and from a newborn premature grand baby in FL and to another grand baby’s baptism in PA…hence my delay in forwarding this note. I had written your crew’s members names down, wanting to acknowledge each one individually, but currently I cannot locate that list. Mike, I ask that you remind each crew team member how pleased and grateful Bret and I are for their work. And a special acknowledgement of the day‘s foreman is also requested. He was a delight for me to interact with during his time at our property. We appreciate your service.
Barbara M.

Everything is A- O K.
Sandy W.

All staff was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. Our neighbor, whose driveway needed to be accessed to trim some trees, commented that the staff did a good job leaving his area neat and clean.
Carol B.

Everyone we have worked with from Bartlett has been wonderful. We so appreciate your care and expertise. We recommend you to everyone we can.
Jareka D.

All staff were awesome. Doing such dangerous work plus being so courteous speaks for a well managed company. Really appreciate your great job. Thank you.
Julia S.

They were friendly and explained what they were doing, even trimmed the trees despite a heavy downpour. Josh was very helpful in setting up the visit, I am glad to know we have got knowledgeable professionals maintaining our property. I was very happy with their work, the crew did a great job and was very professional.
Esther M.

Mike DeSanto always provides prompt, friendly, and professional service. He has worked with us for years to keep our trees in the best possible shape. He provides detailed plans for the work, so that we know exactly what Bartlett is going to do to preserve and enhance our trees. There are no surprises or hidden costs. He listens carefully to our input and we never feel rushed when he is examining our trees. We know that we can rely on his extensive knowledge. We feel very fortunate to have found Mike and to have developed a working relationship with him.
Daria C.

Josh and the crew provided another fantastic experience. They were prompt, professional, and courteous. Josh also coordinated with a third party to have the stump removal taken care of, and those folks (Cliffside stump grinding) were great as well. Thank you to you and the team for making this helpful. It is especially helpful that Bartlett folks leverage technology in their work. Being able to communicate via e-mail and text, and then cover the accounting online, really makes for a better experience. With how busy things are today, time is so important, so this makes my life so much easier.
Christopher C.

Josh is a friendly and a knowledgeable resource. I rely on him to provide helpful tips to maintain my landscape and health of the trees on my property.
Richard R.

Outstanding! The crew, particularly the gentleman who was up in the tree, was just wonderful. Very responsive, careful, expert, and lovely.
Susan K.

I appreciated the both staff members who came out because you could tell they were just as concerned about my tree as I was about the health. My husband and I planted that tree and all the other plants thirty years ago. I could tell with talking with your staff they valued what we had created in our yard as well as wanted to help.
Barbara F.

Josh has been very helpful with advice and recommendations on how to maintain our property so it looks the way we want it to. The technicians have always been efficient, considerate, and neat.
Sam B.

Joshua is always so helpful and well informed. I love this company.
Lisa C.

Mike DeSanto and all staff who provided work on our property are extremely professional, courteous, and accommodating.
Susan K.

What more can I say about our arborist, Joshua Lehmann? He is the best, professional, organized, knowledgeable, and reliable. It is remarkable that he answers messages and questions so quickly and honestly. I am always impressed by the organization and efficiency of every project that is done. The clarity of what is entailed is amazing. It is also very comforting to know that Joshua checks all the work that is done. For this job in particular, the pruning done was like a work of art. I saw one worker totally in his focus mode while methodically pruning the tree. I really appreciate the professionalism and quality of work delivered by Joshua and the crew members. It is not such a common thing nowadays.
Letty R.

Josh was great, and so was the crew that worked at our house. Very very professional.
Anthony G.

Mike DeSanto is always very professional, knowledgeable, responsive, and caring. Have been very pleased with Bartlett’s care of our property for over thirty years.
Robert G

Everyone was great. Josh and the arborists. Polite, helpful, conscientious, knowledgeable.
Roz K.

Thanks for assessing how to trim the trees and also fertilize in the spring. The work was done much quicker than I expected which worked out great before the snowstorm we had.
Laurie M.

