Bartlett provides expert tree service in San Antonio, TX and this is what our San Antonio customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a San Antonio tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Cabling and Bracing, Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Lightning Protection, Pruning, and Tree Removal.

If you are looking for a San Antonio tree service company, schedule an appointment for a Bartlett Arborist Representative to visit your property and you will not be disappointed.

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What Our San Antonio, TX Customers Are Saying

John Worrell, the office staff, and the on site crew, have all been consistently patient, knowledgeable, thorough, and friendly. Everyone is always willing to extend themselves if something extra is needed. I would not let anyone but Bartlett touch my trees.
Rich M.

Highly professional and experienced staff. Members made quick work of the task at hand and left the work site in great order.
John G.

Helpful in answering questions. Excellent personnel and service.
Michael S.

Your representatives were polite and able communicators. They are the real reason I am a Bartlett customer. They took the time to listen. They took action to do the right thing.
Joe C.

This was a perfect experience. Great staff. The crew that preformed the work were super great. When my trees need help Bartlett is the only people that I will call.
Larry H.

I appreciate that your tree guys wear uniforms, impeccable and are clean cut, and soft spoken, and respectful. It is all so rare these days, all this besides doing a great job. Tree still looks natural, even with the necessary weight reduction.
Veronica V.

Jacob was professional and explained everything to me about trimming my trees, as well as giving me options. The crew was great too, friendly, polite, and professional. The trimming that Bartlett has done on my trees has truly enhanced the beauty of my home and I am very grateful. I will always use Bartlett in the future and will recommend them to my friends and neighbors.
Leslie B.

All staff is always friendly and knowledgeable.
David B.

The crew (Randy, Chris, and Mario) always went above and beyond to ensure they did a very thorough job. The trimming they did was so good that I got compliments from neighbors for the work the crew did. Top notch, as always, Gaby, from the office staff, has always had ready answers for any questions I had concerning appointments and time of service. She has always been terrific.
Bob F.

The experience was great. Our arborist was responsive, knowledgeable, and our crew was courteous, and efficient.
David H.

They were extremely professional, and the service was excellent.
Kathy G.

First class from start to finish in dealing with everyone involved.
Bobby M.

Always polite, informed, and professional.
Julie H.

Absolutely superb. I am a repeat customer, and will continue to be.
Fred R.

Chris and Randy were exceptional representatives of your company. They worked efficiently and did a great job. We are very pleased. Thank you.
Diane S.

Everything was great. Very professional. Thank you for all you do.
Brian M.

I am pleased with this service. All of the staff, including Jacob have been friendly, responsive, and professional.
Linda M.

Everything went well. Everyone was courteous, punctual, and professional. I will always use Bartlett Tree Service. Tony and the tree crew were all top notch.
Bob W.

Staff were professional, responsive, and efficient. Seem like they love their job.Definitely want to continue to receive expert service/help/advice on the best ways to keep our Oak trees healthy with Bartlett. Thank you.
Dale A.

Luke was very helpful and clear, the crew was professional and cleaned up very well. Good people.
Lynn C.

Luke was professional and friendly. He stayed in contact with me throughout the process. He came to check on a concern I had, which everything turned out to be good. The crew members did a good job and cleaned up after themselves.
Ashley H.

We relax when Luke comes to our property as he is always efficient, proficient, and very respectful of our property. He provides excellent service and represents Bartlett very well.
David P.

Jacob is always a pleasure to work with and very professional. I have recommended Jacob and Bartlett Tree Experts too numerous people for many years and I will continue to do so.
Anna V.

Everything was perfect. The guys did a great job, they were courteous and professional, and I would like to have the same crew in the future. There was nothing that could have been done better. I have already recommended your company to three different people and will continue to do so in the future. Thank you for doing a great job.
Linda M.

The crew that came out Saturday morning were very professional. They explained everything they would be doing and what they needed me to do for them to complete the work, move a car, and open a gate for them. They worked quickly and efficiently and left everything looking great.
Lynn B.

