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As a Seattle tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Cabling and Bracing, Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Pruning, and Tree Removal.

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What Our Seattle, WA Customers Are Saying

Entire crew was terrific. Daniel Howland was everything you would want in a service provider. I heartily recommend Bartlett to any homeowner who wants to have superlative care provided to their plants and trees.
Alan B.

Starting with Cory who is just the best, patient, helpful, knowledgeable, and willing to be flexible with scheduling. Bartlett is fortunate to have Cory as their front man. Moving to this crew, Travis, Ellis, and Travis were beyond professional, beyond skilled, and so detailed oriented. I was grateful for the care they took with my yard and how helpful they were when I had questions, The folks who get them next should count their lucky stars. So grateful that Bartlett is here. I recognize that this has been difficult times for anyone trying to employ the best folks particularly with the rather unique skill set required in this line of work but Bartlett has managed to find good people. The communication with text and email is great and the people that have come to my house over the last few years have been great.
Jane M.

Consider me a big fan of Bartlett Tree. The quote was thorough and accurate. The two arborists and the assistant were very respectful of my yard, I apologize for the dog poop. But really the best thing was the quality of the pruning. Very thoughtful, pragmatic, and smart. Excellent work on the Perotia, coral bark. Thanks to the crew who worked on my twenty trees. I prize my collection of trees and have seen a fair number of shoddy workmanship. But this crew really knew what they were doing and how best to do it.
Marlese K.

Really liked everyone we worked with. Cory is great and very responsive to emails. His crew was very professional and pleasant to work with. They did a great job, really great.
Margaret W.

Cory Fitzpatrick is knowledgeable and personable. He listens and offers ideas about what can be done to fix what needs fixing and improve plant and tree health. I trust him and value his expertise.
Jane M.

Everyone was wonderful to work with. I was amazed at their skill in removing even the highest damaged branches. They were incredibly pleasant and respectful to me and my property taking great care to protect foliage under the areas they were working on and cleaning up everything so well. They also cut off a tall thin branch of another tree and carted it off which was not on the plan but much appreciated. Extremely skillful and a true pleasure to work with. Highly recommend Bartlett.
Ellen K.

They have worked on my property for years, trimming, tree treatment, tree cutting, one time during an emergency. They are great. On time, professional, thorough and careful. I highly recommend them.
Leo S.

Trees are trimmed according to our wishes. Good safety protocols in place during trimming particularly when equipment affected street traffic. The yard was cleaned, of all debris prior to departure.
Lisa M.

We are very happy with our tree care from Bartlett. The crew is knowledgable, thorough, friendly, and very focused on customer satisfaction. They trimmed several trees on our property and they all look great. The last company we used initially sent an arborist for the estimate who was very knowledgable, but the crew that came to trim the trees were not, and frankly did a terrible job requiring the arborist to come out and finish the work. Bartlett sent a high quality crew who obviously care about their work and have high standards. We definitely highly recommend them and will continue to use them ourselves.
Will and Mary U.

We have a great relationship with Cory Fitzpatrick. He knows our property and is always very thoughtful and responsive. We count on his advice. The team that did the work this month was particularly friendly, kind, and efficient. The lead guy, please check for his name because he deserves praise, was great to work with and very good at giving thorough professional answers . What was heartwarming was how much he cared about the health of our decades-old trees. His commentary included the science behind his recommendations, as did Cory's, and they both renewed our confidence in the professional qualifications of your arborists.
Gerald G.

Everyone with whom I interacted at Bartlett was highly responsive, professional, knowledgeable, and friendly. The quote for the work was provided quickly and with a clear breakdown of costs. When the crew assigned to my job was running late, I was immediately notified. Another crew was able to step in and arrive right on time. I would recommend Bartlett highly, and will definitely use their services in future.
Tonia S.

Every step of the way, from the estimate to the completion of the work, the Bartlett employees were outstanding as professionals. I could not be happier with the job they did.
Deborah W.

I appreciate Cory's promptness and candor in fielding my unknowledgeable questions about my trees and suggesting maintenance that I was not even aware of. He's a great help.
Cathy P.

