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What Our Raleigh, NC Customers Are Saying

Allen Jones was very pleasant and also efficient with letting me know by emails when service would be performed at my home.
Karen B.

Best contractors we've ever experienced. First, communications with Allen was incredibly easy. Dude replied in a timely manner and each time was courteous in his responses. Then four guys showed up on time and were professional and courteous. The crew was careful with our property. They must've taken a picture of our little ornamental frog and mushrooms display before they removed them, because they put them back exactly as they were prior. They removed and blew every bit of debris and wood chips. And the stump that remains is ground-level and cannot be seen. Look no further, just call them now.
Mark K.

We planted a number of new trees in March and noticed at the end of June one tree was not doing well with leaves turning yellow and falling off. Called the Bartlett's office the next morning and spoke with Meredith who was very kind and understood my urgency as we were concerned that it was a fungus or another disease that could effect the other trees. Meredith reached out to the arborist for our area, Jared, who squeezed us in the next day. Impressive!! Jared's expertise was immediately apparent and he found the problem immediately and showed me the issue. Jared designed a custom plan to take care of both the new & old trees in our yard, and his team was out within a few days preforming needed treatments and bug prevention. Just a few days ago, we noticed two old trees with yellowing leaves, and while it has been a very hot summer, thought it best to consult with our arborist Jared. Sent him an email this morning, asking if he could swing by when he has time and take a look and for recommendations. Jared ran by at lunch time and said everything was fine and we did not need to do anything! Impressive integrity and honesty!! We have full confidence that we are doing all possible for our trees with the honest advice & incredible service from Bartlett Tree Experts.
Mary P.

Everybody was professional. The crew did a terrific job on our tree.
Paul T

We were so pleased with the professionalism, expertise, and attention to detail that was given to us by Bartlett Tree Experts. They showed up on time, was very courteous, cleaned up after the job and did a great job in our yard with our trees and bushes. We will continue to use them for our tree and shrub needs.
Laura L.

The entire staff is professional and knowledgeable. The team communicates the services rendered timely and accurately. I have used Bartlett Tree Experts services for years to keep the trees on my property healthy. Any communication I have had with the field team or internal staff has been pleasant. I totally recommend their services in keeping your outside landscape looking gorgeous. Allen is great. Can not thank him enough for his thoroughness and care.
Mike D.

Bartlett staff, from the Arborist who came out, to the crew who preformed the job were all very professional. They did an outstanding job. The work done was excellent. Such a visible difference.
.Jason B.

As always, Jared and his team continue to provide us excellent advice and service.
Carolyn V.

Great crew with great service. The first visit for the estimate was also very pleasant. Thank you, I will call you again as needed.
Deloria K.

Andrew was amazingly friendly and helpful.
Will L.

Very professional and courteous staff. Arrived on time, did the work promptly, and cleaned up the job site. I will certainly use them again. I highly recommend Bartlett.
Dave D.

Arborists were very knowledgeable and we appreciate their advice. We were very happy with the work done. If we need further work on our property we will not hesitate to call them again.
Henry C.

Jared Kibbe is my Bartlett Arborist Representative, and he is great to work with. He is friendly, knowledgeable, and very professional. The four man crew which came out to my house on did a great job. Jared Kibbe was here to introduce me to the crew and to review the work which needed to be done in the front yard and backyard. The crew completed the work and cleaned up the property before leaving.
Mary S.

Thanks for your professional service.
Lisa B.

The staff are always kind and courteous. They also help advise me on other issues in my yard. I do so appreciate Bartlett's help.
Kathy B.

We planted trees in March, and they were doing well until I noticed one Redbud's leaves were yellow and the leaves were fine four hours earlier. I called Bartlett and spoke to Meredith who was very kind and understood my concerns and urgency as I did not want this to happen to the other trees we had just planted. She checked with the arborist for our zip code, Jared Kibbe, who squeezed us in the next day. I could not be more impressed and thankful. Jared's expertise and his knowledge was evident. He quickly assessed our Redbud had beetles that had bored holes and killed the tree. He outlined a plan to protect the other trees from beetles. Quarterly maintenance was scheduled. We look forward to working with Jared and Bartlett for years to come.
Mary P.

I highly recommend Bartlett. They know there trees. They fixed our aphid problem.
Amy D.

Staff was super friendly and easy to work with. Allen Jones is a wonderful arborist who greatly cares about the service he provides, and all the trees and shrubs on our property. It is always a great pleasure to work with him. He always gives his time even though he has a full load. I can call him with questions anytime and he always responds quickly. He is the best arborist I have ever worked with.
Gloria H.

Responsive and able to get us scheduled a little earlier as requested.
V. F.

All three crew members were polite, efficient, and responsive to my directions and requests. They were respectful of our property, and they cleaned up well before they left. Allen Jones was responsive to my overall needs related to pruning Maples, Hollies, Elm and trimming our azaleas and other shrubs.
David R.

The service Bartlett provides is exceptional, without a doubt. I am sure I am a bit on the neurotic side when it comes to the shrubs and trees in our yard. I send Jared emails whenever I notice any change with our trees or shrubs. Jared's response is always immediate, and he is always respectful, taking the time to answer my questions and address my concerns. Jared is the best.
Beth S.