The young man that showed up to do the treatment on my trees was very friendly and courteous. He answered my questions professionally and explained how and what he was doing. I appreciated the attentions that he gave me. My sincere thanks to him.
Charles D.

Jacob’s knowledge helps me know I get the right fertilization and pruning necessary for all trees.
Cappy B.

Christi is always professional and helpful.
Cappy B.

All of the staff at Bartlett was very helpful and professional. The crew that came to my house did a great job. They left the site very clean. I would definitely recommend them to everyone.
Ione B.

John provided excellent guidance per usual. The guys working on the crew were courteous, prompt, and did a great job trimming our trees, cleaning up, and had me come out to make sure that I was happy with their work before they left. Top notch service, thank you.
Brooke B.

I have relied on Bartlett for almost fifteen years and have always been more than satisfied with the quality of the work I had done. I always learn something new about my trees whenever I have an arborist do an inspection.
Stanley L.

Just wanted to make a wonderful comment about Jack. I was impressed with his ability to communicate and explain the process of fertilizing the trees. He answered all my questions and offered suggestions about the tree base. He is polite and knowledgeable. Thank you for sending Jack to our house for the treatment.
Toni P.

Chris and crew were wonderful, professional, and pleasant. Jacob West's expertise was much appreciated. Everyone was timely and efficient. See you next year.
Sue J.

Tony and the Staff are always quick to respond to requests or questions.
Marjorie M.

Tony is very knowledgeable and helpful. He is great to work with. Everyone we talk to at Bartlett is professional. Bartlett Tree service has saved several of our trees and kept them and our bushes looking healthy and trimmed.
Gloria R.

Outstanding team that worked with great focus, organized, and coordinated with one another. I was really impressed with their team focus and customer friendly approach. I strongly recommend the Bartlett tree team for their home improvement and maintenance.
Nathan N.

The men on the crew, the staff, and John are all very pleasant, professional, and hard working.
Betsy Z.

I appreciate your professional staff. I do not have to worry about the quality of the work or the attention to detail.
Steve H.

I think you guys did an excellent job. On time, respected our property, worked hard and fast. Could not ask for any better. Arborist and staff were easy to communicate with and knowledgeable.
George G.

Everyone I have dealt with at Bartlett Tree Experts has been friendly, professional, and customer focused. Every question I asked was answered promptly and I have no complaints at all.
Randy W.

Austin, Eric, and Antonio did an excellent job and cleaned up beautifully, would not have known they had been there.
Sarah H.

Excellent job, great crew of workers and staff.
Floyd M.

I found the crew attentive, professional, and seemed genuinely happy to be doing their job well.
Jo Anne S.

Work was completed as described during Tony's visit. I appreciate the advice on the Oak wilt treatment.
Robert C.

All staff and Arborist were extremely professional and friendly. We were very pleased with the process and the completed job.
Melissa B.

Everyone was great to work with. Tony was incredibly knowledgeable and explained every thing we had questions with. Jack who did our injections was very friendly and took the time to explain exactly what he was doing with the injections. The crew that took down our tree were quick and efficient, while also making sure to protect the house as the tree was over it.
Stephen K.

I am trusting Bartlett Tree Services with the care and feeding of the tremendous, large, old Oak trees on our property. The trees are in good hands. Thank you.
Dale A.

They were terrific. Courteous, professional, responsible, and thorough, they took time to explain their intentions and answered my questions.
Diane P.

Best tree service in San Antonio. Over the years, we have used many tree companies and none compare to the service from Bartlett. Luke is very professional and knowledgeable. The crew is outstanding. We have recommended your company to our neighbors.
Yvonne V.

We are incredibly happy with both our representative, Tony, and with the crew members. Tony did an excellent job and was quick to communicate and answer any questions we had. We will definitely use Bartlett again and recommend to others. The crew members also did an excellent job shaping our trees and making them look so nice but also taking care to keep them healthy. They worked hard, especially with the heat, and left the sight so nice and clean, very thankful for that.
Casey Y.

Our trees look better than ever, even with this drought.
Thomas P.

Appreciate John's professionalism and knowledge base.
Junda W.