Daniel is a very responsive leader. Taylor is wonderful, polite, and helpful on the phone. The three different crews who have been on my property demonstrate expertise, safety, politeness, and cleanliness
Judy S.

We will continue to call on you for pruning services. Could not be happier. One of our neighbors commented how careful your crew was with parking your trucks. A challenging situation because of other construction work, trucks on the street. We are also very impressed with the professionalism of your office, confirming follow up, paperwork.
Keri C.

I really appreciate how early you were able to work us into your schedule. That was very considerate. The workers that came to remove our Maple were so quiet I wondered why they had not started yet. When I checked the tree was almost down. They were very efficient focused on there work. Awesome job. We are looking forward to our other tree being pruned in December.
Carolyn B.

The representative was very easy to communicate with and sought our input after the work was done to ensure that it was completed to our satisfaction with each step of the project. The crew was very professional and efficient. They did a final check with us on the work before doing the clean up, which was outstanding. The crew dealt with great professionalism with adversarial weather earlier on and followed their safety rules before resuming the work. They were also very compliant with COVID precautions.
Stuart W.

Every contact I had was very professional. While on the property Cory not only carefully assessed the Magnolia tree in making an estimate for pruning It to address its health and appearance but also took time to look at other trees on the property and provide information on them. He took time to talk with me to be sure the crews work would meet my expectations. I hope Bartlett Tree experts will become the annual caretaker for the Magnolia tree. Thank you for very professional service.
Sarah Phillips

Over the past five years I have hired Bartlett for various jobs, including trimming trees on my property, removing downed trees from power lines, treating ailing trees. They have always done an excellent job and they are always responsive and courteous.
Leo S.

Super professional. They do an excellent job educating customers about pruning to keep a tree healthy while meeting customer goals. I really ike that the entire crew was made up of certified arborists.
Nancy R

We have had Daniel provide quotes on a few projects.he has always been professional, quick to provide follow-up or respond, and explains everything easily so we non-arborists can understand and make the best decisions. He is great.
Gina C.

Taylor (the receptionist) was very efficient and pleasant to deal with. Great service!

Very thoughtful and knowledgable consultation to start. Great tree project with very caring technicians. Very efficient and professional experience with tree care and treatments. Very positive experience.
Pete F.

Everyone was so professional and nice. All my questions were answered. Recommendations about future work and upkeep were explained well. Although the work on my trees was not an emergency, I appreciate how quickly the crew was able to come out to do the job. I appreciate how careful everyone was about the surrounding landscape. I was in awe of the woman who backed the cherry picker into my driveway. That was a first. Great entertainment for the little kids next door.
Janis A.

The initial arborist visit was cordial and very informative. Together we decided on the best work plan. The pruning crew was prompt, expert, and friendly. In addition to the basic work, they gladly agreed to make several needed pruning cuts on other than the main tree for which I had asked their help. Afterward, they shoveled me out a tarp's worth of chips, all I have room for at a time, and offered to bring me more when they are in the neighborhood. A week or two later, their tree health specialist arrived to fertilize our Hemlock with injections of a slow release, high nitrogen liquid. He advised me on methods of watering the tree during our driest months. The tree is now looking forward to a happier life. The total work was relatively simple but will make a big difference on this small property. I have asked our condominium association board to retain Bartlett as our vendor for all future tree questions and work on this property.
Janet H.

It was great walking Cory through our property and learning about our trees from him. The pruning crew was prompt, courteous, and professional. They did a great job.
David B.

Thanks to Cory and the team for all the good work you do. I really appreciate the professional expertise and the great customer service. The day of pruning went well, and you will be doing the shrub treatments next. Just let me know when.
Carol M.

The crew who came to prune some bushes and trees were knowledgeable, professional, and courteous. I was interested in learning how to prune more effectively and they generously shared their knowledge and insights.
Laura M.