Everyone is approachable, professional, and friendly. Keep up the great work.
Bijal S.

Everyone was knowledge and professional and took responsibility to notify neighbors. We are extremely pleased.
Julie B.

Always a pleasure. Thank you.
Robin G.

Very responsive and the tree looks much better.
M. K. M.

Always a pleasure. Thank you.
Robin G.

Allen Jones is the best. Very knowledgeable, professional, and gets the work done with an excellent crew. I believe Allen genuinely cares about the life and health of my precious trees. He always follows up and is proactive in assessing new needs without applying sales pressure. We enjoy working with all your crews in the field.
Deborah G.

Great work, very professional. I would hire again.
Matthew H.

Jared is so awesome and always provides us excellent guidance and service. Our Dogwoods that were recently pruned are already growing new leaves on branches that were bare and our large Oak is looking so healthy without the weight of choking vines. We're excited for our next tree check-up.
Carolyn V.

Allen Jones was right on time and quickly analyzed the problem with my dead Cypress and recommended action to save my other Cypress. The crew member who applied the follow-up service was also timely, professional, and courteous. Job will be complete with second application in the near future.
Doug O.

Extremely professional and aiming to please. The debris cleanup was exceptional. I will recommend to others.
Kittie R.

Jared was helpful, knowledgeable, and punctual. He surveyed the rest of the yard and told me which trees to watch. He even noticed a dead tree in danger of falling in my neighbor’s yard.
Iva A.

Thank you, thank you.
Rebecca W.

I like that I can email anything I want looked at and you have the next service person check it.
Edward M.

Andrew is absolutely great. He is knowledgeable, efficient, prompt, and courteous. We are grateful to have him as our arborist.
Jane F.

Jared Kibbe is always friendly and professional when he is looking at our trees.
Betty C.

Everyone was professional and courteous.
Greg M.

Bartlett has always been very responsive to the questions I have had about my landscape over the years.
Betty L.

An excellent and clean job as usual. Thank you.
John F.

The arborist was very knowledgeable and professional. The crew members did a great job and they did an excellent job cleaning up. Will continue to use Bartlett in the future.
Jeff T.

Always exceptional people and excellent work. Thank you, Jared Kibbe.
Chris C.

We have been so impressed by Bartlett. From the person who answered my first phone call, to Andrew's professionalism, to the quality work, and follow up everything has left us 100% satisfied.
Joanna H.

Always exceptional service. Bartlett is professional, knowledgeable, courteous, prompt, and so very accommodating and friendly. Thank you.
Robin G.

The guys who came out to do the work were so professional and courteous. They went above and beyond to ensure all work was done to our satisfaction. The crew left the place just like it was when they got there minus the limbs. I have recommended you to all our neighbors.
Stacey J.

As usual, a professional and thorough job. We will continue to use Bartlett.
Bill P.

The crew was amazing. Allen was also great to work with. My yard looked awesome when they were done. Will highly recommend when anyone asks if I know of a tree service company.
Yvonne T.

I have used Bartlett for years. I have never been disappointed in the service or in the quick response from Allen Jones. I recommended Bartlett to many neighbors and friends and will continue to do so.
Cindy D.

Prompt, on-point service, reasonable price, and pleasant crews. They will be our tree guys from now on.
Jackie O.

I cannot say enough about how positive my two experiences with Bartlett have been. Jared is responsive, professional, and personable, helpful and trustworthy. I truly appreciate the great customer service and ease of working with Bartlett. When I got home from work last week and saw the pruning work that had been done, I literally said wow. It looked so much better. The crew also did a thorough job of clearing out everything that was cut. I think they must have even used a leaf blower on the patio. I was very impressed and look forward to scheduling the second half of the project.
Melissa M.

Quick, polite, and direct. Thank you for the service.
Rob C.

All Around excellent.
Valerie S.

Jared's expertise and the work crew's follow through were great.
Penny S.

Allen Jones is a very knowledgeable and thorough arborist. Throughout the years, he has always been very helpful and very easy to work with. I received the best care and much advice from him for my trees and shrubs. He is always pleasant and easy to work with. He ensures quality work. He is the best at what he does.
Gloria H.

Jared Kibbe is very professional.
Lynn F.

I always had good experiences dealing with everyone at Bartlett. I appreciate the frequent updates by email and the good tips. I am glad to have the peace of mind of knowing that my trees are being looked after and kept healthy. I plan to keep working with Bartlett for a long time.
Paul G.

The crew came the day after I agreed to the work via email. The crew was pleasant and thoughtful in how they approached the job. The work was done quickly and everything looks wonderful.
Martha B.

The crew came the day after I agreed to the work via email. The crew was pleasant and thoughtful in how they approached the job. The work was done quickly and everything looks wonderful.
Martha B.

We appreciated the useful information we were given.
Fred T.

I have already recommended your services to one of my co-workers. Fantastic job, top notch service. Alan was incredibly helpful. The work crew did a phenomenal job. 100% satisfied.
Perry W.

