Bartlett provides expert tree service in San Rafael, CA and this is what our San Rafael customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a San Rafael tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Emergency Tree Service, Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Organic and Naturally Based Tree Care, Plant Analysis and Diagnostics, and Pruning.

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What Our San Rafael, CA Customers Are Saying

Easy to schedule. Great pruning job. Left the grounds immaculate.
Adi W.

The team is very good and very professional. Communication regarding appointments is excellent, the staff arrive on time, let us know they have arrived, are courteous, and they are careful around our property while they are doing their work.
Peter S.

From the first call I made to inquire about the concerns we had about our trees to the treatment of the trees, Bartlett Tree Service was professional, friendly, reasonably priced, and courteous! Will be using their service for all future tree maintenance.
Alicia M.

From the first call I made to inquire about the concerns we had about our trees to the treatment of the trees, Bartlett Tree Service was professional, friendly, reasonably priced, and courteous. Will be using their service for all future tree maintenance.
Alicia M.

Very professional, helpful, and friendly. Happy customer.
Peter J.

Tree service a cut above any other. I like that the Arborist comes back to get the crew started and supervise.
Judy S.

The crew is always courteous and respectful of the property. They always review the completed work with me to make sure I am satisfied before they leave. Another great experience. I only trust my tree care to Bartlett Tree Experts.
Debra W.

They did a great job pruning my trees.
Kati M.

Polite, professional, and effective. Excellent.
Laurence L.

It is always a pleasure to see the Bartlett guys when they come to our home.
Joe T.

Adam is very helpful and knowledgeable. I have learned much more about my trees.
Kerreen B.

Excellent communication, planning, timing, execution, and service. Pleasure to work with this team. Very understanding and patient when I was late. Grateful to work with this team.
Gurpreet A.

All Bartlett staff have been knowledgeable, professional, friendly, and helpful. They have gone out of their way to answer my questions, explain things and help me do the best for my trees. I am very attached to the trees my grandmother planted sixty years ago and since Bartlett has been treating them, the Grapefruit tree is visibly improved and the Orange tree has been growing more than it has in years. I could not be happier.
Linda M.

Adam, our Bartlett Arborist, was professional, understood our concerns, and advised what would be best for our property. He was able to accommodate our timing needs for our proposal, and reassured us with his expertise when a disgruntled neighbor had comments about removing our tree. The other crew members were also professional, mindful of our property and surrounding neighbors, and left the site with little to no debris. We are very happy with Bartlett's service and expertise, and would highly recommend to friends.
Grace L

Adam at Bartlett has been very responsive and professional in helping us with trees on two properties in San Rafael. He went the extra mile for us in helping work things out with a neighbor to get their cooperation with pruning to restore our bay view. He knows his stuff about trees and how to make them look good and keep them healthy. He is a good communicator about what needs to be done and his crews get the job done according to plan they do a great job of cleaning up. I highly recommend them.
Andre S.

Four of my neighbors use Bartlett in San Rafael, and there trees all look amazing: clearly the work of master arborists. So, I contacted them to do major pruning on a couple of trees. The biggest issue was our gorgeous Italian Stone Pine, which has been growing so robustly that it threatened to block our valley view and reduce the value of our house. But the Pine is so beautiful that I worried about a "hatchet job" which would look awful and possibly harm the tree. Instead, Bartlett's expert team carefully cut back to top of the tree, leaving many branches to cover the cuts, keeping the tree healthy, and providing us with many more years of our beautiful view -- until the next trimming by Bartlett.
Paul D.

Adam, our Bartlett Arborist, was professional, understood our concerns, and advised what would be best for our property. He was able to accommodate our timing needs for our proposal, and reassured us with his expertise when a disgruntled neighbor had comments about removing our tree. The other crew members were also professional, mindful of our property and surrounding neighbors, and left the site with little to no debris. We are very happy with Bartlett's service and expertise, and would highly recommend to friends.
Grace L.

Perfect visit. Adam Clarke has been the critical piece of my landscaping plans, helping me select, place, and maintain the health of my beautiful trees. I am very grateful for his patient and good advice.
Jonathan G.

Had implicit trust in Bartlett Tree Service.
Rose W.

Thank you for everything, It was efficient and nicely done. Adam was easy to talk with and very clear in communication.
Peggy L.

Adam has spent an extraordinary amount of time answering my questions and explaining things so I understand the problems, what can be done about them, and how I can continue to provide care for my trees. I really appreciate that Brian who did the actual drenching, was also great. I know I ask a lot of questions and he answered them all in a friendly, helpful manner.
Linda M.

