Bartlett provides expert tree service in Portland, OR and this is what our Portland customers are saying about us. We are proud to offer a wide range of tree services to our customers!

As a Portland tree service company, Bartlett provides the full spectrum of tree and property services offered, including Fertilization and Soil Care, Insect and Disease Management, Organic and Naturally Based Tree Care, Plant Analysis and Diagnostics, Pruning, and Tree Removal.

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What Our Portland, OR Customers Are Saying

All crew members as well as Dominic were really wonderful. The job was completed as we discussed, and the team did an amazing clean up job of the site. Thanks.
Joan O.

The crew lead that took down our tree was amazing. Part high wire performer, part engineer. A true expert.
John B.

Dominic was very friendly and also responsive through text and phone. Dominic was extremely helpful and also was able to modify to meet our needs.
Jenny C.

Very customer service oriented.
Cary S.

Very pleased with the results. Trees and hedges have responded well to the treatments. Always courteous and helpful. Willing to explain exactly what they are doing, and to discuss possible ideas for future work.
Wendy B.

Jonathan is great, from site visits, quote to communications. Great crew with Charlie, Caleb, and Max. They took down the branches carefully. It was a beautiful symphony with Charlie at the helm. Very professional. Thank you to all of you. I will definitely recommend Bartlett to my neighbors.
Lynne C.

Dominic, Sean, John, and Henry were all very professional in their communication with me and in the way they performed their respective jobs. I was very impressed with Sean’s technical skills and with the way all three crew members communicated with each other. Sean and his crew were very careful as they worked around three garages and our Backyard Habitat Garden to avoid damaging anything. Very impressive.
Ray L.

All staff, including the administrative office staff were wonderful to work with. The tree pruning and removal was outstanding. All the trees look great. The attention to detail with the clean up was appreciated. Safety protocols were clearly a high priority. It was clear your teams valued our trees as much as we do.
Alice A.

The entire Bartlett staff is a pleasure to work with, professional, and skilled at customer service, and working with half the neighborhood watching their every move as the process is interesting. We will recommend your service at any opportunity that arises. Jonathan is well known in this neighborhood for good reason. Thanks for a great job.
Jon L.

Dominic, and the team of arborists who came to my house to trim trees were all fantastic. Everyone was professional and knowledgeable when I had questions about some of my fruit trees. The bonus was how quickly they work and clean up.
Mara L.

All staff, including the administrative office staff were wonderful to work with.
Alice A.

I enjoy having Bartlett’s crews working in my yard. They are always friendly and knowledgeable. Their tree trimming skills are five star. I recommended them to my daughter, and she was extremely happy with the work they did on her trees.
Cheryl M.

I always love dealing with all the crew members of Bartlett. Makes me feel good how knowledgeable staff is, and how downright fond of trees they all are.
Gail T.

Everyone involved is very polite and conscientious. The crew on site is always pleasant to be around. The work is exceptional.
Cheryl M.

Could not have gone better in my opinion. Staff were friendly and checked in at each end of shift. Would highly recommend.
Frank C.

Love your arborists. Very glad to be a Bartlett customer.
Ellin J.

Bartlett is a great company and I am glad to be a customer.
Martha Y.

I appreciate that your staff sends emails letting me know when they are coming.
Mitch L.

These folks do it right.
Bill B.

Courteous, responsive, and pleasant to deal with. Treatments have helped enormously.
Wendy B.

My husband and I were happy with every part of the experience, your tree specialists were knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient, thank you.
Shay O.

The entire experience from Kevin's assessment through the team's work on March 24 a week early!was excellent, professional, competent, thoughtful, and efficient. They took care, not only with the huge trees a Douglas Fir and a Big Leaf Maple, but also with the plantings underneath. They considered wildlife habitat as they did their work and consulted with me when decisions needed to be made. Both trees look fabulous, to my eye, much happier. I am happy, too, and would not hesitate to contact Bartlett again in the future. Thank you.
Myrna S.

I really appreciate the work you have done, and I also appreciate the support you have shown the Hardy Plant Society of Oregon. Your flexibility in scheduling the job was very helpful, too.
Bruce W.

My service professional has been easy to deal with and keeps my plants in great shape.
Monique T.

All excellent and hard working. Could not manage this place without them. Thank you and can not say enough.
Peter J.

Brian and his crew took care of my damaged Maple just as I had hoped. The field crew were skilled, friendly, and respectful of my property and my neighbors. Highly recommend.
Michael K.

Brian was excellent. I would highly recommend Bartlett.
Beth P.