Your crew did a great job. Awesome is a better description. I have already recommended your services to a co-worker who needs three trees removed from around her home. We could not be more pleased with the service and the outcome. Thank you and your crew for a wonderful experience.
Perry W.

Your team was efficient, very professional, and went about their tasks not wasting any time. They had to operate under a very confined area with a power line nearby. Excellent traffic control on the street. All operations of cutting down our Cedar tree was carried out with a small bucket truck. Cut the stump level so I could place a large pot on it. Cleaned up afterward with no trace of sawdust. I would happily recommend your company to anyone who asks for tree cutting services.
Dave R.

I have nothing but the highest marks for Bartlett. Allen responds quickly to calls. He provides timely service with courteous and skilled crew that could not be better. They work quickly and are careful with surrounding trees, shrubs, and property. The crew provided the best entertainment for a four year old little grandson on a rainy day.
Brenda B.

Jared Kibbe was very helpful and is very knowledgable. He is an asset to your team.
Tom G.

Great group of guys to work with. They have taken great care of a huge Maple in our front yard for years and it looks great. A good pruning every few years has been the key to the tree withstanding heavy wind storms.
Susan T.

I am always impressed with the politeness and professionalism of all the Bartlett staff. They have done good work for us as promised and on time. I always feel my confidence renewed when I have these interactions.
Denise C.

Great service with reasonable cost.
Kacie S.

Allen Jones was a pleasure to work with.
Richard M.

Jared Kibbe has been a great contact and was able to take soil samples to prepare our property for the next steps.
Felicia G.

Jared has been very helpful. I have been very pleased with all of our interactions. I appreciate Jared working with me on my needs related to timing and budget. Everything is always cleared and clean when the crew leaves.
Katelyn A.

Top notch company. The crew did a fantastic job and was courteous and professional while on our property. Your safety measures were incredible. We will always use Bartlett.
Sarah B.

Allen and the crew were great.
Brenda J.

Andrew did an excellent job and was very helpful.
Eileen G.

Allen was very friendly and efficient.
Anna W.

Andrew and the crew were very helpful and efficient.
Cynthia P.

Excellent people to work with.
Ellen S.

I am so impressed with this company. They were very quick to respond to my inquiry and I had a wonderful initial meeting with Allen Jones. He was very knowledgeable, understood exactly what was needed, I received the cost estimate within a day, and was able to schedule the work very quickly. The work was done exactly as promised. I will definitely be using them in the future and will recommend them to any of my neighbors and friends needing similar services.
Andrea D.

Guy was great and I appreciate his professionalism and great service. He got the job done in no time. .
Kim V.

Highly recommend Bartlett for their customer service, quality of work, and reasonable prices. They did a great job for us and kept us informed along the way.
Carolyn T.

I always appreciate Steve's site visits and the great care by the tree crew. My yard and trees are much happier and healthier because of Barlett Tree Company's skill and professionalism through the years. Steve Bagley is very considerate and knowledgeable. I can trust my trees and property to his astute observation and recommendations for tree care.
Kay R.

Andrew Erdman is the best.
George B.

Andrew Erdman is the best.
George B.

Without exception all were wonderful and the work was performed very quickly after initial contact. Cabling some trees, treating carpenter beetle invasion, removing, trimming wraparound roots on still another tree all performed by different specialists. This was my first experience with you folks and I am very impressed.
Karen O.

Often I am not home when Bartlett comes to test soil and feed my Green Giants. However, I was here during Bartlett's last visit. I met April and we were able to discuss the treatment application for my trees. She was most pleasant and a credit to your organization.
Stephany T.

Kevin was timely, courteous, and made sure the job was done just the way it should be. Very satisfied with the company overall. I will be calling again for tree work in the future.
Jen K.

I found Allen Jones to be helpful, professional, personable, and congenial in all of our contacts. I found your crewmembers respectful, thorough, and responsible in tidying the area in which they worked exceptional. They are a credit to your organization.
Polly H.

Mack and I really enjoy working with Andrew as we did previously with Jeff Kish. The expected Bartlett professionalism and genuine care for trees is unmatched. The crew did a great job. Through Bartlett's careful pruning we are able to enjoy looking at them through the seasons. The birds love Bartlett too.
Susan L.

I like the way you proactively take a look at my yard and make recommendations, so I can avoid future problems.
Mark D.

I like the way you proactively take a look at my yard and make recommendations so I can avoid future problems. Kevin does a great job.
Mark D.

The administration staff was very friendly and passed my information along to the arborist, Allen Jones. Allen emailed me about an hour later and set up a time to come out to assess my ailing tree. He showed up on the correct day at the agreed time and was very friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. He took samples of the ailing tree and gave me requested advice on my other trees. When I received the test results back about the ailing tree, Allen set up services to have it treated. A few days later a young lady came out and treated the tree and ended up treating two other trees for gloomy scale. Then Charlie and John came out and pruned a large tree away from my neighbor's home and shaped up two other trees. They were all helpful and explained what they were doing, asked for my advice on the pruning, and showed me how to prune a smaller tree. I would definitely use them again due to their timely responses, knowledge, professionalism, and respect for me, my time and my trees.
Sylvia R.