Our HOA hired Bartlett to cut down a huge old Bay tree on the hill behind our townhome that had suffered a quick death from the drought and other ailments. So sad to see it go from a healthy green to totally brown in just a year after watching it grow so tall and beautiful for twenty three years. It took a crew of three tree guys for four days to cut it down and remove the massive trunk and thick branches. The guys were very nice, super informative, and true experts at their dangerous jobs. So glad they came.
Kay R.

Very courteous and knowledgeable. No complaints of any kind and we would not hesitate to recommend Bartlett to any person in need of tree service.
Gerald F.

I have worked with Bartlett over the past few years on a property we own in San Rafael. Adam has been great to work with. He is an expert in his field and provides prompt and courteous service. His follow-up is excellent, and I can not recommend him higher.
Joanne C.

Adam was very professional and answered in detail all my questions about our trees. It was great to work with someone with such a breadth of knowledge about local flora. Because of this we were able to trust his decisions about pruning, in the past, less professional tree services have hacked away, with painful results. Very happy with all the work done.
Cindy H.

Adam and his crew were very professional and did the job to our satisfaction. Adam was very helpful in sharing what needed to be done. Thank you. My trees look healthy.
Ellen F.

I was very impressed with Adam’s professionalism and expertise. He displayed his stellar academic credentials in the way he oversaw our project. He was on time, and gave crystal clear instructions to his team as he walked around our property to survey every tree that needed trimming. Excellent use of his laser pointer. He took time to return later in the day to check on the progress of the job and to our satisfaction with it. Higinio and Martin worked together as a team hand-n-glove. They obviously knew what they were dong and inspired our confidence. Highly recommended.
Thomas N.

I was completely satisfied. Adam Clarke was very professional and totally in control of the situation. He sent a crew out in a matter of hours to remove the giant tree from my pool. Also, the crew who removed the tree were very professional and did a great clean up job. We received excellent service from the Bartlett staff. Thank you.
Mary Ann T.

All the Bartlett staff members I have had dealings with have been courteous, helpful, and informative.
Kerreen B.

Friendly, helpful, and very knowledgeable.
Eleanor E.

I like how Adam is always keeping track of what we need done on a regular basis and looking for other things that may need tended to. But, at the same time, he never pressures us to do any work that we were not ready for or wish to defer.
Rob M.

Great service. Very helpful in answering my questions and understanding my needs. Very satisfactory in all respects.
Gerald F.

I really appreciated Adam's follow up and knowledge on best solution and care for the trees. The crew that did the pruning and tree service was very professional and left the job site clean and tidy afterwards. I am very impressed with Bartlett and the level of customer service. To be honest I thought this was a local company that provided above and beyond customer service and attention to detail I appreciated the level of service and the overall product after our trees were pruned and cleared. I would highly recommend Bartlett to fellow friends and colleagues that are in need of tree service. Again, very impressed with the level of service provided and would have never guessed this was a national and international company.
Michelle K.

Adam Clarke is always very pleasant and informative. The crew were very respectful.
Sarah L.

Everyone I have come in contact with at Bartlett has been helpful, professional, friendly, and just generally pleasant to work with.
Kerreen B.

Adam Clarke ensured a prompt proposal and scheduling of work, reserved the parking in front of our house with signage, arrived promptly with crew, checked on progress of work and conducted a follow up call to ensure work was completed to our satisfaction. Crew ensured that our property was protected from falling limbs using plywood to cover our large windows.
Helen S.

So far everyone has been courteous and professional. I have been extremely happy with the personal contact and services. I have been using independent tree services and occasionally large main-stream tree services for over thirty years. With the exception of one or two old schooltree-men that have long since retired; so far Bartlett has been excellent and quite a surprise vs. many of the larger companies I have used for anything from Pest Control to Plumbing. Generally I avoid large or national chain companies. Bartlett has set a new bar for me.
Ann D.

Adam Clarke has been very helpful and went over his suggestions for our trees with detailed explanations which made sense. Fernando did a great job, notified us when he arrived and cleaned up nicely.
Rachel M.

Bartlett Tree Trimmers were on the job, on time, communicated, and all worked well in trimming and cleaning up my Creek trees and branches. Very pleased with Bartlett's work. The City of San Rafael, The City of Trees, could most definitely use the excellent tree service that Bartlett provides. Trimming not only helps Mother Nature, but helps in fire prevention also.
J. J.

Bartlett came out last week and did extensive tree trimming and removals in our yard. I could not be happier with the entire process, from communications to the quality of their work, to the friendliness and good attitude of the workers. I wish that all the businesses and services we use were as good. I recommend them without reservation. A couple of weeks after Adam from Bartlett came and gave us recommendations for the vegetation that needed to be removed so that our property would be fire safe we got a visit from the San Rafael fire dept. who were accessing homes for fire safety. The fire department recommended exactly the same trees and bushes to be removed that Bartlett did.
Michael W.