Daniel was very professional in consulting with me to set up the pruning and cabling of my eighty year old Grand Fir. A joy to work with someone so professional and knowledgeable. From first contact to final inspection all the interactions with him, the main office, and the work crew were excellent. The work was done promptly and above my expectations. The crew obviously knew what they were doing, and it was a fun experience to watch such expert arborists at work. They were respectful of my next-door neighbors properties. Everything was completely cleaned up after the work was completed. I recommend them without reservations.
Aaron B.

We really appreciated the professional work all of your staff and crew. They were punctual, which seems to be increasingly rare, and very safety focused. We were pleased that they had and used all of their safety equipment. They were very careful of all of our plants, deck, and house. They also explained all of the work that they were doing.
Don L.

The Bartlett crew did a great job. The workers were prompt, efficient, and courteous. They were knowledgeable about tree structure and growth patterns and they did a nice job trimming them away from the house. The crew worked collegially together making the process a pleasant experience for everyone. They used appropriate climbing gear and trimming equipment carefully and safely. I will certainly request more work by Bartlett as the need arises. Thanks for your good work.
Meredith O.

Wonderful staff and service from beginning to end. The staff was very courteous and knowledgable and checked in repeatedly to be sure I was happy with the work. Would not hesitate to recommend Bartlett to everyone I know.
Nancy M.

All staff were knowledgeable and timely with information and direction. Daniel was thorough and listened carefully to my requests and issues when he evaluated my trees for developing the estimate. The crew came on time, kept me informed, communicated when needed, and thoroughly cleaned up. At the end of the job they checked with me that everything looked as expected and addressed my extra questions. I was using Bartlett for the first time. My previous company went out of business and sold their client list to Bartlett with a recommendation that similar services and quality would be provided. I agree with an absolutely unqualified yes.
Carol Sue I.

I appreciate Daniel's prompt response to my request to revisit job site and take care of our third Pear tree.
Amy C.

it was a good experience. We enjoyed having some of John Hushagen's old crew. I am going to have them come back in the fall to clean up one of our Cedars.
John M.

I really like working with Cory, especially doing an annual walk-about to make plans for the immediate year and the next years. Thanks to Trevor for letting me know when he is coming to do a treatment and spending a few moments to answer questions.
Carol M.

They were all very respectful of my concerns and needs. That includes the Arborist Representative, the crew members, and the administrative staff. Thank you very much.
Bill M.

I really appreciated that Trevor turned over the water dish I have under the tree before spraying, so that none of the chemical would contaminate the water for the birds and squirrels. I only mentioned it once and he remembered and did it the next two times.
Florence G.

Daniel Howland is very knowledgable and personable. We felt that he gave us good advice about pruning and conveyed accurate instructions to his staff. We were very pleased with the work done by Danny, William, and Austin. They climbed and pruned our tall trees skillfully and seemed to operate with good safety standards. I was especially impressed because I felt that Daniel and the workers appreciate the forest and have a mindset to keep trees healthy.
Carolyn C.

Daniel Howland gave me expert advise and communication. Both Eric and William were highly professional and completed the job on schedule and within budget. I appreciate their thorough cleanup of my yard and I would definitely hire Bartlett again.
Susan T.

I was super impressed by both the professionalism and the work accomplished by your crew. Would have them back in a minute when I need further tree work.
Ana C.

Everything went well. The quote was easily scheduled and provided in detail. The staff who accomplished the work were professional.
Toni L.

Everyone I worked with on this project was a gem. They appeared very knowledgeable and easy to talk to.
Anne K.

We could not be happier with our experience with Bartlett. All of our encounters were easy and the crew was truly exceptional. We are so grateful to all of you.
Erin S.

Daniel was knowledgeable about tree health and quick in understanding my personal expectations regarding the entire property. The crew that came our were hard working, competent, respectful, and a pleasure.
Shannon D.

Every one was open about what they were doing and why. We understood what we could do ourselves and when we should do it. I will continue using Bartlett to care for our trees.
Wendy R.

Very professional ,values customer’s concerns, and give valuable options.
Aurora M.

Professional, kind, helpful, and awesome.
Phil G.