Allen Jones is fantastic. Very knowledgeable, professional and always accommodating my schedule when coming to give advice and estimates. He always follows up on his completed projects.
Deborah G.

Bartlett has been taking care of our trees for many years and we deeply appreciate their expertise and the courteous way in which they conduct business. We highly recommend Bartlett.
John F.

During Guy's initial visit he was very thorough in explaining what was wrong with my trees and shrubs. He took all the time I needed for him to answer my questions and discuss my options. There was no sales pitch or high pressure, just the facts. He never once acted like he was in a hurry to leave. He was the same when he came to do the job.
Linda H.

I could not be more pleased with the work performed by the staff member providing the service. He is an excellent representative of Bartlett.
Mike R.

Allen and the crew were excellent from the estimate to service completion. The crew was eager to please and had pride in their work.
Patricia E.

Our Arborist and crew members were all very helpful, friendly, and professional. Jared Kibbe, had been out to our property, given us an estimate, and let us know that our power line would have to be dropped before the limbs could be trimmed. Mr. Kibbe also told me that the customer has to contact the power company, request that the line be dropped and schedule a date and time for this project. On the date of the limb trimming project, the power company rep arrived and, dropped the power line. Then the crew began trimming the overhanging limbs. Soon afterwards our front yard was cleaned up, and the crew called the power company to return to our house and put the line back up. Everything was coordinated well with the power company and our power was restored. Someone called from the office staff to make sure that everything had been done to our satisfaction. I would highly recommend Bartlett and will be calling on Mr. Kibbe again to schedule additional work on our property.
Mary S.

Allen Jones came out, evaluated our property, and made recommendations. He was very patient with our questions and spent as much time as we needed. He was friendly and professional, and never made it feel like a sales job. His crew arrived promptly on the day of the actual work. They were efficient, friendly, and professional. We were extremely pleased with the job and the entire experience. We have found our Tree Experts and highly recommend them to others.
Joe Z.

Bartlett is so knowledgeable that I feel confident with their input and allowing them to make any pruning and shaping necessary without my oversight.
Holly H.

They are so knowledgeable that I feel confident with their input and allowing them to make any pruning and shaping necessary without my oversight.
Holly H.

Guy Allard provided the tree and bushes work at our home. He was very knowledgeable and helpful in determining what was needed. The service was completed timely and efficiently and with care to the property. The cleanup was very thorough. We were very pleased with all of the service.
Katy O.

I could not be more satisfied with all aspects of the service we received during Bartlett's recent visit to prune some of our trees. Mr. Kibbe and another staff person was really helpful in analyzing a Dogwood tree in the back yard and advising me how to deal with it to try to keep it for at least one more season. The other staff person also spent time with my wife and me demonstrating proper pruning techniques for some of our varieties of shrubs. All four of the staff members on the job were friendly and very professional.
Durward G.

Guy was absolutely amazing. He was professional, courteous, and incredibly knowledgeable. He excels at customer service, he was quick to respond to all of my questions and very accommodating to any of my requests.
Lauren S.

Allen Jones is super nice, very knowledgeable, always willing to help me and address my concerns. Bartlett knows what they are doing and other landscape professionals always recommend them. I do feel you get what you pay for.
Susan S.

Everyone was wonderful. I was delighted by the reliability, efficiency, and reasonable price of Bartlett’s service. This includes everyone, from Jared Kibbe who made my estimate and advised me on what needed to be done, to the crew who worked professionally, efficiently, and who left my property in clean condition when they had completed their work. This is the best tree service I have ever dealt with. I recommend Bartlett highly.
Bert S.

I was amazed at how professional Everett, Guy, and Jose were at my property yesterday. They worked so hard and their team work was poetry in motion. They were very polite and a pleasure to be around. They represent Bartlett to the tee. This is the second time I have used you guys and it was a pleasure both times. You guys are the best around.
Steve H.

The guys did an excellent job today. Very meticulous and thorough. I had to laugh at myself for hiring a different tree service five years ago. That company would have been in and out in about the same amount of time that it took your guys to do one tree. Proves there is a huge difference between cutting limbs and pruning a tree properly. Although the bottom line amount was less for the other company, Bartlett would have been and was today a better value overall. As the saying goes, you get what you pay for.
Todd B.

Staff was knowledgeable, courteous, professional, and arrived when indicated and did a wonderful job. Happy with the work performed and will recommend to others when the occasion presents itself.
Alice W.

Jared Kibbe and other staff were all great. I was extremely impressed by everyone I met at Bartlett and will recommend them to neighbors.
Janis N.

The crew was all paying attention to safety.
Dave M.

The crew members were great. They were personable, professional, and explained everything to our satisfaction.
Thomas J.

Andrew Erdman has done a spectacular job for us. We are extremely grateful for his professionalism and efficiency. We highly recommend Bartlett Tree Experts for every residential and commercial property owner we know.
Ann W.

Jared Kibbe has been very attentive to my communications and concerns about certain plants in our yard. I could not be happier with his quick responses and attention.
Ann R.