Love working with Adam. He is knowledgeable and kind.
B. Singh

The Bartlett guys were fantastic. They made every effort to make sure none of our landscaping was damaged during the tree removal. They arrived on time, worked diligently, were polite and detail oriented, and hard working. We could not be more satisfied with their work.
Tim P.

Great service from Adam in detecting the beetle infestation and very professional service. Will be using Bartlett to remove the fire damaged tree.
Mark A.

Your crew came out and trimmed a tree for our neighbor today. As we are working from home so much now we were concerned with the amount of noise generated impacting our ability to hear on a full schedule of conference calls that we had scheduled. I went down and spoke with the crew about my noise concerns and they were totally professional and polite in their response. They were able to give us a precise time that the work would take and even limited their use of chainsaws. Please thank them for us for taking our concerns into consideration.
Kevin K.

Very much appreciate working with Adam for his knowledge and professionalism.
Denise J.

Adam did a great job helping me understand a good path forward with our large project. He managed it well. Was onsite and directed the team. He was always willing to listen or explain things to me. Speaking to neighbors in a positive way was a huge help. Very professional. The whole team was respectful of our home and to my family. He made sure to clear the way when we brought groceries in. Very cool.
Chris A.

Always helpful and professional. Crews are always careful, courteous, and efficient.
Peter J.

Adam and the crew did a very good job removing some Bay trees, making sure the area was protected during the removal, and they left the yard in good condition. I will certainly recommend Bartlett to my neighbors.
Sharlene M.

Knowledgeable, professional, and good service.
Allen N.

I so appreciate the expertise that Adam brings and shares. Talking through what needed to be done was really helpful and reassuring, but to also have him onsite at the beginning and the end was just brilliant. Love the service.
Sharon L.

The job was done to my satisfaction. It was left neat and clean. We were treated courteously by the crew. I would recommend Bartlett to my friends, relatives, and colleagues.
Karen A.

Adam is a terrific communicator. He is prompt, thorough, and responsive. He is not only knowledgeable, but manifests genuine appreciation of the natural world, which added to our confidence in Bartlett. The tree crew's work was excellent, conforming with our hope and vision. We believe that our trees are as happy as we are.
Diane P.

I was extremely pleased with the aesthetics of my trees. The crew provided me with a great education on what made sense for my yard. They were all kind and curteous. The clean up was even more than I expected. Many thanks for the great service.
Susan B.

The job was done to my satisfaction. The job site was left neat and clean. The administrative staff was friendly, efficient, and helpful. We were you treated courteously by your crew. We would recommend Bartlett to my friends and relatives.
Marilyn O.

The representative that came to my house reviewed the problem with me. He had a crewman come later the same day and sprayed my tree. Bugs and sticky sap on my sidewalk is all gone. Thank you.

Adam is a terrific communicator, prompt, thorough, and responsive. He is not only knowledgeable, but manifests genuine appreciation of the natural world, which added to our confidence in Bartlett. The tree work was excellent, conforming with our hope and vision. We believe that our trees are as happy as we are.
Diane B.

We have worked with Bartlett for many years and have always found the crew to be friendly and efficient. They listened to my suggestions and were very professional. Adam is quite an expert on trees and their care. He explained what work was to be done and why. They have my complete confidence. Thank you for a job well done.
Vicky M.

Service provided by Adam Clark and the rest of the staff at Bartlett has been the true quality of customer service. We could not be more pleased.
Eric H.

Adam has rescued our tree from certain death. We also like the fact that Adam is always available to help us, he does not push unwanted services.
Malcolm D.

Adam Clarke was very professional and personable. Everything to be done was clear cut and explained. Work crew were also very professional.
Allen N.

We have worked with Bartlett Tree Experts on several occasions and they do a great job. On the first visit, they promptly cleared a tree that was blocking our driveway. On this most recent visit, Adam worked with me to design the scope of the project, was knowledgeable on the specifics of each tree, and gave me a firm estimate. The team on the job was skilled, experienced, courteous, punctual, and tidy. Our Stone Pine now looks like a work of art.
Diane O.

We have found Adam to be responsive and informative. Our trees are thriving, especially our Fruit trees which required extra attention.
Richard W.

It was a pleasure to deal with Adam. He was pleasant, professional, and provided clear information.
Joe L.

The Board of Directors on my properties use Bartlett. They like and appreciate Adam Clarke's expertise and knowledge which has been helpful with the Board's decision making. He is wonderful to work with.
Charles P. S.

Adam is a great supervisor, Higinio and Alfredo do a wonderful job together, I always look forward to having our Japanese Maple trimmed every year, it is beautiful.
Joanne G.