Great working with arborist and crew who are both courteous and professional.
Harry C.

I love working with Tony. It is like having a personal arborist. We bought a nine year old house three years ago. The yard and trees needed attention. Tony has been very helpful in assessing the health of my trees, answering my questions, and educating me on tree care. The crews that have come out to fertilize have been polite, friendly, professional, a pleasure to talk to and work with.
Deborah R.

The crew was clear about what we should expect in terms of time on site. Work was done expertly and Oak trees were painted within minutes of the cutting being done. Everything was cleaned up. Thank you.
Robert C.

Tony is the best. We would not think of calling anyone else. Jack took care of us with professional application and a big smile. We could not be more pleased with the service received.
John S.

Tony is the best arborist in the business. Your crews are real professionals in their work. Always top quality from everyone at Bartlett.
Lawrence F.

Tony and the crew members are always so polite and professional. I can rest easy knowing they are doing a good job.
Krista D.

Both crew and arborist are very well informed and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Bartlett.
Maria P.

Courteous arborist and crew. Timely take down of a damaged tree.
Susan T.

Everyone was so professional and went above and beyond with my service.
Michael W.

I have been a Bartlett user for several years and have truly appreciated each crew member who serviced our trees. Caring, efficient, and genuine concern to provide the best care for our trees. Thanks Bartlett.
Rick W.

Tony is the main reason I use Bartlett and also the company's expertise. I regret that I tried other tree service companies before finding Bartlett, and no one else but Bartlett will ever touch my trees again. Bartlett's arborist representative is more knowledgeable, the prices are reasonable, and the quality of work is superior. I recommend Bartlett to all my neighbors.
Todd D.

Everyone was wonderful. Could not ask for more. The crew was terrific. Very pleased with everything. Thank you all so very much. I truly appreciate all the hard work.
Denise W.

All of Bartlett’s staff were professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. The job was done quickly and everything was cleaned up before they left. I have been using this service for years and have no reservation in recommending Bartlett.
Art V.

Nineteen years ago I bought some amazing trees and my houses came with them. For that entire time Bartlett, Jacob West, and the San Antonio crew have done amazing work caring for them for me. I cannot imagine that there is anyone better when it comes to caring for my trees.
Terry M.

Chris and his crew of two men arrived, well equipped for the work of removing our very sad Loquat tree, deteriorating in the front yard. They were courteous and worked quickly, finishing the job in just an hour. They carried off the remains off the tree and swept up afterward. The stump of the tree was left as I wanted it, low to the ground. Speaking with Chris for a few moments afterward, I was happy to learn that he had been with the company for ten years and that the employees were treated well, which is also reflected in the quality of the work. I would be happy to recommend the company to friends and neighbors.
Rona A.

Crew was great. The first thing they did was give me confidence. They listened to my concerns and showed me their plan with laser pointer. They had respect for my property and theirs, and also for each other. Job well done.
Anne R.

Keep doing your professional best job with your very competent crew and team. My trees look great and the HOA can see better when they drive on roadway Thanks again. See you later this year to do backyard.
Nancy B.

Our trees look better than ever.
Thomas P.

Jacob is the best person to work with. He understands our needs and offers multiple suggestions on the best care of our trees. We have gotten to know him over the years and respect his thoughtful approach to our tree care.
Matthew T.

Tony Villanueva has been my arborist for over ten years and takes great care of my trees and shrubs. When he comes out for an annual inspection, he walks the yard with me discussing the current condition and comes up with a plan to address the needs of all my trees and shrubs. When pruning work is scheduled, I always get a detailed list of what he plans to do so there are no surprises and then he comes back out with his crew so that we are all in agreement before the work begins. Besides making sure my trees are trimmed beautifully every year, he has corrected co-dominate branches in my Monterrey Oak, identified and told me how to prevent squirrel damage on the bark of my Shumard Red Oak and has identified and rid my viburnum of pests and disease. Whenever I have sent him pictures of my plants with questions, he has always answered promptly. I do not know what I would do without him. This year, Tom fertilized my trees and shrubs and then came back to spray for pests and diseases. He was very friendly and informative. He welcomed my questions about the fertilizer he was using and was careful to make sure he did not miss anything in my yard. He took pictures of the leaves on my Monterrey Oak to show me pest damage that he was spraying for.
Louis H.