Perfection every time.
Michelle N.

Bravo, thanks for going above and beyond.
Lisa B.

Everyone is very professional and polite. My yard is always left neat after the work. First class operation. I have already recommended Bartlett to others.
Leigh W.

Allen Jones is very helpful. I have recommended him to neighbors several times.
Jane A.

Andrew listened to me and offered good suggestions to address my yard concerns. The crew was professional and did a good job.
Debra S.

All were professional, well trained, equipped, communicative, responsive, efficient, and then on to their next assignment after all questions and thanks were completed.
Terrance B.

Ann, Steve, and the whole team are delightful to work with. I really appreciate their responsiveness. The crew that came were courteous, thorough, and they did a great job.
Andrea B.

Jeff and all his crewmembers are always very helpful, polite, and knowledgeable.
Kay M.

Matt, Brandon, and Arthur were so nice, and a delight to work with. Matt was very good at giving his input on any questions we had. It is great that Jeff comes out first. Ann, in the office, is always friendly and helpful with getting in touch with Jeff for any questions we may have. We look forward to keeping this arrangement going.
Carolyn P.

Allen Jones is a huge asset in dealing with the challenges we have faced with our green giants.
Warren B.

Bartlett Tree Experts did a tree and shrub trimming project for me that was absolutely amazing! The men that did the work were accommodating and were in tune with what I wanted for the outcome. Thank you to Bartlett Tree Experts for their Excellence.
Janice P.

We have had Bartlett to our home several times over 12 years for tree removal and pruning, and have spent thousands of dollars on these projects. We have always appreciated the professional and courteous service provided by Jeff Kish and the crews that have been on-site to carry out the work. Bartlett has been an outstanding partner in all of our projects.
Steve K.

Allen was very good planning the project and following up for scheduling. Both teams were highly knowledgeable, friendly, and safety conscious. The crew worked with us on minor changes to the multi day project and dealing with weather, an unexpected delay. I am a firm believer in the right tools for the job and Bartlett met that standard 100%. Real professionals.
Jim J.

Jeff Kish is outstanding, always providing expert advice and excellent service. Jason Loflin, who works in the office, always gives excellent, friendly, and dependable service. Andrew Erdman does really good work on the property. He communicates well and gives regular updates.
Doug S.

Allen Jones and other staff members have always been professional and courteous.
Kim B.

Jeff and the crew that performed the work were stellar. The crew was very professional, friendly, left everything very tidy, and did a great job all through the yard.
Martin S.

We had a bit of an emergency and we just appreciate how quickly Allen was able to arrange to have the crew out here to get our issue cleaned up.
Jon E.

Jeff Kish is great, he is always very helpful with making suggestions about our trees. The crew was wonderful, they did great work.
Virginia P.

Thank you very much for such a fast response after the recent storm. Ann and I are very grateful to you, Everett, and the crew who responded quickly and did a thorough job of clearing our yard and the neighborhood. I received several emails and texts from neighbors impressed with how quickly they saw Bartlett trucks clearing the street after the storm and how there were no signs of the storm debris after they were finished.
Joe D.

Allen Jones is a delight to work with, his friendly manner is great with customers and the work is always excellent.
Cat V.

I always appreciate Jeff Kish's evaluations and suggestions. His support staff are really good.
Jack B.

The crew did an excellent job - the best crew we ever had! They took special care of the plants that we were concerned might be damaged. The crape myrtle they trimmed looks great! As requested, the wood chips were left in our driveway, which we spread out this weekend in the wooded area and that looks great also. Thanks for your help with the project, and please pass our thanks along to your crew as well.
Clark M.

Jeff is wonderful! Completely trust his knowledge and recommendations. I have let our property management and HOA board know that I have used Bartlett and highly recommend their services. Hopefully, they will be chosen to work with our community.
Elizabeth H.

Enjoy working with Jeff Kish and his crew, all excellent!
Amy M.

Excellent crew, very helpful, enjoyed being educated about our trees. Very willing to show customer proper way to prune trees. Overall this crew was awesome. Jeff leads an excellent group and is extremely helpful. We would not recommend anyone but him.
Lynn R.

Really great staff, work, and company! That's a home run in my book, something you don't always get! Thank you!
Shirley H.

I continue to enjoy excellent, professional, and courteous service from your arborist representative and crew members, thanks.
Bill F.

Just a great experience all the way through. Jeff was excellent when he came by to hear what we wanted, and the crew was awesome and did great work. Very, very happy with the whole experience.
Kate B.

We have worked with Jeff Kish for several years and have found his advice to be solid and his customer service excellent. The crews who have done the work that Jeff recommended have always been friendly and respectful as well as doing expert work.
Nancy W.

Brad is extremely responsive and courteous. I appreciate his help and concern that my property is well cared for.
Andrea B.

Jeff Kish is a great friend of trees and humans. We really appreciate his advice and the work done to his specifications. Every member of the cutting and cleaning crew was careful and considerate and very pleasant. We enjoyed having them here. Our trees look great. Most importantly, we had the huge silver maple in front of our house trimmed on September 21st. The winds and the rain only brought down a few very small limbs and leaves. We and our neighbors were very impressed.
Rosa K.