Have been using Bartlett’s services for over twenty years. They saved the extremely old and large Hemlock Pine when that type of tree was dying off across the region. Because of their continued care the tree continues to thrive. Their personnel is always helpful, knowledgeable, and courtesy. Highly recommend Bartlett to everyone.
Jeannine S.

All of the Bartlett staff was friendly and courteous. If I had a question they were right there to answer. Your crew worked really hard on this pruning job. They really cropped it back so that I might not have the clean-up mess I usually have after a storm. They really got up high into the trees and did a bang-up job. The yard was left as clean as they found it. Thanks to all of you for this great job.
Mary Ellen M.

Mike DeSantis is a true professional. I like that he is proactive and provides information and proposals to improve our property.
Connie D.

Always courteous, prompt, and very responsive, professional service from Mike DeSanto. The rest of the crew as well. Thank you.
Robert G.

First class from start to finish. Bartlett is the ONLY arborist and tree service I will use personally and recommend to others.
Steven L.

All Bartlett people have always been very nice to work with. A few years ago when I asked my Bartlett rep to look at an ailing tree on public land in my neighborhood, he offered to fertilize the tree which had been transplanted from our wooded area where it had been self-planted. Today the tree is thriving thanks to the generosity of Bartlett who fertilizes it every year. The neighborhood is very appreciative.
Joan B.

Excellent service. Came ahead of schedule which was fine for us. They did contact us first to make sure that was ok. Left everything neat. Joshua was very helpful & clear about his recommendations for our situation. Thank you.
Vicki A.

Mike DeSanto is the saint of trees. I respect and value his opinion completely. And the crew that took down the huge branch and cleaned up afterward could not have been kinder and more helpful. They even trimmed my Dogwood a bit where it was hitting the house. When I asked if they could take the debris off the boulevard, they did so. Overall: a really great experience. I was at the West Hartford Farmers Market last weekend and ended up having a conversation with a woman who needed a tree service. I told her about Bartlett and she took your name and number.
Clare R.

I contacted Joshua Lehmann, our arborist, the day after Storm Isaias. A huge tree branch had fallen in the middle of our back yard. Joshua called me within minutes to address my immediate concern and then continued to update me on the plan of action. Joshua is professional, organized, and reliable. His communication skills are excellent. Many times, customers are told what they want to hear. I appreciated his honesty about the current situation and yet be constructive. So thus, another great experience with Bartlett Tree Experts under Joshua's watch. The crew members did such a thorough and professional job. Many thanks to them and Joshua for achieving excellence during such a demanding time.
Letty R.

Appreciate how Mike is not just saying cut the tree down because it might have one disease or another. Like how he uses his experience to determine possible solutions.
Mark K.

Mike DeSanto is the saint of trees. I respect and value his opinion completely. And the crew that took down the huge branch and cleaned up afterward could not have been kinder and more helpful. They even trimmed my Dogwood a bit where it was hitting the house. When I asked if they could take the debris off the boulevard, they did so. Overall a really great experience. I was at the West Hartford Farmers Market last weekend and ended up having a conversation with a woman who needed a tree service. I told her about Bartlett and she took your name and number.
Clare R.

Mike DeSanto is such a fine representative of your company. He is knowledgeable,thorough, and thoroughly pleasant. I have passed along his name to many of my friends and neighbors.
Kathy M.

Crew did an excellent job with tree pruning. They also checked in before they left concerning job status. This is not done with a lot of companies so that is appreciated. Overall very satisfied.
James F

Excellent communications, patient, answered all questions professionally. The quality of the work was superb. The clean up was perfect.
Robert W

Excellent communications, patient, answered all questions professionally. The quality of the work was superb. The clean up was perfect.
Robert W

Very pleased with all your employees. Thank you. Look forward to second spraying.
Thodore M.

Josh Lehman was very knowledgeable, courteous, professional and very nice to work with. He gave me an honest assessment of our tree problems and different options as to how we could help care for our tree. I would highly recommend Josh and Bartlett Tree Service.
Julie K.