Bartlett staff has always been very courteous. So very professional. I always recommend Bartlett to anyone needing tree service.
Barbara S.

Very professional and willing to make things right. Will use Bartlett services in the future.
Mark J.

Jack was a pleasure to work with, courteous, capable, and hard working. One of the days was especially hot but he maintained his good attitude. He explained his work clearly and cleaned up thoroughly.
Judith P.

Our trees look amazing. Front and back yards were left very clean. We will gladly use Bartlett for our future services.
James T.

The crew is very friendly and professional. I appreciate the care they take with my trees and all my plants, both potted and in ground. Bartlett is very responsive, problem solving, focused, and friendly.
Patricia R.

Bobby is very friendly. I liked doing business with everyone, including crew and office staff.
Edna H.

Perfect Service. Very courteous staff in person and on phone.
June M.

Bobby is friendly and very accommodating.
Ginger M.

Very informative and quick to answer questions.
Shelly L.

Tony is awesome. I always have so many questions for him and he does a great job answering, explaining, and making suggestions. The crew did a great job with the tree canopy and root. Cleaned up really good. Did not leave any branches or debris in the yard.
Alan B.

The crew was efficient and polite. Tony answered all my questions and spent time giving me information on the Live Oak Wilt that will eventually hit my sub division. I now know what to look for and what treatment is currently available. Knowledge is a good thing and I appreciate the time he spent sharing his expertise.
Carolyn W.

Jacob West is the best and always so helpful. Everyone else is always so courteous.
Janice R.

My arborist went above and beyond. He explained what he was doing and how long it would take. You can tell that he cares about trees and he likes his job.
Wendell C.

Very knowledgeable, someone who I can trust. I have been a long time customer and recommend them highly.
Peggy J.

Everything from the initial contact to the completion of the service was perfect. Everyone was friendly, helpful, and professional. I will gladly use the company and services on regular basis.
Sandra M.

Staff and Crew were friendly and responded promptly to all my requests.
Jim M.

Our contacts with your team are always positive, pleasant, and productive. Many thanks for providing such caring, informative services.
Marybeth P.

All are very professional, courteous, and willing to accommodate.
Ralph Y.

We continue to rely upon the recommendations from the arborist about the health and care of our old Oak trees. We rely on your expertise.
Kathleen N.

They were great. They went over everything with us to make sure we were on the same page. They introduced themselves and were very friendly and knowledgeable. Left the site clean. And let us know when the job was completed. All around excellent.
Jeff S.

Jacob West has always provided the best maintenance program for all our trees. The representative who does the on site work is very friendly, courteous and knowledgeable. Thank you for the overall excellent service, I will never use any other arborists.
Cappy B.

We are very satisfied with the entire process. The entire staff including Robert, our representative, and the crew member were all very professional. Thanks a lot for a great service.
Farzad F.

Christi Mearse in the office staff has excellent customer service skills keeping customers completely informed about scheduled services.
Cappy B.

Thank you for your company's fine service. Would we recommend Bartlett, absolutely.
Peggy T.

The representative and crew members were lovely. Warm hearted, courteous, people with a nice sense of humor and professionalism. They were all very knowledgeable and even took the time to teach me how to care for my various trees and shrubs. I would strongly recommend this team.
Stacy J.

The crewman who applied the boost treatment was courteous and informative.
Russell H.

Everyone was professional and courteous. They responded promptly to our needs. Great job all the way around.
George M.

Bartlett responded right away. I called them Thursday, the representative came by on Friday. The work was completed Monday. I was very happy with that. Their communication with the customer is prompt and effective. I can with confidence highly recommend Bartlett Tree Experts.
Michael F.