This was the ice storm year. Considering all the emergency work Bartlett did, they were still able to get my fruit trees taken care of in a timely, neat and thoughtful manner.
Susan T.

We have used Bartlett for many years and are always impressed with how knowledgeable, reliable, professional, and friendly everyone is. The crew came the day after our big ice storm had left tree limbs blocking a driveway. They also cleared the neighbor’s driveway. At a time when demand was so high all over the Portland area, we were grateful they could do the work so promptly. We always recommend Bartlett to friends. Kyle Offerdahl is a pleasure to work with. We would not use any other arborist.
Kathy M.

We are so pleased with our two Oak trees. Your crew did a wonderful job. Good pruning and trimming requires knowledge of the trees plus a flair for sculpting or a good eye for detail and the overall picture. I give the guys a two thumbs up. Add to this, they were kind, thoughtful, and respectful of us and our property. They cleaned everything after the job was completed. Thank you, Kyle, for arranging this job for us. We look forward to receiving the invoice. Afterall, paying an invoice is the customers opportunity for expressing gratitude for services rendered. You all stay well and safe.
Judy and John M.

Everyone was wonderful to work with. I have worked with Kyle for several years now and he is very professional and knowledgeable. My yard has never looked better. I highly recommend working with this company.
Carol W.

We have been with your company for over twenty years and you come highly recommended. We have always been happy with the service. Tech's explained what needed to be done and how our plant care was doing. Thank you Bartlett Tree Experts.
Bruce F.

Bartlett has serviced my property for over twenty five years. I have been extremely satisfied and I have confidence in every one that comes to fertilize my plants. They have also paid attention to diseases in my trees. Every crew member who has come to my property has been polite and respective. I have recommended Bartlett to a number of people over the years and will continue to do so.
Bob and Karen M.

Excellent staff that consistently performs a good job. They are reliable, friendly, and fast. Lyle Feilmeier is a real expert with creative suggestions regarding our garden. He is a wonderful horticultural resource.
Pat and Gary G.

Working with Bartlett Tree Experts was a great experience from beginning to end. Your office staff arranged my appointment. The visit by Giles was informative and very useful. The crew that trimmed two of my trees did an excellent job and left my yard cleaner than when they arrived. I would highly recommend your company.
Don W.

Bartlett was extremely helpful in scheduling the cabling so my sister could watch. They were helpful, cheerful, and willing to answer questions as they worked. Wonderful people and workers. I had three different estimates for this work and am so glad I chose to go with Bartlett.
Diane M.

When onsite, they are personable and willing to share their knowledge. The staff member who treated my Japanese Maple with a fungicide spent time explaining the nature of the disease and the treatment. The staff member who trimmed the Japanese Maples shared his approach to pruning which was heavily weighted on the natural structure of the tree. He pointed out branches that would need to be trimmed in the future based upon the growth pattern of the tree. It was evident to me that this person really loved what he was doing. Those are the types of people that I want working on my trees.
Ramon G.

Brian and all Bartlett staff with whom I have had contact are professional, friendly, and communicate a genuine interest in their work. I trust and value my contact with them and appreciate their services.
Leigh C.

Would like to give a shout out to Bartlett for the extra special care their folks have given to our trees over the years and helping us get through a tough situation recently. Our huge beloved Sweet Gum began experiencing sudden drop of limbs in the heat of summer, even after careful yearly trimmings. Out of concern for neighbors safety, with heavy hearts, we applied for and received a city permit to have it removed. Giles and his team from Bartlett provided both excellent service taking down the tree safely and helping us locate and plant replacement trees to fill the big ugly open space left after our beloved tree's demise. We miss the shade our Sweet Gum provided but our new trees are beautiful and will grow over time, and our neighbors could not be happier to no longer be dealing with the spike ball fruit droppings and the possibility of more branches falling without warning in the summer heat. Thank you, arborist Giles, and your team, for your patient and knowledgeable service, helping us get through all the steps to create such a positive result. We would highly recommend Bartlett, not just for taking down and planting new trees, but even more importantly doing what is needed to keep your trees healthy as they are doing for our sidewalk Maples.
Jan G.

Bartlett Arborist did a very nice job trimming our Oak trees in our yard. Their clean up was fantastic, the yard was left so clean you could not even tell they were there.
Jon and Jane S.

Just a quick note to recognize the superior customer service that Kyle Offerdahl and his crew have provided to me over the years at both of my properties in Portland. Kyle and his crew have demonstrated the kind of professionalism that enhances the brand of Bartlett in what appears to be a highly competitive environment. I intend to remain a customer of Bartlett for a long time, and will pass along very good reviews about your firm.
Craig R.