We have been with this company for years. Our trees are healthy and thriving because of their attentive service. Adam is awesome, he is professional, extremely knowledgeable, and just a pleasure to deal with. We really trust his recommendations. When, at the last minute, we needed an evaluation of Redwood Trees surrounding a house we were thinking of buying he showed up quickly and gave us good advice. The crew who come are courteous and leave the yard very clean. I recommend this company all the time.

Adam checked on the health of our trees and shared his knowledge on how to keep them healthy. The crew member came out and did a very thorough job fertilizing the trees.
Teri H.

Adam was very professional. He listened well, and explained what could be done to remedy my problem. He also made helpful suggestions. He explained all costs and how I would be billed as work was completed.
Kathleen U.

Knowledgeable, easy to work with, friendly, and accommodating. I would use them again.
Don W.

Adam is very knowledgeable and honest in his assessment, not just trying to make a buck. If he says something needs to be done, we do it. Conversely, if he sees something that we ask about that does not need to be done, he tells us. This creates trust, so we will invite him back.
Vaughan A.

Lovely staff at the San Rafael location they are always very helpful and courteous. The crew did a great job and I am so pleased. Would certainly call again.
Jenanne H.

What a wonderful job Higinio and his "blue crew" did for us today. They were on time, did a beautiful job trimming, cabling, and then cleaned everything up. They were friendly and efficient. Thanks for the great service.
Mike T.

Lovely staff at the San Rafael location, always very helpful and courteous. Would certainly call again.
Jenanne H.

Adam Clarke was admirably knowledgeable. His expert analysis inspired confidence. It was reassuring that there was no attempt to add on other services. The crew, Pedro and Miguel, worked hard, with great concentration and delicacy, and left a much happier tree. They were quiet and respectful.
Kate B.

Adam is awesome. Super friendly, professional, and personable. Not to mention he knows exactly what he is talking about. I have complete confidence in the man, would recommend him and Bartlett to anyone who asked. You guys have been providing very excellent service to us for I do not even know how many years. The axiom proves true with you guys, you get what you pay for.
Paul I.

Bartlett has cared for our trees for decades and we have always received excellent service. As a homeowner, I also appreciate their attention to the safety of the staff and the homeowner.
Peggy S.

Very helpful with suggestions at how to properly care for our trees. We have always been impressed with the crew. They are here promptly and leave the yard tidy.
Sandra J.

All personnel I have encountered have been very pleasant and accommodating.
Nancy B.

Adam was very nice to work with and always kept me updated on appointments and what was happening. I appreciate his advice about how to keep my trees healthy.
Monica E.

The staff member with whom I had contacted was anxious to know if the job was done to my satisfaction. He was a delightful young man. For many years I have relied on Bartlett for all questions or problems with my trees. I am very satisfied with the service I've received.
Margaret D.

Everyone is great at Bartlett from the Administrative Assistants, to the crew, to Adam. I was used to working with Mike Greene over the years who just retired, and I was a little reluctant to have a new arborist. But Adam is great and very knowledgeable. I recommended him to a friend who was loosing a large and beautiful tree due to drought and he seems to have saved it.
Leonore M.

Adam and the crew were amazing!
Herb Z.

Michael, you and your staff have always done a beautiful job while being courteous and friendly.
Libby B.

Adam and crew were excellent. Adam went out of his way to accommodate our tenants and was flexible throughout. We would highly recommend his services.
Lisa B.

We have known Mike Greene for many years and know that he is extremely knowledgeable and very professional. He has always taken plenty of time to talk to us about our trees and has made excellent suggestions.
Billie G.

Juan Ochoa is always so knowledgable and helpful.
Melanie P.

Jonathan has been a pleasure to work with and a lot of help.
Cecile C.

Jonathan has done a great job in my garden as usual.
Catherine S.

Always a pleasure dealing with Bartlett who loves our oak tree as much as we do!!
Mary C.

All the staff members of Bartlett have been knowledgeable and friendly. We can't say enough good things about them. We are so pleased that we found an Arborist that we can trust and who does such a professional job. Your prices have been reasonable and made it possible for us to have more work done.
Yvonne G.

Mike Greene is excellent, for years of taking care of my trees.
Marilyn O.

Juan Ochoa is knowledgable, reliable, personable, and outstanding in every respect. I have recommended Bartlett to others based on his excellent work for us.
Ray M.

The three gentlemen, plus Don of course, were friendly, professional, competent, and accountable. They left the place spotless! Nice work guys! We'll certainly recommend your services to our friends and peers. Don was really on top of it, prompt, professional and fair. I couldn't even get your competitors to show up to look at the property and generate an estimate. Frustrating as that was, it made my choice very easy.
Robert B.

Always prompt and courteous.
Lenore M.

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