The crew and arborist, Jacob West, as always, had my ice downed tree limbs removed faster than what I thought was possible. I could not have asked for any better or faster service. My front lawn looked so good after tree limb removable that my neighbors felt jealous and told me my front lawn was perfect. Hats off to the crew.
Bob F.

Jacob has been great to work with over the years. Always great service.
Jeff S.

We have used Bartlett Tree Experts for years and years and they have always done great work for us. We highly recommend them.
Jeff B.

Both the staff and the crew were very pleasant and helpful.
James B.

I have always had an excellent experience with all my encounters with Bartlett employees.
Donna H.

Quick response to questions. Very professional customer service.
Eileen J.

You have a great group of people. They have always been courteous, friendly, and punctual. Robert is a great asset to your company. He has always been friendly and courteous in our meetings. He expertly explains what the job will entail and the cost to get it done. He provides what I call the five W's when applicable: What needs to be done, Where front or back yard, When will it be done, Why is it necessary spraying nutrients or cutting, Who will be coming to get the job done, and of course, the How portion that goes along with the five W's. How much will it cost. And yes, I will continue to be their customer as I have been very satisfied with them and their work. Thanks for all you do.
Mario S.

Jacob West is a great Arborist, more importantly he shares his knowledge and helped us understand the process.
Thomas I.

Appreciate Jacob's knowledge and insight especially the Crape Myrtle bark scale. Excellent communication with job foreman Chris during pruning job leading to enhanced outcome. Crew Richard and Luke did a great job pruning a tall tree with branches over my house approaching a chimney. Very efficient, professional, and courteous staff at every level.
Ralph T.

Our arborist, Jacob is great, knowledgeable, professional, and I always trust his judgment on the care of my trees. The crew was courteous, skilled, efficient, and respectful of me and my property, as always.
James K.

The staff person was excellent and courteous in calling ahead and when he finished. He did not miss one tree or plant in his treatment.
Marline L.

Bobby was friendly, professional, and very knowledgeable. The staff who performed the work knew what they were doing and did a great job. I was very happy with the result.
Julie M.

Chris and his crew did a brilliant job sculpting my Oak tree into something that now looks like a healthy, thriving Oak tree.
David S.

I trust Tony and have known him for years. He truly cares about our trees as well as being a true professional.
Todd D.

Chloe was very professional while still being friendly and personal. She permitted me to follow her around and ask many questions. I feel I received great service and critical information.
Chet M.

Tony and the crew led by Calvin were great. I can not believe how efficiently they worked on quite a large project. I only wish it would have been under better circumstances, the removal of my dead Oak which succumbed to Oak wilt.
Karla N.

We are very pleased with the services we received. All Bartlett personnel were helpful and responsive to our requests.
Eileen J.

Everyone was thoughtful, knowledgeable, and courteous. Highly recommend their service to anyone looking to preserve and maximize tree health.
Valorie B.

Friendly and very professional.
Randy W.

Knowlegheable and personable.
Kit C.

All three gentleman were fabulous. They were helpful in making suggestions, understanding of the ridiculous situation I am in with my neighbor, extremely patient as she is attempting to remove a 1/3 of our tree and very professional. I had some of the same crew as I did last year, and they even remembered the issues I am dealing with. They also checked my cable to ensure the limb is secured. Thank you so much.
Cristine F.

Knowledgeable, professional, quick, and caring responses. Bartlett is a first-rate company that provides first-rate service on a timely basis.
Mike M.

Jacob West is always a pleasure to work with, he is knowledgeable and listens well to my requests. I use Bartlett regularly and have been happy with the work.
John D.

Very knowledgeable and explained thoroughly what needed to be done to make my Pecan tree healthy again.
Alicia D.

We can not thank you all enough. You all identified the issues and then took such good care of our tress. We have used Bartlett Trees for over twenty years and we are so happy. Thank you.
Jeff B.

Bartlett has maintained our trees for over twenty years. John Worrell and the crew members have continuously provided excellent service whether it was just maintaining the trees on a regular basis or in times of emergency situations. There is no better company.
Jerilyn B.

Excellent service and advice for sustained growth and life of trees. Very professional in all respects.
Michael S.