Nick was great. Very efficient and answered the questions I had.
Meghan S.

I am a long term customer of Bartlett, have always been pleased with the knowledge and professionalism of their staff.
Stephen L.

Josh did a wonderful job explaining our options and communicating with us throughout the entire process. The entire crew was fantastic on the day of the tree removal. We appreciate the quality of their work. Thank you for a job well done.
Colleen P.

I missed the associate fertilizing the Cherry trees, but was able to catch up with Mike DeSanto who was having a tree consultation with my next door neighbor. Mike is a pleasure to talk to and do business with. Thanks, Mike, for your good advice as always.
Ken P.

Thanks Josh. It was a pleasure meeting with Alex during the spring application.
John W.

Very knowledgeable and prompt.
Sharon M.

The most recent job involved planting a tree. My street was undergoing some construction, and I was unsure of how the workers would get to the house. But what a pleasant surprise to look out the window and see a baby tree. We did not even realize that the staff was here. They did a beautiful job. As for our arborist, Joshua, he is professional, organized, and consistently providing exceptional customer service. He provided very helpful information throughout the process of tree selection to the planting, truly defining the role of the arborist representative at the very best. Thanks for the great job.
Letty R.

I was impressed by the initial assessment of the property by Josh, by the crew and their work, and by Josh's on-site follow up of the work. I am glad I followed up on my sister's recommendation to get a quote from Bartlett.
Barbara F.

Everyone was friendly, knowledgeable, and professional.
Jennifer K.

Casey and his crew did a terrific job pruning my Silver Maple this month. Each of the three team members were professional, courteous, and left my yard spotless afterward.
Glenn S.

Joshua Lehmann continues to meet and exceed expectations. He is professional, highly knowledgeable, accessible, and dependable super go to arborist. I was very happy to see the pruning work the crew had done. It looked very well thought out and cleanly done. I appreciate the amount of care and the quality of work that went into this job. I think most people in the neighborhood use their own landscapers or lawn care service companies. However, I would gladly inform those who are interested about Bartlett.
Letty R.

Crew did a thorough job and left the yard cleaned up. Josh Lehman knows what must be done and makes sure it is done well. Plus he is excellent at customer service.
Susan K.

This was an excellent experience. Joshua was very helpful and professional in assessing the job and making recommendations. The crew was very pleasant and did a thorough job. Their cleanup after the job was excellent. I would recommend Bartlett.
Stephen S.

Mike DeSanto is always exceptionally patient, understanding, and accommodating. He is also willing to interact with my landscaper who are not always easy to work with. When asked to revise a contract with regard to a cost-breakdown so that I was able to make a decision about which parts of my property to include in the most recent job Mike was happy to do so. We did have some delays in communication over the summer, but things actually worked out better in the end, allowing the tree service and landscaping to happen during the same week. Josh did exceptional work on my River Birch tree and asked for my input at one point, it quickly became clear to me that I should trust his vision. I am extremely happy both with how my tree looks now and with how much value I obtained because he was able to remove more than usual. I was very happy with his crew's work on the Rhododendrons as well, and when asked to use a blower to clear my back deck of Birch droppings, he was happy to oblige even though he had already packed the truck. I would be happy to have him work on my property again.
Lynn G.

They take time to thoroughly explain what is wrong and what the remedy will be.
Claudette B.

Your staff is professional, friendly, and helpful.
Susan K.

Josh was informative and educated us on what we could do to save our trees. The crew also was educated and polite. Great experience. Our trees and yard look great.
Holly W.

Customer service was excellent. Josh explained what had to be pruned to accomplish my goal of keeping the trees at a manageable height and shape.
Rock G

Mike DeSanto has been very helpful in dealing with scale on some of our Rhododendrons.
Brian C.

Our Arborist Representative, Joshua, is professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. He far exceeded my expectations. He responds to messages immediately and answers my questions clearly with helpful suggestions. He proactively makes inquiries about my satisfaction with work completed and other concerns I may have. You can be confident that Joshua will be there to provide a higher level of service.
Letty R.