The Bartlett staff exceeded all my expectations. Giles came out to look at three of our trees, was courteous, friendly, easy to talk to and he was an excellent listener. Three guys came out to do the actual work and what a team they were. Ben, Michael and Jesus were wonderful, and they seemed to complement one another, which I appreciated so much. I would hire these guys in a minute and recommend them to anyone who was in need of tree work.
Bridget B.

Everyone was so knowledgeable, courteous, and professional, I felt I was in good hands. Thanks to you and your crew for making a potentially stressful experience so easy for us.
Patty M.

You guys give outstanding customer service. A combination of skilled technical people with exceptional people skills. We recommend you all the time.
Charles, M.

Kelsey is the best. Knowledgeable in all areas of tree and yard needs. Kelsey knows I am a widow and sensitive to my budget.
Diane F.

Everyone at Bartlett I interacted with was extremely professional and knowledgeable. Kelsey was so polite and quickly responded to all my questions. When I expressed concerns to Kelsey about one of the trees worked on, he came out personally the next day and took care of it.
Katie, R.

Brian is a pleasure to deal with. I appreciate his speedy response to inquiries and requests and his on-site visits, appraisals, and suggestions of specific services. I am really impressed with the professionalism of crew members. They explain what they are doing and why. They are personable, friendly, fast, and efficient, and they seem to really care about trees.
Leigh C.

Kyle Offerdahl, our account representative, and Zach Powers, who performs the services, are outstanding. They are both generous with their expertise and time. Their information is current and accurate and we rely on them. We appreciate the years of excellent service first from Collier Arbor Care and now from Bartlett.
Ann A.

Crew was friendly, well informed, and did a fantastic job. I felt they went above and beyond to do things that conformed to my wishes.
Rebecca Y.

Kyle did a great job as usual. Crew was quick, cordial, and did a great job.
Dan S.

We always appreciate how professional all your people are, no matter what the task. We have always been impressed by the safety procedures followed by your crews, including individuals wearing helmets and eye and ear protection. We like that any high tree work is done using climbing ropes and not spikes. We like that our representative lets us know what needs to be done and also what does not need to be done, very honest and informative.
Marcia P.

Johnny, Ray, Brian and all the staff and crew are terrific. Not only are they professional, they are outstanding at the quality and knowledge of services provided.
Malea M.

It was very helpful working with Russell, he gave good advice and ensured that everything was completed as promised. I would gladly recommend Bartlett to friends.
Jill S.

Kyle Offerdahl does a fantastic job caring for our yard. I can call him with any problem and he responds either that day or the next. He even drops by when in the area to check on the problem instead of just chatting about it over the phone. I truly appreciate his dedication and great service.
Lynne W.

Very knowledgeable on many different topics and friendly.
Sean M.

We appreciate the knowledge and experience of Bartlett's staff and representative. We are interested in natural remedies for our tree care. Please continue to inform us about natural products.
Joan H.

The Bartlett people have been thoughtful, professional, knowledgeable, and talented.
Susan B.

Very knowledgeable and willing to share information. Extremely helpful and courteous, explaining what needed to be done and would we be ok with what needed to be done! Appreciated that so much, so it wasn't a shock. Definitely needed to be done to correct past tree pruning.
Wayne and Barbara B.

The folks at Barlett have been great. Many thanks for their help and knowledge.
Kevin H.

Your Arborist Representative showed up within 30 minutes from when we called. After the giant branches came down from storm damage They did the job the next day, it was fabulous! Highly recommend Bartlett to all our friends and neighbors.
Patty C.

The arborist and pruner did a great job with our trees. I provided a business card and recommendation to our neighbors who just moved into a newly built house next door.
Bill and Rusti G.

Knowledgable, with a sense of humor. A nice person.
Margaret B.

The highest recommendation I can give the entire crew, Logan, John, and Anthony, is to simply say I insist they all return to service my pruning needs again next year. They are all excellent representatives of your company and the service you provide. None better.
Dennis M.

The two crew members were wonderful, fast, and a great team, communicating with gestures and brief statements. I was very impressed when Phil came last year to look at our oak tree and suggested we wait a year for pruning, which we did. I have always told people to go to Collier first (due to my experience and training as a Master Gardener), and am now happy to suggest Bartlett.
Betty B.

I still remember the crew who came to trim one of my trees last winter when we were having a sleet and ice storm. I was highly impressed with their fortitude and professionalism. I even suggested they might want to come back on another day, but they persevered. I have always found the staff and Mr. Wich, especially, to be professional and helpful.
Betty M.