I continue to use Bartlett because of staff, like Jacob West. The crews are respectful and I can not imagine anything they could do better. Jacob is excellent. He is knowledgeable and courteous. I respect the way he does business.
Charlie M.

Jacob has always been very helpful to us with advice, suggestions, and information of care for shrubs and trees in our problematic yard. Always on time for appointments and sending proposals.
Marilyn K.

Excellent experience with the crew that came to my house. I was very impressed with the level of professionalism, knowledge, and courtesy shown. Bartlett has a customer for life.
Brynn K.

I am so glad they I made the initial call to Bartlett. Have used them several times in the past year. Bobby is a professional and I feel very confident with his advice. Workers are always professional and courteous. They wear proper gear to perform the work. Highly recommend this company.
Yvonne V.

Robert was nice and courteous and the two workers who worked on the trees were very professional.
Paul T.

Excellent all the way around. Your arborist, is easy to talk to, quick to reply to messages, and knowledgable. The crew was courteous, knew their job, and efficient. Both the arborist and the crew are great public representatives for the Bartlett company.
Mary L.

We were very pleased after meeting with Tony Villanueva. It was refreshing to meet with someone as honest and experienced as Tony. I asked him to look at our trees and tell me what he sees and he did just that. He could have easily recommended trimming and any number of treatments. Instead he gave us his honest opinion of their overall health, which was all good news, recommended fertilizing for now and reevaluating them in the Spring, thereby saving us hundreds of dollars on services that are not necessary for now.
Deborah R.

Jacob was very professional and quickly provided a proposal. Jack, the Technician, was very polite and knowledgable in providing your services.
Patricia K.

Your crew is the best. Jacob is the best arborist in the country. He has helped maintain my yard for many years. I believe I have been a customer for 18 years. Never had any bad experience with Bartlett Trees. My service on my yard is fantastic. From the initial meeting at the door, from Jake until the end of the service where I get an update on my plants, trees, and shrubs, HE is fantastic. He cares about my yards needs, and explains to me in detail the service that was done. Ten stars to all.
Ray K.

Tony quickly addressed a concern I had and made things right. Also, the technician that came out to treat the yard was very nice and professional.
Armando C.

The Bartlett team provides exceptional service. I will continue to use them for my tree service needs.
Warren B.

Always takes the time to answer my questions. Very thorough.
Debbie H.

All were professional and courteous. I asked for some firewood to be left and they cut up some logs and placed neatly in my wood bin. Area was so clean that I could not be sure they were even there except that my tree looked 100% better.
Darla W.

Courteous, and knowledgeable. Crew was very careful on property. Met all expectations.
James K.

Jacob called to check with me during the time the crew was working, to check on how I felt about the work. The crew, Chris, Luke, and Richard were a pleasure, taking time to answer my questions.
Susan T.

Robert Hearne was very knowledgeable, and was able to explain what services Bartlett can provide that will help our trees to thrive. The young man, PHC Specialist Tom R., who applied the insecticide was very professional and respectful of our property.
Suzanne E.

Jacob was knowledgeable about trees and explained what I needed to do to help save a Red Oak. He also had some other suggestions to help other trees. The crew that arrived to do the pruning were all very friendly and courteous. I will recommend Bartlett Tree Experts to anyone in need of professional tree service. I will use them again in the future.
Charles D.

Fantastic service, prompt and courteous attention. Very professional and punctual. Have always been pleased with service and diligence of care.
Bob W.

My Bartlett staff is kind and courteous. I am very thankful for them and proud to be their client.
Stacey G.

I have had three Bartlett treatment visits to date, The crews have always been courteous.
Michaell H.

Bartlett crew did a great job doing exactly what was proposed and left our yard clean of all the trash. Also, done on time and as scheduled. Well done.
Steve H.

Dealt directly with Jacob, Chris, and Jack. All were very courteous, professional, and listened to our needs and concerns. They offered top notch recommendations and explained in detail to our satisfaction. Professional customer service offered at all levels of contact with Bartlett from administrative staff to workers. Outstanding company to do business with.
Ralph Y.