Jeff Kish is your best asset. The entire crew that trimmed our trees was top notch. Keep them too.
Muriel H.

Thanks to your very capable employees, Stalin, Nate, and one other whose name I cannot remember, for the amazing job they did recently. I watched all of their tree trimming that afternoon, and I was tremendously impressed with their skills and dedication to safety. They made limb cuts that were precise each time. What a great company you have to employ such efficient and dedicated to their task young men! I felt as if I were watching a well-organized routine for them. I am sure it is every day that they do this, but it was totally amazing to me!

Thanks especially to Stalin for taking the time to explain why they did things a certain way. I would recommend them and your company a million times over!
Susan C.

The bottom line is that Bartlett Tree Experts Company is how companies should be. Everyone I encounter from the office staff to arborists to sales reps and spray personnel are knowledgeable and courteous. Quality, safety, detailed attention to jobs, properly trained personnel, friendly, customer oriented, efficient, knowledgeable, neatly dressed, dependable. I have enjoyed working with the company since they bought out Jordan Tree Company and look forward to working with everyone for many years to come.
Deborah H.

Thank you to the professionals who helped prune trees and overgrown large bushes in our yard. I was very pleased with the work and appreciate the high standards of Bartlett Tree. Thank you.
Barbara O.

I can't say enough good things about how Bartlett operates, but I would like to own the company. How did you do such a great job of training? They even cleaned up the dead leaves under adjoining evergreens.
Frank M.

Very satisfied. A very professional group!
John F.

We own a small city lot with a few huge, old trees, one of which was struck by lightning years ago. It was Bartlett Tree with Jeff Kish who saved it. I enjoy having a long-term relationship with a company. Jeff has been here the entire time, and I look to him to keep our trees healthy.
Judy M.

A great company! I've recommended you to several people.
Frank M.

Bartlett does a great job always. Brad is a fine rep for the company and the crew members do a wonderful job.
Nancy G.

Jeff Kish is a great Arborist and over our years using Bartlett's services, Jeff has come to know our property and needs very well. We are very satisfied with the service.
Eileen S.

Brad has been great to work with. The crew that did the pruning did an excellent job. Very happy with Bartlett's services.
Andrea B.

I found the staff to be both knowledgeable and courteous. I enjoyed working with them. In general, working with Bartlett was a positive experience. Thank you.
Edna W.

Jeff Kish is a delight to work with. Your crews who execute the plans he has made for me are unfailingly friendly and courteous.
Nancy W.

All involved in the work at our home are well trained and took great care to provide the quality of tree care we have come to expect from Bartlett. The work was timely and the site very clean at the completion of work. We are always quick to recommend Bartlett to others and we never hesitate to recommend Bartlett.
Susan L.

Hard working, thoughtful. Had to deal with bad weather and still got the job done. Allen Jones was wonderful. I really trust and rely on his judgment.
Cheryl M.

Jeff Kish was knowledgeable and helpful with both the specific issues I called Bartlett about and other questions that I had about plants in the yard.
Joe D.

Always friendly. Takes the time to explain what they are doing. Always very professional. They are OUR tree service. No one else comes close.
Belinda H.

Exceptionally good people to work with. Jeff Kish cares about his work and his customers and the crews care about their work too. We have been Bartlett customers through three separate projects and they are the best we have experienced in our 29 years at the same house (through many storms and tree needs).
Ellen B.

My representative, Allen Jones, is terrific. He always finds a way to help me when I have a tree issue. I sincerely appreciate his professional and responsive way of working with customers!

I am always impressed with the Bartlett teams that come out to the house. They are professional, answer all my questions, respond to all safety concerns, do a terrific job and great clean-up. Thanks again!
Miles H.

My representative, Allen Jones, is terrific. He always finds a way to help me when I have a tree issue. I sincerely appreciate his professional and responsive way of working with customers! I am always impressed with the Bartlett teams that come out to the house. They are professional, answer all my questions, respond to all safety concerns, do a terrific job, and great clean-up. Thanks again!
Miles H.

I'm pleased with the work your associates at Bartlett Tree Experts performed at our home recently. The newly shaped trees are such an improvement and removal of the trees that were poorly placed in the back of our property, gave us back a view of the other remaining trees. I was happy to recommend your services to our neighbor and the work their today looks great also. Thanks!
Carol L.

I am thoroughly amazed at Bartlett's terrific service and cleanup. Not a limb left behind. Please thank the crew for doing an outstanding job.
Eileen G.

My arborist, AJ Jones, is prompt, delivers on promises, and delivery dates. He always takes time to respond to questions and or visit requests. It is apparent he has a love for trees. And as a customer I feel I can trust his advice and information. Thanks!
Sandra H.

Thanks for taking an interest in the health of the trees on my property. They look great!
Mark S.