Cory Fitzpatrick is an ISA certified arborist, an ATCIA certified tree safety professional and the manager of Bartlett Tree Experts in Kenmore, WA. He identified "at risk" trees and his company has cared for our "urban forest" yard for the past three years. To maintain safety to the house and property, some tall firs needed to be removed. A few other trees were treated to maintain optimal health. Recently, Cory's company did a huge pruning job and under Cory's direction, his crew removed the "at risk" branches that were hanging over the side yard. Since we began working with Cory, every single job has been done with the utmost care and he will not remove or touch a tree if it does not need any work. Over time, he has earned our trust because he is highly knowledgeable, professional, and genuinely cares about the ongoing heath of the trees and plants in our yard.

Cory Fitzpatrick always provided five star customer service. He has a depth of knowledge and is very trustworthy. His communication exceeds expectations with a quick response if you email or leave a message for him. Thanks for the great care you provide to your customers.
Jim C.

I was truly impressed with the whole staff which means I will use their services again. They paid attention to all of the details recommended to them. They did not have any problems asking questions which was very impressive to me.
Laura P.

Cory and the crew were very knowledgeable and gave us the time to educate us about tree issues we were not even aware of. Very helpful!.
Julie C.

Cory was great, very knowledgeable, and helpful.
Joan G.

I have enjoyed all my interactions with my arborist and whichever Bartlett crew handled my projects as well as with the administrative staff. I have found everyone to be courteous and punctual. Cory has always been willing to share his knowledge and has provided advice. The crews have always been efficient in completing their work while being respectful of my property, which I greatly appreciate.
Nancy G.

Bartlett did a great job removing one of my trees and pruning two others. I left in the morning and when I returned, I would have had no idea that they had been there except that the job was done. The arborist was also very helpful, giving guidance, and information. I highly recommend their services.
Danae N.

I was beyond happy with my interactions with Corey, Danny, and Travis. Corey got this together for us really efficiently, which was super helpful because I have limited ability to track stuff like this. Danny and Travis were a pleasure to meet. They were so kind to explain their work to my kids, who are their biggest fans.
Michi N.

The crew was professional, courteous, and responsive to questions and requests. Excellent service.
Colette M.

Trever and Tighe were on time, listened, and responded to our plans for a new fence. They also corrected some tree work that had been poorly done a few months ago by other Bartlett workers. We were most happy with their work. Cory is easy to work with, personable, and represents your company well.

Thank you so much for all your work helping us get our trees and yard healthy and cleaned up. I so appreciated your professionalism and interest in helping us make the changes. You did a great job at providing me clear information, while still allowing me to make the decisions. I look forward to continuing to work together.

The crew members were very respectful and hard working. They had a very difficult situation to get there truck into my yard. The street is very narrow and had a lot of parked cars to make it very hard to get there truck onto my property.
Michael C.

Cory seemed to be extremely knowledgeable. I had questions for him and he never seemed rushed or irritated, and he was never pushy with what we should be doing about our trees. The same crew member has come out for six treatments over the last two years, I asked him a lot of questions as well, and he seemed very well informed. He was always conscientious about our dogs and the gate. I frequently encourage people to at least get a free consultation on their trees.
Karen O.

The friendly and efficient service that Sandi provides is an important factor in my remaining with Bartlett. It really makes a difference to have Sandi there to inform and answer question.
Lisa K.

We really appreciate the extra effort Cory and his team made to get our tree sprayed. Despite the fact that they already had a very tight schedule and the weather wasn’t being cooperative, they nevertheless managed to fit us in during an all-important window of time when the tree needed spraying. We continue to be impressed by the deep commitment and caring Cory and his team have for trees. They're the best!
Victoria S.

Cory, our main man, is the best, well informed, great communicator, and responsive. All of my contacts with Bartlett have been positive and I have recommended the company to several neighbors.
Cheryl R.

I wanted to let you know how happy I was with Bartlett and their work. Travis and Kyle were very careful to get exactly the look I wanted when they pruned my trees and bushes. I was really impressed with how willing they were to proceed carefully, to continue dialoguing with me, and to keep checking back until things were just right. Their love of trees really showed. They gave the job their all. I would be happy to have them come back in the future.
Victoria S.