John and his crew have been coming to my house for years, I think he is the best there is, and it is always a joy to see him and walk the yard with him to discuss pruning. The work you do is superb.
Emily C.

Phil is always professional, I can always rely on his recommendations for our trees and shrubs. They look great and healthy. The Bartlett team always pick up after themselves. I highly recommend Phil and Bartlett.
Richard A.

Always courteous and on time. Always the best service and products to make my yard look the best in the neighborhood.
Jim, K

The Barlett/Collier crew have all been very helpful. They have provided good advice and treatment on keeping our very old, beautiful Japanese Maple, which suffers verticillium wilt, healthy. We are very grateful for their work on this tree, which offers an amazing canopy for our home and our neighbor's home. They have also treated aphids and thinned our two parking strip lindens, which has also helped their overal health. This team has our thanks and appreciation!
Cindy M.

Logan provided the fullest of information and answered my dozens of questions, and gave me the names (which I yard mapped) of all the major trees and bushes in this beautiful new yard. He also helped assess the dormant compost bin and had helpful suggestions. He willingly adapted things from his original proposal to follow what I was able to have done/pay for this round. We will revisit in the spring!
Sally M.

We have been very pleased and impressed with Logan Collier with his knowledge and professionalism. We have also been very pleased with the various crew members too.
Don and Ladorna S.

Staff and crew members were all very polite and respectful! Thank you!
Toni M.

They arrived on time and did a very nice job.
Mckay N.

Over all a very positive experience, from a live person answering the office phone (very important), to dealing with the sales rep, and the two men who came out and performed the work. A job well done.
David A.

Excellent representative and crew expertise in their work was impressive and efficient.
Tom R.

Everyone listened to what I had to say, and asked me if what was being done to the trees was satisfactory. I appreciated that. Phil, the arborist, was very good. I felt the money charged was fair. There was a lot to be done, and it was done safely, which concerned me very much.
Jan B.

Clinton promptly came over when I called him about a sick looking tree. He diagnosed what was wrong, which was not the usual insect or disease problem. Clint was very knowledgeable, pleasant, and personable.
Elaine F.

This is a quick note to express my appreciation for the work done today. Jason and his crew worked pretty steady with care and precision&and had time to give me a few lessons in pruning and tree health. I also enjoyed working with Kyle, who came out several times to do walk through, check on the crew, and discuss future options. Good men, all.
Carolyn W.

Last year, we had our crab apple trees and Mugo Pine and Yew bushes pruned. We were impressed with the talents of the arborists - the pruning of the bushes was skillful and aesthetically pleasing.
Joan H.

We thought the crew was great. They definitely gave us confidence that you-all know what you are doing and that you wanted to cut the trees how we wanted them.
Paul and Megan C.

Excellent experience with tree removal. Workers were professional and careful, and the removal area was neat and clean when the job was completed!
Patty S.

We are very happy with our Bartlett team. We have noticed a marked improvement in the condition of our rhododendrons which were infected with the lace leaf bug. They also helped us with our tree pruning.
Doug & Marlene R.

Kyle came and gave us our original quote and returned for a second visit on request on a Sunday afternoon following a storm that did some damage in the area. He was very informative, prompt, and easy to work with. We were very happy with his service!
Eleanor M.

Lyle, Kyle, Nick, Jason, and Rowan - all great guys to work with. Knowledgeable and personable. Shannon and Krysta have always been very helpful and polite whenever I've called with questions or needed help. My wife and I are very pleased with our dealings with Bartlett. We know we're in good hands.
George and Carol D.

Everyone is professional, courteous, and competent. We have been customers of Bartlett and Collier for close to 20 years and have never been disappointed with the service.
Darell P.

When I came home after the scheduled tree maintenance session, I found myself a little irritated because it didn't look like anyone had been here. Only then did I look up into the neatly and cleanly trimmed tree and realize that the place looked so untouched because the crew did such a good job cleaning up. Their pride in their work truly shows. I probably won't need your tree trimming services again, but I will be happy to recommend your business to anyone I know who does. Thank you for doing your job so well.
Joaquin S.

These folks are very on top of pointing out problems to me before I was aware of them. This has been quite helpful. Good people.
John T.

It seems like we always have time to complain, but never have the time to say anything good. In our case, Val and I would like to express how happy we were with your men, Kelsey and Brian, and the work they did in taking down some very big tree limbs for us. Not only were they friendly, but their work was very professional.
Terry and Val M.

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