Steve and his crew did an excellent job – and took down the tree in sections without harming the bushes below or damaging the front yard, which was great. Additionally Steve skillfully and tastefully trimmed the big oak in front, and it looks much better; he was able to do it without removing the entire limb, and as a result it doesn’t have any big “holes” and looks nice. He also mentioned that the big oak is very healthy, which is great to hear – especially given the proximity to the house. As always, your team was safe, professional, efficient, and completed the job with high quality and a great result – very happy!
Mick H.

Over the years, we have found the Bartlett team to be responsive, effective, and easy to work with. Our yard and its trees and shrub.
Hayne P.

Very pleased with everyone we dealt with. Would not hesitate to recommend them to friends and family. very courteous and friendly and willing to listen to concerns. Planning to get them to take care of tree and shrub problems on a regular basis.
Pepper B.

Jeff Kish is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and professional. Thank you!
Laura Z.

Our arborist was very knowledgeable and helpful in deciding which trees to take down and an appropriate pruning plan. When the equipment to take the logs out broke down, he took immediate action to get them out in another manner in a reasonable time avoiding a longer wait with logs all over the yard, which I greatly appreciated. All of the employees were friendly, answered questions, were well trained, and seemed to work very safely although I must admit I held my breath a few times when the climbers were working at the tops of trees twice as high as my two-story house. Not a single log hit anything of value in my fairly confined yards.
Richard C.

Jeff Kish is a gem to work with. He is very knowledgeable, practical, and has innovative ideas. We have especially appreciated his being the person we work with year after year!
Mary C.

Jeffery Kish was very knowledgeable and professional and quickly followed up with any questions I had before the job was scheduled. Carl Davis (stump grinding) also did great work. He was very courteous and made sure all work areas were clean. All crew members were very nice, professional, and cleaned up after the job was done! Most reliable tree service in Raleigh.
Emili B.

Great service by fine people. We count on Jeff for all of our tree needs and regularly refer Bartlett to friends and family. We have referred Jeff's services three times in the past month alone; at least two have engaged Bartlett for work.
Elaine M.

I am delighted with the professionalism and quality of service Bartlett provides. I will use Bartlett again in the future for my tree needs.
Kyle S.

Expert, professional, friendly, courteous, careful. Have been doing business with Bartlett for 20+ years. Always the best.
Lucy D.

I haven't met crew members but I have met Robert who I totally trust. We have other tree services that stop and say they would like to take down our dead trees, but my husband and I feel Bartlett will do the best job. Robert really knows his stuff, wish he lived next door to us! Thanks for all the great work. My dreams of having all the dead trees coming on my property is finally coming true.
Martin K.

Everyone that we met and worked with from Bartlett was most friendly and cooperative. The crew made quick work of a fairly large project. We were impressed with the efficiency of the job.
Pam B.

It was very easy and enjoyable working with Allen. Job well done, guys!
Andy P.

The trees looked neat and trim. Allen Jones was a great communicator and the crew did a great job! We will definitely use your services again.
Chantal S.

Mr. Day came out to our house and accessed the job and was VERY polite. He had us a quote very quickly and fair too. Bartlett is a class act company, I only hope I can find as good a contractor to work on painting the outside of my house!!! :) The crew that came out to take the tree down was very polite also and did a VERY professional job. They were careful not to harm and other trees and did the job in no time. This crew was very experienced and their work was BEYOND my expectations. Mr. Carl Davis that came out to do our stump grinding was also very professional with his up to date equipment and was finished with the grinding in no time. They left the job site looking cleaner than when they came. Highly recommended too.
Steve H.

I had the most wonderful experience with Bartlett Tree services. My husband and I recently moved into the house and got a letter from Bartlett. At that time, we were not needing any tree services but I kept the card for future reference. The time came and I did need tree services and I called Bartlett after reading the customer reviews on the website.

Jeff Kish was the arborist who came to my house to provide an estimate on the tree services. He was very knowledgeable and provided many options for the tree pruning. He also provided insight on why my newly painted deck of now has tree sap on it and causing it to look like it needs another coat after only six months. I was delighted to hear that he had a simple and inexpensive solution to remedy the problem and my deck will look glorious again!

It was a very easy decision to choose Bartlett Tree Experts after the estimate. The three arborists who came to perform the work were very professional and provided many solutions to where and how to prune the trees. Jeff Kish also stopped by to oversee the work and to ensure the job was executed flawlessly. They were very fast, curious, and asked my opinion when cutting branches we were undecided about from the initial plan. They were very cautious and considerate of when large branches were cut down to ensure they did not damage the below brick patio or wall. After completion of the tree pruning, they took away the debris, cleaned the area, and put back patio furniture. My husband and I were very happy with the results. The yard lighting looks magnificent. I would highly recommend Bartlett Tree Experts to anyone seeking tree services.
Kyle S.

Allen was very professional. The crew did an excellent job. A special thanks to the crew chief for being patient with us in making sure the oak tree was pruned to our satisfaction.
Derrill Y.

Jeff Kish is very responsive and a pleasure to work with. He readily provides great practical advice. All of the Bartlett crews I've interacted with have been very courteous and careful.
Nancy W.