Cory Fitzpatrick has been really great, informative, patient, thoughtful, and responsive to all our questions. We followed his recommendations and our tired hedge has never looked better. Excellent! Couldn't be better!
Jim M.

Arborist Cory is always quick to respond to my questions about care and maintenance of my trees and landscape. I trust his advice and know that my yard is in good hands.
Carol N.

Superior, across the board, from the first contact with the office to the very end of the project. The entire staff was prompt, knowledgeable, professional, and caring. They did a fantastic job. We couldn't be more thrilled.
Ann S.

Everyone at Bartlett including receptionist Sandi, Arborist Cory, the guys working the chain saws, to the crew on the ground are courteous, professional, and respectful of our home and landscaping. We know we can trust and rely on them for excellent service.
Carol N.

Cory Fitzpatrick was exceedingly courteous and helpful during our consultation, and then the three-person crew (the lead's name was Rob) who did the pruning work was also amazingly courteous and professional. We have had a lot of different people (contractors, roofing people, pest control, handymen, asbestos abatement, HVAC, etc.) come to our new house for various projects over the past couple of months and I can say that the folks from Bartlett were the best of all of them in terms of delivering on promises and doing quality work. We look forward to working with Bartlett again. If the level of service stays this high, we will certainly be customers for years to come.
Kelly T.

Wow, you have one of the finest collections of customer service-focused staff that I have ever met! Great assistance in evaluating my project, quick and timely scheduling of my work needed, and spot trimming and clean up. I would recommend your services to anyone! Friendly, efficient, and affordable. It doesn't get any better!
Phillip R.

We really appreciate how focused, thoughtful, precise, and quality-minded Cory Fitzpatrick is. Outstanding! He really listens to our concerns. Yet we trust that his advice ultimately has our trees' best interests at heart. We are super happy to have this partnership with him in caring for our property.
V. Scarlett

I really appreciate Cory's help with our property. He is professional, honest, and extremely helpful! We have been exceptionally happy with every encounter and person we have communicated with! Fantastic company and I have passed this info along to landscape designer and neighbors!
K. Evered

Cory and the two guys who did the root invigoration and trimming were helpful and answered all my questions. They were polite, performed the work in a timely fashion, and cleaned up afterwards. Cory did research on phytopthora and got back to me with the best treatment approach. Everyone I spoke with is professional and is sincere about helping my tree become healthier to fight off the phytopthora and bronze birch beetle. I've had bad experiences with other tree companies where they were just wanting work to trim trees and bushes regardless of the health of the trees.
L. Strausz

Excellent all around; couldn't be more pleased. The firm that previously maintained the trees closed and I interviewed six firms before choosing Bartlett. I am very impressed by their professionalism, service, and fair price. Importantly, they have an office manager and their estimator answers e-mails promptly allowing firm communication. Their work was much better than their predecessor. I have extensive experience with trees, nonetheless they educated me on much I didn't know. I've recommended them to three people, two of whom have already used them and are very satisfied.
R. Hyman

I am very pleased with the job two young guys did for me. They trimmed up a huge fir tree and were in no hurry. They asked me several times to step out onto the street to view the tree from a distance until we all thought it looked balanced and right. Great clean up job too.
Karol F.

Noticed the very top of one of our Douglas Fir trees was dying. Called one arborist who said we should cut it and the neighboring trees down. Contacted Bartlett who came out, took several samples of the dead area as well as of the soil and found they were not getting enough water. What a relief…as we love those trees. I will call them again as I think they love trees as much as I do.
Daria S

Great crew, from Sandi in the office to the arborists. Very courteous and professional. And always a job well done.
Deb H.

My trees have never looked better. I'll never use another service again.
M. Klein

I was extremely impressed with our first service experience. The person at the office who I initially spoke with on the telephone was polite, informative, and helpful. The first appointment with Jake was as scheduled, professional, and informative. The crew came as agreed, did everything well, and all of the members of the crew were extremely courteous, professional, and polite. Based on our first service experience, I am impressed. I do want to mention again that the crew members were extremely professional, focused on their work, and thorough.
Craig N.

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