John and Bartlett trees goes above and beyond. They show up when they say they will, and if they need to come back for touchups they do right away. They do not make you wait. For the amount of work they do they are very fair with their prices.
Bonnie W.

Our arborist, Tony Villanueva’s, work proposal was impressively well detailed and was the deciding factor in my decision to go with Bartlett versus other arborist services. The work crew appeared to be well skilled in what they were doing. They worked with me in deciding what additional pruning needed to be done and were quite good in cleaning up after they were done. Although they seemed to work fast, they did so efficiently.
Mike S.

Absolutely wonderful from beginning to end. Jacob was so knowledgeable and understanding, and the crew worked quickly and with great attention to detail. We were so impressed with how well they took care of our trees, and with how neat they left the job site. Our backyard has never looked better. Will absolutely recommend to everyone.
Derek Z.

I am very pleased about the service provided and Robert was very easy to work with. Thank you.
Judy C.

Most courteous and professional attention. John has been terrific providing personal attention and the crew who arrived to perform the service were most professional.
Linda G.

Everyone did an excellent job. From start to finish the work was done to my satisfaction with an aim to please attitude.
Marj A.

Jason examined my Red Oak trees which were damaged by a severe freeze. His expertise was obvious, and I felt confident in his recommendations. Thankfully, he was not too pushy. Just very professional. Luke treated for borers and fertilized. He was very courteous and answered all my questions with professional patience.
Sharon W.

Tony and the crew were great to work with and they trimmed the Oaks exactly as I requested.
Vincent H.

Tony Villanueva is polite, kind, very knowledgeable, and helpful. We really like and appreciate him.
Anna S.

Tony Villanueva is polite, kind, very knowledgeable, and helpful. We really like and appreciate him.
Anna S.

Because I bought my tree and the house came with it seventeen years ago. Bartlett Tree Experts and Jacob have been the only business and person I have trusted with it. Jacob has always taken the time to look at everything in my yard and answer every question I have. This latest trimming was the best yet and it was a pleasure watching the crew go over every branch. Amazing.
Terry M.

I have always liked Tony and appreciate his advice. The crew that came was polite, thorough, and cleaned up well. Best tree trimming crew I have ever had to my house.
Todd D.

The work that we had done was perfect. Excellent and courteous crew. No evidence that anyone had worked on this site, all branches and leaves removed at the end of the job. We could not be happier. At last, we had people who knew what they were doing.
John and Ann W.

We were not present for work done at our property. However, our tenant reported that the work at that site was superb. Courteous crew, great clean-up. We will need another tree removed there in the near future.
John and Ann W.

Whole crew and staff were outstanding.
Janice R.

I have used Bartlett off and on through the years. Very knowledgeable. Excellent job.
Monica G.

Arborists were very helpful in recommendations for maintaining healthy Live Oak tree. We followed their recommendations on limb removal which was performed by a two man crew. The crew was professional and courteous. They cleaned up very well and even cut pieces we requested for firewood stacking for us. I highly recommend this Company.
Yvonne V.

All of the staff is attentive and quick to respond. Jacob gives personal attention and genuinely cares about the trees.
Don E.

Our arborist representative, Jacob West, was extremely professional, trustworthy, attentive, and able to answer any question we had. The job was done timely and done right. Javier and Jack Z.. as well as Rodolfo, were an efficient and hard working crew. The place was left spotless. Thanks Bartlett. I will definitely be using your services again in the future.
Blake Z.

Tony and his crew are always the best.

Arborist was wonderful to work with and noted my preferences. I am amazed by anyone that can identify trees and plants with the use of a phone app. Crew members were respectful of my property and tidied up at the end of each day. The two lead crew members were a pleasure to see for five days.
Wendelin R.

Always professional service.
Lawrence F.

Our trees have never looked better.
Thomas P.

From start to finish the Bartlett team was extremely professional, punctual, and thorough. Jacob West explained everything completely and answered all questions and concerns. The pruning crew did an outstanding job. Their work ethic was above reproach and they left the yard spotless. The fertilization was done in the same manner.
Gary B.