Josh Lehmann has been very knowledgeable and accommodating. The crew that was just here to trim the hedge of evergreens was very courteous, took the time to talk to me about what was happening, and potential future steps to continue to promote good health of the trees. Your rates are a bit high, just to have the crew come to the property can be inhibiting, especially for a small job. Josh was able to offer a discount due to other work being done in the neighborhood on the same day. Without that I am not sure I would have been able to justify the cost. Would be nice if there was a graded scale or different minimum for smaller efforts. Something to consider.
Linda Y.

Quick and efficient service on all tree matters and all questions related to such items.
Terence McN.

Very friendly service and they return calls quickly. Mike Desanto is very knowledgeable and took the time to explain the condition and symptoms that my Blue Spruce trees have and answered all questions that I had. I felt that he was being very honest and after a few treatments my trees seems to be responding well.
Tony C.

Very professional, good to work with, and thorough. Highly recommend your company and will recommend you to anyone I encounter who needs tree work.
Susan K.

We like Mike DeSanto.
Brian C.

Mike DeSanto is always professional, courteous, and prompt.
Robert G.

A very professional job. Exceeded my expectations.
Carmen H.

Excellent knowledge about trees and shrubs. I have used Bartlett for years and have always been satisfied with the results.
Patricia L.

Very knowledgeable and professional.
Kerry D.

Alan & Jacob were very professional, knowledgeable, and efficient despite having to maneuver around random snow drifts. I am very impressed with their pruning and trimming. Glen is very attentive and kept me informed. Your office staff is very personable and a pleasure to speak with.
Leesa H.

All the people working at Bartlett have been friendly and helpful.
Jonathan S.

Bartlett has always been professional and courteous. We are well taken care of.
Bill R.

I apologize for the delay in sending this message to you. I cannot thank you enough for the excellent pruning job that was done at my West Hartford home in January. The pruning looks very natural and appropriate for each plant and tree. As I looked over the yard, the clean-up was so well done that it appeared as though no one had been there. I'm very grateful that you discovered the dead oak branch and recommended its removal. With the recent heavy snows, I could have had serious garage roof damage. Please extend my thanks and appreciation to the entire crew.
Linda H.

Thank you so much for saving my Norwegian Maple! I am thrilled that you were able to prune and cable the tree. I am very grateful that you were able to schedule us so quickly, too.
Daria C.

Extremely professional crew - did a great job!
Barbara F.

My arborist has been an excellent representative of Bartlett. He is professional, very well-informed, and takes my specific wishes into full consideration. The crews that have worked on my property are also excellent.
Richard F.

Mike Desanto always is responsive, and provides prompt, courteous service with appropriate on-site supervision to ensure correctness and effectiveness of work.
Robert G.

Mike DeSanto is always very responsive and helpful. We have been customers for quite a few years now and very much appreciate his attention. The crew which provided the most recent services were wonderful.
Susan K.

Great customer service! Very pleased with the work done. The guys were very professional and did an excellent job. If I need more tree work done, will definitely call your company again. Thank you!
Naomi N.

Gary Nedorostek, the Bartlett Arborist, is very knowledgeable and provides good advice. We have contacted him a number of times in the past and he always responds promptly. The tree crew that did the work were very courteous. They focused on the job to be done (worked hard and properly cleaned up the yard afterwards).
William S.

Eric was knowledgeable and professional, and the crews were efficient and also quite knowledgeable.
Robert S.

I was very impressed with Bartlett from start to finish. Mike DeSanto is incredibly knowledgeable and offered great suggestions. He is very courteous and helped us work within a budget, figuring out what work should be done now, and what could be saved for the spring. He provided us with all the information needed to make choices and did not pressure us at all to do more than we wanted at this time. We will definitely be calling again to complete more work in the spring.
Audrey W.

Mike DeSanto is extremely professional, responsive, and courteous. His crew did an excellent job. We were delighted with the work that was done for us in every respect.
Susan C.

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