Allen provided clear information and advice prior to the job. Paul and crew did an excellent job taking the target trees down while preserving other trees, rose bushes, and other plants. They are very skilled and careful. Great team. Excellent work. Much appreciated. We trust Bartlett and that trust is well-founded. Thanks!
Judy A.

Jeff and his crew did a great job, very professional, and friendly. They did a fabulous job cleaning up, couldn't even tell they had been there. Will definitely use them again!
Paula P.

Everyone was fantastic -- from the receptionist who made the appointment that I talked to by phone, to the arborist with whom I communicated by e-mail, who fully answered all of my questions, and to the technician who met my husband during the treatment itself. And the caterpillars were definitely all dead by that evening when I returned home from work. Treatment was actually complete within about 24 hours from when I first contacted you to ask for an estimate. You simply can't ask for better or speedier service. Thanks!
Sandi B.

Mr. Day and the crew did an excellent job. We are very pleased with the care that they took in removing a dead 100 year oak and trimming out the dead limbs in the remainder. We would highly recommend Bartlett.
Bruce H.

I really appreciated the prompt estimate and then the prompt scheduling of the job. I was very pleased with the professionalism of everyone and I appreciated how clean everything was left afterwards. Thanks!
Tricia L.

I really am pleased with Bartlett's servicemen and the results! I have never had "workmen" leave a job site looking so perfect! I always run out to clean up after jobs at my home and am amazed at the job Bartlett guys have done!....seriously. In fact, I have bragged about your company and the answer is ALWAYS that they have heard what a good company it is to work with. The most impressive thing is the knowledge these men have and the fact they leave me better informed. Great job. You'll hear from me again.
Susan B.

What an excellent, professional job. Our trees look wonderful. I'm so pleased to have someone knowledgeable helping us keep the trees healthy and looking great.
Angela S.

Great work! We really appreciate Jeff Kish's understanding of our needs and the professional work of his staff.
Gregory W.

Everyone at Bartlett was polite, prompt, and professional. Allen was very helpful with suggestions that we used and hadn't even considered before he arrived.
Chris B.

Your crew did an awesome job! The pruned trees look much better and will certainly help with light penetration, and they did a great job cleaning up all the resulting debris. I'm very pleased we selected Bartlett to work at our property.
Don D.

We have always received excellent service from the Bartlett team!
Phil P.

Jeff has always been great to work with, I have and do recommend Bartlett.
Frances W.

Very friendly and professional service. Answered all questions and gave good advice on landscape. Very knowledgeable. Bartlett is now our tree service. Thank you.
Belinda H.

Staff was very courteous and knowledgeable. The sales representative and the foreman both made sure the job was done right and exactly to my expectations. I was very impressed that they did not damage any of our camelias or azaleas underneath the large tree limbs they were taking down. You guys really know how to do the job right at a reasonable price.
Evan L.

Jeff Kish is excellent to work with as is the staff that takes care of my garden. They clearly care about the trees and plants and how they are maintained.
Diane I.

All employees were courteous and professional in their communications with us. The yard was clean after the work was done and they accomplished the task expeditiously. Very satisfied with my experience.
Mike M.

Great job all around. Thanks for all your hard work and recommendations.
Steve B.

The tech was able to answer every question I asked (a bunch). He did what looked like a great job! I am very pleased I am able to do business with Bartlett.
Gene R.

Great job! Thanks! Most everyone we know is already a Bartlett customer, thus the reason for no referrals! We're very pleased with the company!
Keith & Michelle P.

The reason I wanted Bartlett Tree Experts to take out our tree is because of your expertise and professionalism! I had utmost confidence and I was right! This project because of the proximity and size of the tree was complicated to me and I am very pleased. And my neighbors were pleased as well! And all the staff were wonderful and gave me confidence that it would be taken care of without damage to anything else. You were all great to work with and I cannot thank you enough!
Beth L.

I was very pleased with Bartlett. The crew was neat, polite, and communicated very well about all aspects of the job. I appreciated Austin's explanation of the recommended work to be done. I would definitely recommend Bartlett.
Susan C.

Jeff was awesome, very friendly, and knows his business. I enjoyed getting to know him. He is an ambassador for Bartlett and reflects positively on your business. The company demonstrates an interest in customer satisfaction, and you have mine.
Bill G.

Staff is always very friendly and accommodating for our multi-dog household. We love this company and have recommended you to a few neighbors.
Angel W.

Austin Proctor was great - knowledgeable, responsive, and strives for excellence. It was a pleasure working with him.
Randi R.

We're thrilled how great our yard looks and were really impressed that they swept up afterwards and made sure our walk way was free of debris and dirt and leaves. The crew were all very friendly and respectful, too!
Renee H.

Thanks for giving me peace of mind that I'm doing everything to help protect my tree, since it is so vital to my backyard landscape and provides valuable shade for my new stone patio. Again thanks. And I am so glad I found your service.
Rosita L.

Our yard looks AMAZING! Y'all did such a great job! Thank you so much!!!
Renee H.

Very professional! Left the yard clean and beautiful! We really appreciate the wonderful job!
Robin T.

Everyone we dealt with was courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. We've used them in the past and would go out of our way to deal with them in the future.
Matt P.

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