I could not be happier with the professional job done on my two hundred year old Oak tree.
Brenda V.

John is a delight to work with. All of the folks who treat the tees are super neat and sensitive to the cars and outside pets. I so enjoy the crews who trim the trees. They are polite, respectful, efficient, and neat. The office staff is friendly and respond to questions promptly.
Drucie M.

John gave me an assessment of what the tree needed in terms of trimming and the quote was within the range of what I expected it to cost. Very pleasant gentleman. He remembered working on the tree seven years previously. I was impressed by that. John is very knowledgeable and is an excellent representative for Bartlett and their quality service. Antonio and the two other tree trimmers were excellent. They worked together so well. The trim trimming was done quickly, in sync with each other, and produced a wonderful end result. The tree looks so much better. I was so impressed by the clean up effort. No mess left. Excellent work by a company I trust and have recommended to others. Thank you for taking good care of my tree. I will call on you again when it needs another trimming.
Rachel G.

John has always been outstanding as our Bartlett representative, knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous. When we have had our huge tree and others trimmed and cabled, the crews have been awesome. Pest control and fertilizing have been thorough and very helpful. Office staff and billing staff are polite and effective. Thank you Bartlett.
James S.

I find Tony Villanueva to be knowledgeable, responsive, and professional. I trust his judgement and learn something about trees every visit. Pruning crew worked diligently and efficiently. They clearly knew what they were doing. I recommend Bartlett to my neighbors and community members often.
Virginia K.

I am impressed by the wearing of hard hats by crews, unlike other arborists who do not. Bartlett is not inexpensive but it is reliable and professional in all aspects.
Gordon D.

From beginning to the finish all went very well, employees very good, service was very good.
Jim A.

The crew arrived promptly and worked steadily. There was no slack or wasted time. They were friendly and yet professional. They were also careful and respected my property as they cared for the trees.
Clarence W.

Very good service and care of our trees. That is why we are repeat customers.
Don A.

Antonio Villanueva was very courteous, professional, and thorough on his initial inspection and provided a very reasonable proposal. He kept in touch with me throughout the process and I would contact him for any future tree care in the future.
Johnny L.

Very good service and care of our trees. That is why we are repeat customers.
Don A.

The head of the crew was very professional and helpful, giving me advice about ways to improve the health of the trees.
Sam H.

We were very pleased with the team that came out to our house. Will definitely recommend Bartlett to our friends.
Pat S.

They did an outstanding job on reshaping the pecan which was in pretty poor shape. The arborist was knowledgeable and very informative. He described the problems and solutions well.
S. Drews

We have been using Bartlett Tree Experts for nine years. They trim and fertilize the trees when we want. They are superb, and I rate them high overall.
T. Cox

I got an estimate from Bartlett Tree Experts for tree trimming and an estimate for tree fertilization. It was a positive experience. They were very honest and upfront. They provided me some advice. They were very honest and they didn't think it was worth it to trim it for what their minimum price was.
D. Johnston

Bartlett uses all certified arborists and certified tree workers; crew members have extensive training in removal techniques and safety; they are covered by workers' comp and liability insurance, and are subject to drug testing. Considering that this big tree was right next to my house, and the hazards if something went awry--I went with Bartlett.
J. Woo

They did an excellent job and friendly to deal with!
J. Owens

I hired Bartlett Tree Experts to trim a heritage live oak tree and another tree with branches close to the house. The work team arrived promptly on the scheduled day and finished their work in a timely manner. The trees looked terrific after their trim, as they were selective about which branches they cut and kept the overall shape of the trees. They are careful to seal all cuts and sterilize their equipment to prevent transmission of oak wilt. They checked to make sure I was happy with their work before they left, and my property was neat and clean when they were done. Communication before, during, and after the work was completed was excellent.
L. Starlin

I used Bartlett Tree Experts for tree service about two months ago. They did an outstanding job. They showed up when they were supposed to. The quality of work was good. The people I worked with were very professional.

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